Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday The 13th

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Text of Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday The 13th

PowerPoint Presentation

Open with production company.

Close up of masked, hooded figure with a knife.The text is informative telling the audience appears to be typical convention.

Phone ringing typical convention.

Blue tint like in the Scary Movie 3 trailer establishing shot.

Gruff voice narrating the events occurring.Fade from shot to shot.

Close-up of girl answering phone typical convention, shes also blonde which is another typical convention.Highlighting conventions -

Chase scene killer chasing victim (usually girl).

Girl runs into electric lantern and injures herself rather being hurt by the person chasing her.Comedy introduced as the killer is being injured and has to put the fire out in a bird bath.

Normal mask lights a cigarette, blows up in face which then causes the deformation of the mask which is now popular in many horror films.

This part is mocking the Scream mask as if this was how the creators came up with the idea.4Zig zag transition used to change setting light-hearted, not a serious cut.

Narration throughout trailer The killer is getting dumber highlighting obvious conventions of a spoof.

Killer being pulled over by the cops dumber.

Diegetic sirens can be heard.

Humour by using a janitor to mop up bodies as if it is an every day occurrence.

Blonde says At least I feel safe here, oh hey ChuckieMedium close up of Chuckie character which is a known horror film.

Medium close up of student opening locker to find a hoard of knives falling out violence and weapons is a constant theme.Stating the obvious with bold black text in a white circle.

Over-the-shoulder shot, showing killer with paper, humorous as its not violent.

Rules accept the ridiculous as logical attempting to unveil the killer.

Sexual gags.Narration Comedy so scary it hurts

The narration in the trailer is telling you step by step how to make a good spoof film.

Typical bold font and use of the very prominent in horror/ spoofs red, white and black colour scheme.