Since 1935 Glassware - Miles Kimball 7. Cobalt Blue Strawberry Salt & Pepper Shakers. Nostalgic, strawberry-embossed

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Text of Since 1935 Glassware - Miles Kimball 7. Cobalt Blue Strawberry Salt & Pepper Shakers. Nostalgic,...

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    Since 1935

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    Ruby redAdding charm to your kitchen in brilliant

    ruby red, our classic pieces combine retro style with the look of vintage collectibles!

    Brings back memories from my childhood.

    Mags - New York


    A charming holder for treats, coins, buttons, potpourri and more.

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  • Red Serving PlatterEXCLUSIVE! Even the simplest food looks fancy on this ruby red platter! Glistening with vintage floral etching and sturdy handles, its an everyday luxury for serving and display. 133/4"Lx87/8"W. Dishwasher safe.

    339281 Serving platter $22.99

    Red Salt CellarEXCLUSIVE! Add a perfect pinch of salt, while adding charm to your kitchen with our vintage-style, lidded cellar. 31/2"Hx41/4"dia. Dishwasher safe.

    340566 Salt cellar $19.99

    Red Hobnail Shoe Candy DishCrafted with the look of a vintage, Victorian-style bootie, our candy dish sparkles in brilliant red glass with hobnail details and pretty, handled lid. 61/4"Lx31/4"Wx51/4"H. Dishwasher safe.

    341817 Hobnail shoe candy dish $18.99

    Red Biscuit JarEXCLUSIVE! With embossed, flo-ral detailing, our lidded jar boasts the graceful style of a Depression-era trea-sure. 51/2"Lx51/2"Wx7"H. Dishwasher safe.

    332712 Biscuit jar $21.99

    Red AccessoriesEXCLUSIVE! Butter dish holds a 1/4-lb. stick; 7"Lx33/4"Wx21/4"H. Shakers are 23/8"Lx23/8"Wx41/4"H with metal screw-on tops. Dishwasher safe.

    329740 Butter dish $11.99329741 Shakers $12.99

    Red Strawberry SpoonerEXCLUSIVE! Etched strawberry designan elegant home for flowers, nuts or spoons! 5"Hx41/2"dia. Dishwasher safe.

    333534 Strawberry spooner $16.99

    Red Rooster Candy DishA candy dish just like Grandma had on her coffee table, with ped-estal base and detailed rooster lid. 61/2"Lx4"Wx81/2"H. Dishwasher safe.

    336287 Rooster candy dish $18.99

    Originally used to display spoons, pieces like this were once a sign of hospitality, welcoming guests to

    American kitchens.

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    Red Hen Candy DishWhether filled with wrapped candies or wrapped as a thoughtful gift, this sparkling red hen is simply beautiful! 53/4"Lx41/2"Wx5"H. Dishwasher safe.

    342979 Hen candy dish $16.99

  • Red Round Butter DishFeaturing floral etching and scrolled edges, our domed butter dish will be the star of any set-ting ... the envy of any collection. 33/4"Hx6"dia. Dishwasher safe.

    341019 Round butter dish $16.99

    Red Sugar & Creamer SetEXCLUSIVE! Featuring an embossed floral pattern, our sugar & creamer set makes everyday serving simply beautiful! Lidded sugar dish: 5"Hx41/4"dia. Creamer: 31/2"Hx31/2"dia. Dishwasher safe.

    338988 Sugar & creamer set $21.99

    Red Strawberry Salt & Pepper ShakersEXCLUSIVE! Designed in brilliant red, our shakers feature nostalgic strawberry-and-floral pat-tern and shiny chrome tops. Each, 43/4"Hx21/2"dia. Dishwasher safe.

    338164 Salt & pepper shakers $11.99

    Red Pitcher & Juice GlassesClassic, 32-oz. pitcher features embossed floral pattern, easy-grip handle and smooth-pouring spout. 53/4"Lx41/2"Wx53/4H. Set of two 4-oz. glasses features the same elegant pattern. 31/4"Hx23/4"dia. each. Dishwasher safe.

    334336 Pitcher $19.99334337 Juice glasses, set of 2 $9.99

    Ruby red

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    Cobalt Blue Spoon RestEXCLUSIVE! Intricate strawberry spoon rest enhances every kitchen! 81/4"Lx31/2"Wx11/4"H. Dishwasher safe.

    333379 Strawberry spoon rest $11.99

    Cobalt Blue Rooster DishEXCLUSIVE! Dish boasts nos-talgic style, from pedestal base to sturdy, rooster lid. 61/2"Lx4"Wx81/2"H. Dishwasher safe.

    337019 Rooster candy dish $16.99

    Depression-era cobalt blue glass will refresh your table or display case with nostalgic charm, made to match the colors of the time.

    Cobalt Blue

    Cobalt Blue Hen Candy DishWith style worthy of a fine collectible, this dish is a beautiful home for your favorite goodies! 53/4"Lx41/2"Wx5"H. Dishwasher safe.

    315718 Hen candy dish $14.99

    Cobalt Blue Serving PlatterVersatile, durable and true to its nostalgic inspiration, this platter features floral etching, graceful scalloping and sturdy handles. 133/4"Lx87/8"W. Dishwasher safe.

    342978 Serving platter $21.99


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    Cobalt Blue PitcherEXCLUSIVE! Our pitcher refreshes your breakfast table with a vintage cherry design. 32-oz. pitcher has fluted top and smooth pour spout; 8"Hx41/2"dia. Dishwasher safe.

