SimpleTouch alarm clock product interface by Marie Lazar ITGM 705 winter 2011

SimpleTouch Alarm Clock

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Marie Lazar - Exercise 2

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SimpleTouch alarm clockproduct interface by Marie LazarITGM 705 winter 2011

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Artist Statement

Modern touch screen alarm clocks are a mess. Cluttered and con fusing, they suffer from infor-mation overload and tiny displays. On the other end of the spectrum are touch screen clocks so spare, they are barely useful. These devices, though clean and stylish, lack the media function-ality that consumers demand.

The SImpleTouch alarm clock combines the best of both approaches. It contains a CD, MP3, radio, and alarm clock, while still being clear and easy to read at a distance. It does this by or-ganizing controls into submenus based on its functions.

The SimpleTouch uses a unique two-handed touch system. One hand holds down on a button on top of the clock, bringing up a submenu of controls on the main display for the other hand to manipulate. Touch screen sliders and buttons make it easy to change settings with a simple tap or stroke.

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Product renders

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featurestouch screen controlshigh-resolution 3” x 7” digital screeneasy-to-read Helvetica typefacealarm clock with two programmable alarmsCD, MP3, and AM/FM radio functionscompatable with all Apple brand MP3 playersclear and easy to learn- shows only the information you need

changes based on feedbackadded backllight for impoved visibility in darkness.Changed the physical dimensions to be slender, but study.Added speakers to the front of the device.Added headphone/speaker port.Changed “snooze” button to be larger.