2 Sin Ilahi & Sin Hu Empowerments Although this method contains a lot of Islamic guidance, it does not make obstacles for those of other faiths to learn and practice it, as it has been running for many of our practitioners who are drawn from the Hindu, Buddhist, Protestant, Catholic or otherwise faiths

Sin Ilahi Attunement

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This is the arabic equivalent of the japanese "reiki" ome should not undergo the attunement before initiation in "ilmu tenaga dalam ilahi" or undergo the "lmu tenaga dalam DSI" ritual.

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Page 1: Sin Ilahi Attunement


Sin Ilahi & Sin Hu Empowerments

Although this method contains a lot of Islamic guidance, it does not make obstacles for those of other faiths to learn and practice it, as it has been running for many of our practitioners who are drawn from the Hindu, Buddhist, Protestant, Catholic or otherwise faiths

Page 2: Sin Ilahi Attunement


Sin Ilahi

Sin Ilahi is a practice of initiating the consciousness of GOD to merge with the consciousness of man. This simple practice is both synergistic and complementary to both Tenaga Delam Ilahi and Nur Ilahi initiations and deepens the student’s experience and connection to divine energy. Based on several existing spiritual literatures, an energy moment has been constructed, consisting energies of these specific elements:

1. Natural energy, of earth/soil element, water element, air/wind element, and fire element, which are main components of human body (based on Islamic religion as well as other religions and cultures). Scientifically these elements can be viewed as Positive (Fire), Negative (Water), Neutral (Air) all combining to make a physical substance (Earth), which exists within the infinite (Space). This perspective allows for comparisons to Atom (atomic structure) and Adam, GOD’s biblical man of clay.

2. Heavenly/God Energy, which constructed of “wirid energy”, prayer,

soul, zikr, names of God, holy spirit, etc. which is granted to devoted individuals by God’s grace and permission:

"Sin" is an Arabic character, which literally means man or human and refers to the physical person. Whereas, "Ilahi" refers to something that came directly from GOD (Allah) the non-manifested infinite one. According to a tasawuf literature Sin Ilahi can be transcribed as GOD (Allah) stay in / live within the human body, thus merging the individual awareness or ego with universal awareness. The Serat Lukitajati (a book from Ancient Javanese literature) describes it as GOD’s life breath. GOD is omnipresent and as the creator is inherent in all things at all times. Genesis 2:7 God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.

Page 3: Sin Ilahi Attunement


MOMENT THEORY A Moment is a permanent “bubble” of energy beyond time and space. Thus, moments have always existed but cannot be accessed until named. It is akin to other philosophies in that a ‘thing’ does not exist unless it has a name. Moments can only be created in accordance with Divine Will, this being Compassion, Gratitude and Love. If the Moment increases the amount of Love, Compassion or Gratitude within the universe in some way then the moment is allowed and can be accessed by all. Sin Ilahi is an accessible energy moment existing to increase these three divine qualities here on earth. The founder of the Sin Ilahi moment is Master Ahmad Ghozali, SH.

LEVELS In Sin Ilahi, there are only two levels, which are explained as below: Level 1: Opens main energy channels (sushumna, 7 chakras, feet & palm chakras), cleanses, activates chakras and connects the energy with the earth’s core also known as the heart of the earth, opens ida & pingala, wakes up kundalini, arouses kundalini core pass through crown chakra, & wakes up the subconscious. Level 2 (Sin Ilahi Master): Opens & activates the Ilahi chakras, the 8th chakra and above at least up to 40th chakra and connects them with the heart of the earth chakra to keep you grounded, open & activates the heart’s all loving mind, the Sin Ilahi symbol is given, wake up the supra consciousness

