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Shutter Island opening

Mise en scene

The opening of shutter island shows the titles and credits with non diagetic sound of rattling chains which may symbolize what the film may consist of due to the representation of the chains as they are usually associated with prison.

The fade in transitions show the kind of genre it may be in this case its a physiological thriller which is shown through the music that is played and the colours that are used.

The characters in the scene together portray the type of genre it is and what the film narrative may be die to their costumes which shows they are cops or investigators. The clothing helps me and my group brainstorm on what will be suitable to be worn for our thriller opening sequence.

Characters exposition

When the characters are first shown we identify who the protagonist characters will be such as Leonardo Dicaprio which plays Teddy displays he is the protagonist as he is shown from the beginning.

We identify that the other character Chuck is one of the protagonist character as he is shown to be wearing the same clothing as Teddy explaining that they are probably a team. There dialogue also suggests the are partners and identifies the type of narrative it may be due to the way they speak and what they speak about.