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Shutter Speed. What the Shutter Speed Does. Controls the amount of light by the length of time it remains open. Shutter as a controller of light. Leaf Shutter. Shutter as a Controller of Motion. Shutter Speeds. 1000  -  500  -  250  -  125  -  60  -  30  -  15  -  8  -  4  -  2  -  1  -  B - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Aperture and Shutter Speed

Shutter Speed1The shutter-speed selector controls the length of time that the shutter remains open. The shorter that time is, the less likely a moving object will appear blurred.What the Shutter Speed Does

2A leaf shutter on top and a focal plane shutter on bottom in process of opening.Shutter as a controller of lightControls the amount of light by the length of time it remains open

3The amount of light that enters the camera like the amount of water that pours from an open faucet into a glass, depends on how long the flow of light continues. IF a glass is filled halfway in 2 sec. it will be filled to the top in 4 sec. In the same way, if the shutter is left open twice as long. The film will be exposed to twice as much light. Leaf Shutter

4The leaf shutter is located in the lens itself and consists of a number of small overlapping metal blades powered by a spring. When the shutter releases is pushed, the tension in the spring is released and the blades open up the then shut again in a given amount of time. With the image on the top the shutter is just opening and very little light is hitting the film. At #2 with the shutter open farther, the blades are almost completely iwthdrawn, and at #3 light pours in . Then the blades begin to close again, admitting less and less light #4&5 The total amount of light admitted during this cycle produces the fully exposed photograph to the right of the lens image.Shutter as a Controller of Motion

5A blurred image can occur when an object moves in front of a camera that is not moving, because the image projected onto the film by the lens will move.

If the object moves swiftly or if the shutter is open for a relatively long time, this moving image will blur and be indistinct.

But if the shutter speed is increased, the blur can be reduced or eliminated.

You can control this effect and even use it to advantage. A fast shutter speed can freexze a moving object, showing its position at any given instant, whether it be a bird in flight or a football player jumping for a pass. A slow shutter speed can be set deliberately to increase the blurring and accentuate the feeling of motion.

The effects of varying shutter speed are shown in these images. The picture on the left the bycile moved enough during the relatively long 1.30 second exposure to leaves a broad blur on the film.

The next photograph a shutter speed of 1/500 second stopped the motion so effectively it is hard to tell whether the bicycle was moving at all.

6The photograph on the right shows the effect of panning. The camera was moved in the same direction the bicycle was moving. Since the camera moved at about the same speed as the bicycle, the rider appears sharp while the motionless background appears blurred.

Successful panning takes both practice and luck. Variables such as the exact speed and direction of the moving object make it difficult to predict exactly how fast to pan. Decide where you want the object to be at the moment of exposure, start moving the camera a few moments before the object reaches that point, and follow our motion through as you would with a golf or tennis stroke. Shutter Speeds1000 - 500 - 250 - 125 - 60 - 30 - 15 - 8 - 4 - 2 - 1 - B Shutter speed is the length of time the film is exposed.Shutter speed can freeze a scene or show motion.Shutter speeds are often fixed with flash.

7Slow Shutter Speed

second was usedFast Shutter Speed

1/250 second was used9Freezes all movementFast Shutter Speed1/60 second used as camera pans car

10Fast shutter vs. Slow

11Another Example

Your AssignmentUse the camera manual to learn more about how to set the shutter controllerPractice taking pictures using the camera with fast shutter speedDecide on one sample for your portfolio