Page 4: Sin Ilahi Attunement


and cosmic consciousness. It is highly recommended that the student complete all 8 levels of Nur Ilahi prior to proceeding to Sin Ilhai level 2. Nur Ilahi will bring more divine energy into the 8th chakra prior to opening the next series of higher Ilahi chakras, making the process much smoother on the initiate. The 7 main Chakras and most commonly know are: 1. Root, located in the end of our backbone (tail bone) 2. Sex, located in pelvic (upper area of genital) 3. Navel, in the navel 4. Heart, located between nipples 5. Throat, located in throat 6. Ajna or third eye, located between eyebrow 7. Crown, located on top of head Located above those seven are the Ilahi Chakras and there are many. Nur Ilahi activates and prepares the 1st Ilahi Chakra, the 8th and connects it to the heart Chakra. Sin Ilahi will activate many more, potentially up to the 40th Ilahi Chakra. With Sin Ilahi, the divine energies flow directly to each of the chakras (the petals & cores), auras (body’s energetic layers) and directly connected with earth’s core so that a grounding technique is not required. FUNCTION • Optimize brain functions and positive mental states • Arouse the spiritual consciousness • out of body experience/OOBE • Clairvoyance • Clairsentience, sensitivity • Telepathy - clairaudience • Heals physical, mental & spiritual problem caused by medical & non- medical factors. Healing abilities for helping others. • Physical & metaphysical protection • Power & wisdom. Love, Forgiveness, Gratitude and Compassion. • Enhance energy frequency up to cosmic level • Emits peace & harmony energies • Materialization (of wishes) etc.

Page 5: Sin Ilahi Attunement


Attunement method: Sit upright on a chair or on the floor with Lotus style, back straight, hands (palms) open facing up on the top of knees, and relax. Affirm in your heart: "I’m now receiving the Sin Ilahi level…(1 or 2) attunement perfectly as heavenly gift from GOD (Allah). So be it. Alhamdulillah (or thanks be to GOD)" Do not attune to Sin Ilahi 2 until you have done the self-healing practice for at least 1 month. Send your attunement request to Sifu Dan Ferrera at [email protected] EXERCISE & EMPOWERMENT Once attuned to Sin Ilahi Level 1, try to do self-healing or meditation to allow the energy to become more evenly distributed within your body and negative energies to be cleansed. In the early stages, try to allow yourself frequent self-healing sessions as much as possible flow the Sin Ilahi energies. It is recommended to do several short sessions vs. one long healing session. In this way, you simply continue from where you left off on the prior session and are able to do a whole body healing in a single day. There is no specified time, place or condition for connection to the energy; Sin Ilahi can be used anytime & anywhere with just simple intention. It can be activated while you drive the car, listen to music, watch the TV etc. This is one of it’s main advantages over other healing methods like pranic, inner power, chi kung etc. The easiest way is to intend within your heart to simply be connected to Sin Ilahi allowing it to clean and activate all energy channels and all chakras while doing your everyday work. Each day try to allow some special private time to do at least 15-minutes of self-healing or meditation. You can also follow Sin Ilahi group synchronization and mediation every Sunday and Thursday night at 22.00 Indonesian Time (which is GMT+7) by simply affirming "I am connected and synchronized to the group meditation of Sin Ilahi." Then just start to meditate as you normally would do on your own. Even if you miss it, you can still connect by affirming: “I am connected and synchronized to the Sin Ilahi group meditation that occurred on (Thursday or Sunday; Date and Time).” SELF-HEALING Self Healing is 100% required to flow the Sin Ilahi energy. Based upon Usui Reiki you must self heal at least 5 parts of your body regularly, those are the top of your head, your face, left & right sides (covers the ears), back head.

Page 6: Sin Ilahi Attunement


Jaw and throat each for 3 minutes and should be exercised at least once every 3 days and better if done everyday. The complete Self Healing procedure takes a bit more time and is graphically illustrated over the next three pages. Breaking it up into several short sessions makes the complete self-healing routine much easier to do on a daily basis.

Invocative affirmation for self healing or healing others

“I am now accessing Sin Ilahi to perfectly heal my self (or say person's name that you want to heal) fully and completely from all form of disease, injury, sickness and illness, may divine healing perform this perfectly and effectively as permitted by the one and only God. Thank You."

Page 7: Sin Ilahi Attunement


Regular practice of this self-healing procedure will also make both your hands on healing and distance healing more effective.

