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RepositioningManagement MG401 MarketingTeam MembersSiddharth Keshan (140040051)Naay Balodia (140020106)Akshat Kejriwal (140040007)Naman Gupta (140040057)Abhishek Agrawal (120020048)Content RepositioningWhat is Positioning & Repositioning?Recent brand repositioning (Include good examples)Types of repositioning (include one example for every type) and when do brands go in for repositioning? Why Product lifecycle stage?Classic cases (Milkmaid, Lifebuoy, Complan)Which brands can Reposition themselves and all!!PositioningandRepositioningPostioning It is the act of designing a companys image in the mind of the target market. A good postioning is when the commodity is known by the brands name.

Consumers perceptions of a products attributes, uses, quality and advantages and disadvantages in relation to those of competing brands.

Repositioning It refers to the major change in positioning for the brand/product.To successfully reposition a product, the firm has to change the target markets understanding of the product.This is sometimes a challenge, particularly for well-established or strongly branded products.Firms may consider repositioning a product due to declining performance or due to major shifts in the environment

Marketing strategy to change the position of the product in consumers minds relative to the positions of competing products.

The other reasons for repositioning areTo extend the product life cycleTo move into a new market segmentBecause of changes in society and in social attitudesThe brand evolves with timeIncreasing relevance to the consumerIncreasing occasions for useSearch for a viable positionMaking the brand seriousFalling salesBringing in new customersMaking the brand contemporaryDifferentiate from other brandsChanged market conditionsOften one reason leads to the other and a brand is repositioned sometimes for a multiplicity of reasonsA particular positioning statement may not work with a brand.

For e.g Dettol toilet soap was positioned as a beauty soap initially. It did not work . Dettol , the parent brand (antiseptic liquid) was known for its ability to heal cuts. The extensions beautypositioning was not in tune with the parents germ-kill positioning.

The soap therefore had to be repositioned as a germ-kill soap and it faired extremely well after repositioning.. Here the soap had to be repositioned for image mismatch.Types of RepositioningImage Repositioning:

No change in the product but promotion is used to change the image of the product

Classic Example will be Dettol liquid: antiseptic liquid is basically used to prevent cuts and gashes from developing sepsis. To increase the occasions for its use, it shows several other avenues. These arefor washing babies clothes for the shaving mug for washing and swabbingto clean floors

Product Repositioning:modification of the productChange in both product and target marketCadburys BournvitaBournvita is a case of how a brand changes its positioning in keeping with the changing needs of the customers. Initially the emphasis was on it good taste (taste additive to milk). Then as the customers became more demanding , the pitch was modified to include the nutritive aspect as well ( extra nutrition, extra taste). Later to make itself more attractive it claimed to give sharpness of mind (nutrition, mental stimulation)

Intangible RepositioningTargeting a different market segment with the same productTitan: from watch with elegance (basically lifestyle for the rich and famous) to a gift watch. The new ads show different occasions for gifting like wedding day, marriage anniversary etc.Tangible RepositioningB)Femina : Repositioned itself as a magazine for todays woman changing everything from packaging to content in the process.

find examples!!Smart PositioningExamplesofRepositioningExamples Repositioning Bata

Earlier and even now, we know Bata as a durable desi Brand, where you can buy footwear for all members of family at reasonable prices with brand assurance.To become the brand for everyone, Bata overemphasized on being affordable and providing durable products.The positioning of the brand was very well done in minds of all the segments of the country. The segmentation, target customers were very well focused, the middle class households.

Examples Repositioning BataHowever, Bata is trying to move out of the image of an age old seller of their manufactured goods. They are now concentrating on products that the customer wants rather than products that they produce.A step towards rejuvenating the Bata brand, the company is repositioning itself as a market driven, fashion conscious lifestyle brand with an emphasis on service and production.The company recently introduced international styles and trends for women, men and kids, which have gone a long way in providing a trendy and contemporary image to the company. Revamping its marketing operations, Bata India has introduced the concepts Flagship, City, Family and Bazaar stores that cater to different segments of the market.

Still the tagline for Bata is Shoes for all

Examples Repositioning Johnson and Johnson

Johnson and Johnson is the company that is famed for child care products. It is the mother of all baby category products.It was strongly promoted and positioned as Johnsons Baby Care Products.The USP of its Baby Shampoo was soft, No Tears mild smell and texture that gives the baby the soft creamy hair.Examples Repositioning Johnson and JohnsonHowever, during their market research and feedbacks for Baby products, they found out that Mothers used the same mild baby shampoo on themselves.Seeing the marketing opportunity,J & J reconsidered its target market and soon re-defined the brand for adult use as well. It launched a Baby Shampoo series targeted at adults - Adult mothers who want the same soft baby hair just like their children hair.

Examples Repositioning Airtel

Airtel was launched in 1995 as a premium cellular brand, for the elite.Later it repositioned itself for newer segments of customers, promoting themselves as a lifestyle brand.It changed its logo and re-branded itself while expanding to other countries.Examples Repositioning AirtelThe recent repositioning done by Airtel was to shift from being a sole Cellular network to a Smartphone Network. Its tagline changed to Airtel The Smartphone network.They repositioned themselves from being a cellular brand to more of Internet Service Provider. This was achieved by Ad Campaign to reposition the brand to a Smartphone Network.

Examples RepositioningNestle Milkmaid (as dessert) Complan(Smart positioning against Horlicks Nutrients) PAGE 170Repositioning Of ComplanIts a classical example of tangible repositioning. Glaxo was going through a trial and error situation with respect to Complan. Initially Glaxo launched Complan for mass market as supplementary nutrition for adults. It got the image of sick mans source of nutrition which did not bring much success.It took a new positioning: A complete planned food for children targeting the growing child as big market segment. It was positioned against milk as a health builder. It carried 23 vital nutrients which milk did not carry and also contained milk protein.

RESULTS:This positioning did not bring desired success!! Reasons??Taste was not liked by childrenSuperior to milk proposition didn't sell as Indian mothers still held milk as an essential natural diet for child

WHAT NEXT ??Glaxo improved the taste of Complan, introduced chocolate flavor and other variants. Still it did not do wellIts new positioning was against Horlicks as compared to milk in previous case. It was done because Horlicks was doing good as preferred health drinkWas it successful this time?Not Yet!!!Price of Complan was double than that of Horlicks!!The search for right positioning continuesGlaxo gave up comparative positioning strategy

Examples RepositioningTanishq: finding the apt positioning for a product is certainly not easy; a proper balancing of several issues is involved. Titan Tanishq is an apt example. Titan a firm, that has created waves in the Indian watch market with its quartz watches and has been consistently receiving complements from all quarters for its marketing excellence, made some crucial mistakes when it set out to market its Tanishq brand jewelry. Titan found that the jewelry sales lagged far behind its projections. It identified wrong positioning as the reason for the poor show. Titan admitted that positioning of Tanishq has not generated the kind of volumes we expected. The jewelry should have had a much wider appeal than it enjoyed with the present positioning.Thank You!