Shutter Island

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Opening title sequence analysis

Text of Shutter Island

Shutter Island

Shutter IslandOpening title sequence analysis

Camera and Mise En SceneOpen with a shot of a dark, eerie corridor - builds suspense.The camera mostly is fixed and slowly zooms in on the object e.g. a door.Rain is used to create a dark pathetic fallacy to resemble to actions occurring in the film.Close up shot of hand identity of person is hidden creates mystery and intrigue.

Sound and LightingMusic is sharp and full of suspense the soundtrack builds up in certain places which makes the audience expect something to happen.Most scenes are kept with a dark tone to create a sense of ambiguity.Contrast of snow on the black background could represent the good and the bad in the film.

Typography and EditingRed typography connotes danger and blood which is typically associated with thrillers.Opening cuts to a shot of a spinning staircase adds illusion to the audience as the credits havent given them any clues to the movie yet. Scene with gates creates mystery as audiences want to know what is behind the gates.The prop of a gun CU shot of a foot on the gun relates to crime and danger, this gives some hints to what we will see in the movie.