Page 8: Sin Ilahi Attunement


Self-healing with Sin Ilahi method: Activate crown charka & palm charkas. Intention is enough to activate them. Next, intend to be connected to Sin Ilahi energy. After connecting, wait for one minute, to cleanse any negative energy, which may have accumulated on the palm charkas. For those attuned to level 2 (Master), you can start by drawing small Sin Ilahi symbols (ALLAH and LAM ALIF character) started from crown chakra, Ajna (3rd eye), throat, heart, Solar Plexus or navel, Sex & root Chakras. Then draw one big symbol to cover your whole body with the crossover “X” intersecting at your heart chakra. Start flowing the energy by putting your left palm on the navel and your right palm on top of the (back side) of your

Page 9: Sin Ilahi Attunement


left palm (in other words, overlap your hands). Finish the session by saying thanks fully to Allah (GOD). Sincerely express your GRATITUDE. To perform healing on others level 2 masters can use the above technique by drawing the Sin Ilahi symbol on the person’s palms, feet, 7 chakras and whole body. The Sin Ilahi symbol is shown on the next page. MEDITATION Meditation is needed to purify the body’s energy channels making it a better energy gate or conduit so that one can access the divine energy more fluently, and in turn transmit the energy more efficiently like a focused laser light passing up through the cosmic levels. To do Sin Ilahi meditation: 1. Sit upright on the floor, lotus style (soles of feet facing heaven) or on a chair with the soles of your bare feet touching on the floor. 2. Those of Islam religion should read this prayer: “I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. I intend to makrifat (know), mahabbah (love), and musyahadah (testify) Allah” The other religions should pray according to their own custom. 3. Inhale deeply & slowly via nose and exhale slowly via mouth. Do this three times to be more relaxed. Activate crown charka & palm chakras with your intention. 4. Raise your hand up to almost maximum above your head with palms facing each other and fingers closed but keep relaxed and do not use your muscle power. Imagine that you are holding a large basketball size ball of energy. 5. Intend to be connected to Sin Ilahi energy. 6. For those attuned to level 2, mentally draw the symbol on your body using your third eye (ajna charka). 7. Slowly lower your left palm & right palm, put your left palm on the heart chakra and raise your left thumb while the right palm should be placed on top the back side of your left palm and touch your left thumb with your right thumb so they are both point up in a triangle shape. 8. Keep this position for several minutes or longer if you wish. You may also read or recite some prayer (to your like) within your heart.

Page 10: Sin Ilahi Attunement


9. Put your palms down over the knees with cupped open position and closed relaxed fingers. 10. Intend to flow the healing energies to anybody open to receiving them or other life forms as you wish for several minutes. Be compassionate, think of the sick, those who are homeless, hospitalised, poor, addicts, etc. Be forgiving, think of those who have done you wrong and bless them with healing. Be loving, think of those you love (friends, family, pets) and flow the healing energies. 11. Finish it by saying thanks fully to Allah (GOD). Express Gratitude for the work that was just done. Do the meditation at least once every 3 days and better if done everyday. Sin Ilahi Master Symbol

This symbol is combination of a (Arabic) character, which is pronounced as ALLAH (GOD) and LAM ALIF (Physical Earth) character, which functions as to: Open the space and time dimensional limits and empower the divine energy flow perfectly to all charkas. LAM is the Bija (seed sound or vibration) of the body’s root chakra (earth element).