    329828 Pitcher $19.99

    Cobalt Blue Salt CellarEXCLUSIVE! Depression-era homemakers kept a salt cellar near the stovetop to easily grab a pinch of seasoning. Sparkling in cobalt blue, our lidded cellar keeps salt handy and fresh. 41/4"dia.x31/2"H. Dishwasher safe.

    338162 Salt cellar $12.99

    Cobalt Blue Sugar DispenserEXCLUSIVE! In bright cobalt blue glass, this diner classic serves sugar with a dash of vintage style. Features aluminum lid with flap for easy pour-ing. 51/2Hx23/4dia. Dishwasher safe.

    321115 Sugar dispenser $9.99

    Just like the ones my mother had when I was a child.

    Rosie - New Hampshire


    Good-looking enough to leave

    on the table, and practical enough to use

    every day.


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    Cobalt Blue Strawberry Salt & Pepper ShakersNostalgic, strawberry-embossed shakers shimmer in deep, cobalt blue. These timeless treasures feature shiny chrome caps. Each, 43/4"Hx21/2"dia. Dishwasher safe.

    341006 Salt & pepper shakers $11.99

    Cobalt Blue Cat Candy DishThe cats meow for cobalt lovers ... our candy dish features a cute, curled up kitty, napping in a pretty basket. 63/4"Lx51/2"Wx5"H. Dishwasher safe.

    341814 Cat candy dish $18.99

    Cobalt Blue AccessoriesCobalt blue glass salt and pep-per shakers are reminiscent of those used by Mom. Each is 23/8"Lx23/8"Wx41/4"H with perforated metal screw-on top. The cobalt glass 2-pc. 7"Lx33/4"Wx21/4"H covered dish holds a 1/4-lb. stick of butter. Dishwasher safe.

    310287 Butter dish $10.99310286 Shakers $11.99

    Cobalt Blue Biscuit JarDelicate embossed florals embellish our biscuit jar in classic cobalt blue glass with lid. Its a beautiful new addition to your collectionor a perfect reason to start one! 51/2"Lx51/2"Wx7"H. Dishwasher safe.

    312948 Biscuit jar $19.99

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    Cobalt Blue Domed Butter DishEXCLUSIVE! Keeping butter or cheese fresh beneath its elegant dome, this vintage-style treasure shimmers in rich, cobalt blue. Beautifully shaped, intricately patterned and brilliantly coloredit adds beauty to any table! 51/4"Hx81/4"dia. Dishwasher safe.

    338983 Butter dish $24.99

  • These accessories are designed in a soft shade of light bottle green, reminiscent of Depression glass, which brought cheer to many American

    kitchens during otherwise dreary days.

    Classic Green

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    Green Biscuit JarEXCLUSIVE! Our lovely biscuit jar boasts delicate embossed florals for elegant display. 51/2"Lx51/2"Wx7"H. Dishwasher safe.

    324305 Biscuit jar $19.99

    The color is the perfect vintage green & looks wonderful in my

    kitchen.Angel - Massachusetts


    Green Sugar DispenserHow sweet it is ... our diner-style dispenser is a functional, collect-ible classic in vintage green glass! Aluminum lid features flap for quick, easy pouring. 51/2"Hx23/4"dia. Dishwasher safe.

    340990 Sugar dispenser $10.99

    Green Spoon RestEXCLUSIVE! This nostalgic trea-sure shines with vintage strawberry pattern. Elegant, yet functionalit beautifully protects kitchen surfaces. 81/4"Lx31/2"Wx11/4"H. Dishwasher safe.

    334755 Strawberry spoon rest $11.99

    Green AccessoriesEXCLUSIVE! Butter dish holds a 1/4-lb. stick; 7"Lx33/4"Wx21/4"H. Shakers are 23/8"sq.x41/4"H with metal screw-on tops. Dishwasher safe.

    315705 Butter dish $10.99315706 Shakers $11.99

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    Green Salt CellarEXCLUSIVE! Our vintage-inspired cellar is designed in sparkling green Depression-style glass with matching lid. Keep it at your stovetop for classic or gourmet salt, and spice up your kitchen with a touch of nostalgia. 41/4"dia.x31/2"H. Dishwasher safe.

    337023 Salt cellar $12.99

    Green Large Peanut JarStore POUNDS of peanuts in this generous, 121/2" high jar ... or cookies, big dog biscuits, wrapped candy ... you name it! One of Americas original, beloved advertising images Mr. Peanutembellishes all four corners of the vintage-style treasure, along with the words Planters Pennant Salted Peanuts, 5 appearing front and back. A sought-after collectible rich in history, the large, lidded jar features a sturdy, peanut-shaped handle. 121/2"Hx8"dia. Dishwasher safe.

    338778 Large peanut jar $49.99

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  • Amethyst Strawberry Spoon RestEXCLUSIVE! Boasting gen-erous ladle shape and intricate strawberry pattern, this kitchen essential is an icon of American style. 81/4"Lx31/2"Wx11/4"H. Dishwasher safe.

    338160 Spoon rest $11.99


    Our amethyst pieces boast rich, jewel-tone warmth of deep purple glass with charm of a bygone era, featuring nostalgic

    etched floral or strawberry designs.


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    Amethyst Rooster Candy DishStrutting his re