Page 11: Sin Ilahi Attunement


HOW TO USE THE SYMBOL Use the Symbol in healing or meditation by graphing it on top of the body (aura layer) with convergence five fingers or with palm chakra or mentally with 3rd eye visualization. To draw the symbol on our own body, visualize that we are looking into a mirror or facing our own body and intend to let the Sin Ilahi energy to come down into the whole body, filling it like glass of water pouring in from the top of the head. Note: the cross point of Allah Lam Alif is basically on the heart charka but it can be shifted to the other main chakras as well, which is a recommended practice. To do person to person healing, draw the symbol on top of patient’s body then affirm that the energy level (or vibrational frequency) will be multiplied appropriately as needed, and then start to flow the energy by placing your palms on their shoulders. To do distance healing do the self healing meditation procedure just explained above first upon your own body as the structural link and then simply affirm that the same divine energy will be received by the target patient (may be one person or several people at once, in a group healing) at a specific date and time. For example, “I request that this Sin Ilahi healing repeats perfectly on Jane Doe at 2:45 PM (Eastern Standard Time) on July 30th, 2013. Multiply the energy as best needed for Jane Doe. Thank you.” If you were doing a group healing you would modify the end statement “Multiply the energy as best needed for each individual—Thank you.” Then draw the symbol on the patient(s)’s body using visualization, followed by affirming that the energy has been sent and received and will be multiplied …up to 1000 times as needed. This simple procedure will always start the flow of distance healing energy. CLAIRVOYANCE This is a skill that most would enjoy, because we will be able to have a super vision to see the aura, chakra, etheric creatures, and even go to the past, current and future. Clairvoyance can be achieved when ajna chakra is clean and fully open so that the third eye is open and active. Open & active third eye will allow scanning or other super vision. Being attuned to level 1 of Sin Ilahi actually means we already have the basics of clairvoyance since the

Page 12: Sin Ilahi Attunement


ajna charka, which is the gate of third eye has been activated, plus awakened Kundalini which cleans the 7 main chakras further. Below is a simple technique to open & activate the third eye even further. Sit on the floor with Lotus style or on the chair with boot foot palms (touching) on the floor Those of Islam religion should read these prayer: “Praise be to Allah, Lord of all Worlds, The Beneficent, the Merciful. Owner of the Day of Judgment, Thee alone I worship; Thee alone I ask for help. Show me the straight path, The path of those whom Thou hast favoured. Not the path of those who earn Thine anger nor of those who go astray.” The other religions should pray according to their own custom. Pray for Allah’s protection Inhale deeply & slowly via nose and exhale slowly via mouth. Do this three times to be more relaxed. Intend to be connected to Sin Ilahi. Draw the symbol of Sin Ilahi on Ajna chakra Intend to let energy of Sin Ilahi cleanse every petal, root and core of the ajna charka and make it even more active. Also let the energy of Sin Ilahi activate pituitary gland located in the center of the head behind the ajna chakra. Feel the energy filling the head. Next, focus your attention to the perineum located between anus & genital. Intend to allow the flow of kundalini to more actively open the inner eye. Feel the strong energy within the perineum as a sign of active kundalini energy, which is becoming active. Draw the kundalini up the spine through sushumna channel by intention. Feel the strong flow of kundalini along your spine or sushumna.

If you cannot feel it just believe that kundalini is flowing. When kundalini reaches ajna charka level, pull it frontward to ajna charka. The intent is to let kundalini cleanse each parts of Ajna charka even more feel the strong energy flow in ajna charka which is a combination of Sin Ilahi & kundalini, & feel

Page 13: Sin Ilahi Attunement


ajna charka becoming progressively more active. Keep silent and let the energy work for several minutes. Pull backward the kundalini from ajna charka and flow it up, passing through crown charka via shusumna finish by giving thanks fully to GOD (Allah). Hopefully, with God’s permission, several times of such exercise will make the third eye ability get better. TELEPATHY Telepathy or “Aji Pameling” in Java terminology is a capability to have communication between two or more people which have spiritual consciousness open that they do not use mouth or ear but as if the communication come from within the recipient. Being attuned to level 2 as well as doing the group synchronized meditation practice will make all parties get better in doing the telepathy. Below is the technique to send telepathy message: Sit on the chair, feet touch the floor or on floor with Lotus position Intend to be connected to Sin Ilahi; Draw the symbol of Sin Ilahi on your own body Let the energy flow for several minutes Concentrate to the recipient Send the message as you wish Finish it by saying thanks fully to Allah (GOD) Usually the recipient will have a vision/thought of the sender inside his/her heart or there is a contact/signal did by the sender. If the recipient has got the signal, then he/she must go into meditation condition in order to do the communication. So the conclusion is that it is best to do telepathy in meditation. The meditation does not have to be Sin Ilahi meditation. The most important is that the brainwave of the sender & recipient should be the same. Simple sign of telepathy, for example, is when you suddenly want to buy something that you want to bring home while you are in the office. That “something” is what your wife coincidently wants to have. OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE (OOBE) To do astral journey (out of physical body) out of body experience: 1. Sit on a chair, or on the floor with lotus posture, or lay down 2. Inhale deeply & slowly via nose and exhale via mouth slowly too. Do it 3x to be more relax 3. Draw the Sin Ilahi symbol on your whole body 4. Intend to have the energy of Sin Ilahi rain down upon you.

Page 14: Sin Ilahi Attunement


5. Breath naturally and focus attention to the in & out breath 6. Feel the body getting progressively more & more relaxed and your consciousness floating higher and expanding. 7. Feel the domination of our physical body being eliminated (dissolving) 8. Intend to do OOBE to the place you wish to go. 9. Feel the turn of our etheric body slowly leaving our physical body. Travelling to the place you want at very high speed. 10. When you feel enough, intend to go back to the previous consciousness that is our physical awareness. 11. Finish by saying thanks fully to Allah. (GOD) OOBE may also happen naturally when meditating because the physical body will be in most relaxed condition. MAGIC DEFENSE / SELF PROTECTION This occurs automatically when we have been attuned to level 1 or 2, Sin Ilahi energy will protect us from negative energies and intentions abhorrent to GOD. Especially if you have been practicing: Love, Gratitude, Compassion and Forgiveness. To protect specific objects: • Make a 10 cm diameter energy ball in front of your heart. Mentally drawing the Ilahi symbol upon it. • Intend that the Sin Ilahi energy is sent down to you. Filling and expanding the energy sphere. • Face your palms in front of your chest with 30 cm space • Visualize the object you want to protect is within the energy ball. Expand the size of the energy ball as needed. • Affirm, "with the heavenly gift and blessings of Allah, this energy will surround and protect.... (the object) from all disturbances of any negative energies or any negative intentions for …(…days/weeks/forever)” • Wait as the energy becomes more & more massive (usually around 5 minutes) • Release your palms. Note: Larger energy balls can be created and/or visualized for bigger objects such as a car or a home.

Page 15: Sin Ilahi Attunement


Sin Hu Initiation

Send your attunement request to Sifu Dan Ferrera at [email protected]

Page 16: Sin Ilahi Attunement


SIN HU Sin Hu is the highest level and final stage of Sin Ilahi realization. The quality of energy is much higher than Sin Ilahi, which is why it is considered a separate aspect of Sin Ilahi as opposed to being the 3rd level. Symbol usage is no longer needed with Sin Hu. SIN in the word Sin Hu means perfected human being (insan kamil). Hu has been taken from the word Huwa that means GOD (Allah). Sin Hu is translated as God’s image within ourselves. Sin Hu is meant for those who are really devoted and want to learn more about the spiritual world, who realize God’s presence in all things. It increases energy quality, to perfect or complete the Sin Ilahi evolution and to speed up obtaining 3M’s : Makrifat (Know), Mahabbah (Love), and Musyahadah (Testify) ALLAH (GOD). CONTRAINDICATION To those of you who have “khadam knowledge” or secret heirloom, a total cleansing can occur and you may loose “khadam knowledge” and the secret heirloom too. If fever occurs, drink water as much as possible and/or do meditation with the intention “Dear Allah, please give me your mercy, cleanse and take everything within me that are not given or blessed by You, give me only what is given/blessed by you and please be it” WARNING After the initiation is obtained, please avoid any actions which are prohibited by the religion i.e. being arrogant, gossiping, telling your spiritual experience to inappropriate persons, etc. INITIATION After the initiation request is granted, steps to receive the initiation as follows: Sit on the floor with Lotus style or on the chair with both feet (soles) touching flat on the floor put your palms on your knees facing up your back must be upright but relaxed. Step 1: Begin by mentally repeating this zikr: Ya Batin Ya Wahab Ya Fattah Ya Allah. This refers to specific attributes of GOD based upon the 99 names. It means: “The Hidden or Unseen, The Bestower, The Revealer,

Page 17: Sin Ilahi Attunement


GOD.” You can do this in either English or Arabic. Repeat it 99 times. Then move to Step 2. Step 2: Those of Islam religion should read these prayers; “Praise be to Allah, Lord of all Worlds, The Beneficent, the Merciful. Owner of the Day of Judgment, Thee alone I worship; Thee alone I ask for help. Show me the straight path, The path of those whom Thou hast favoured. Not the path of those who earn Thine anger nor of those who go astray.” The other religions should pray according to their own custom. Example: The Lords Prayer. Step 3: Intend in heart: "I am now receiving the initiation of Sin Hu perfectly as divine heavenly gift from Allah. So be it, all praise be to Allah” Breathe normally, do not control your breath. Step 4: Say “HU” in your heart together with your breath, inhale and exhale, pay attention on the word “HU” After approx. 15 min, finish the initiation by by expressing sincere gratitude saying thanks fully to God. Step 5: As a daily practice, have the intent to connect to Sin Hu and mentally chant the Qalbi Zikr frequently. Qalbi Zikr- Focus on your Heart and chant “Allah Hu, Allah Hu, Allah” over and over.- This Naqshbandi zikr is so powerful that it removes all misfortune and dispels anxiety and in return brings peace & blessings in one's life like water brings life to the earth. Place ear plugs in your ears and really focus on the beating of your heart, while you chant Allah Hu, Allah Hu, Allah. When your heart comes alive, you will actually hear it chant Allah back into your ears. HEALING To do healing on others, put your palm(s) on center part of the chest of the recipients heart chakra and flow the Sin Hu energy for 5-15 minutes. To do mass healing, Intend that the energy will be received fully by all recipients and that each and every recipient will get 100 % of the energy that is distributed. Next, aim your palm to the center part of the recipient’s chest; just like the way we do for distance healing (visualize that the recipient is in front of you).

Page 18: Sin Ilahi Attunement


Again, to do distance healing, simply visualize the recipient is in front of you and flow the energy to their heart chakra. This healing is the most common, there could be other possibilities that ome to you spontaneously according to what comes from your heart’s intuition, i.e., transferring the disease to the chicken egg or mentally transforming it to manure to fertilize plants. MEDITATION To get better results from the Sin Hu initiation, do meditation as follows: Sit on the floor with Lotus style or on the chair with both feet touching the floor. Intend to meditate accessing the Sin Hu energy, or by affirmation. “I intend to makrifat (know), mahabbah (love), and musyahadah (testify) Allah (God), may all diseases within my body and soul be cured, so be it” Raise your hands up next to your ears, fingers closed palms facing straight forward. Say it in your heart, “ALLAAAH”, and lower your hands to your lap (still saying ALLAH) with fingers on top of the others (right hand on top of left hand), touch your left thumb with your right thumb, do the same thing with your index fingers. Make the shape of a circle with your index fingers and thumbs. Followed by saying “HU”, so it becomes the combination “ALLAAH – HU”

Intend that the entire universe is in between your fingers that form the circle shape. Breath should be natural. Do not control your breathing. Say “HU” in your heart together with your breath, inhale “Allah” and exhale “Hu.” After approx. 15 min, finish the initiation by saying thanks fully to God.

Page 19: Sin Ilahi Attunement


Attuning Others: To attune others (once you have been attuned) simply state: “I now accessing the divine energy of Sin Ilahi to attune (person’s name) to Sin Ilahi (number 1 or 2) may the attunement perform perfectly and effectively as permitted by the one and only God.” Then clasp your hands together (Prayer Hands) and concentrate on that person receiving the energy. If doing a physical person-to-person attunement you would place your hands on their shoulders.