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  • 8/3/2019 Short Paper Model Teaching





    By : Norjana binti Kormin



    Practicum is one of the learning acquired during my time studying a Diploma in

    Education at Maktab PerguruanTemenggong Ibrahim, Johor Bahru. I had been undergoing

    practical on Sekolah Kebangsaan Teriang located in Mersing, Johor. I was asked to teach LifeSkills Years 4-6, Local Studies Year 5 and Physical Education Year 4. During the live practical,

    I have taken the opportunity to practice the methods and techniques learned while in college,

    such as role playing, cooperative learning model, inductive learning and group investigation.

    Teaching methods that I could still remember was the role playing model performed for

    the pupils of Year 5 of the Local Studies. Role playing, a derivative of a sociodrama, is a methodfor exploring the issues involved in complex social situations. It may be used for the training of

    professionals or in a classroom for the understanding of literature, history, and even science.

    Therefore I used this method to help my students understood the situation in the past. Details ofthese lessons are as follow:-

    Target : Year 5

    Subject : Local Studies (Kajian Tempatan)

    Topic : History of Our CountrySub-topic : Malacca Sultanate

    i. The arrival of Parameswara

    ii. The origins of the name MalaccaLearningOutcomes : 1. Telling the origin of the opening of the Malacca

    2. Explaining the reasons for migrating Parameswara from

    Palembang to Malacca

    Based on the outcomes expected by the Ministry of Education refers to the Local StudiesSyllabus Year 5, I think that the main role of the method is the best way for students to achieve

    the objectives. By this method, students are able to imagine and understand the situation and how

    the travel Parameswara finally he decided to open Malacca.

    To implement these rules, I have divided the class of Year 5 into four groups. Then, Iinstruct students to read texts that depict events of course Parameswara from Palembang to

    Malacca and on the next open Malacca based on event 'deer dog fight..

    Next instruction is that students are asked to make their own scripts and then act out the

    events based on scripts that have been discussed as a team. Teacher gave guidance to clarify the

    incident and stating briefly the characters that should be included in the play. Given the time

  • 8/3/2019 Short Paper Model Teaching


    there is limited which, teachers provide time for 15 minutes to build a script and act out the story

    of the train.

    After 15 minutes, the teacher chose to display their acting. Each group is only given for

    8 minutes. While other groups appeared, other groups are required to watch the performance and

    evaluate their play partners. After all play is completed, I asked a representative from each groupto comment on other teams play. I also commented. Further, I discuss with students the events

    that played to test how well they understand the events.


    On its simplest level, role playing is dealing with problems through action; a problem is

    delineated, acted out, and discussed. Some students are role players; others observers. From myexperiences, I can saw my students try to puts himself or herself in the position of another person

    and then tries to interact with others who are also playing roles.

    Although the learning objectives to be achieved, there are some problems and limitationsthat must be overcome to ensure that the learning process more smoothly and the students get

    more than what was expected. To facilitate the assessment of the learning process, assessmentsare made according to the step by step during the study period.

    Step 1 : Formed the groups

    Given the learning period is not long, I have divided the class into four groups only.

    Thus, the number of members of a group is public. With large numbers, there are students whoare unable to participate in discussion and role play as actively controlled by a particular student.

    However, with a mix of active and passive students in a group, I see students who are passive

    more easily understand teachers and events like played by discussing with their friends.

    Step 2 : Read and understand passages

    This process encourages students to understand their own passage to read and imagine

    the events of the past that they never experienced. Since I did not explain further about the

    incident, students who do not understand have asked their groups members for helpunderstanding the story. It encourages collaboration between groups and they were in

    discussions to understand the events.

    Step 3 : Warm up the group and analyze roles

    At this stage, I gave briefing to the groups about the events that need to be played so that

    they recognize it as an area with which everyone need to learn to deal. I sensitizes the group to

    the event and creates a climate of acceptance, so that students feel that all views, feelings, andbehaviors can be explored without retribution.

    To help students create a character that will play a role, I help them with the state's

    character-character that should be in acting as Parameswara, Bendahara, warlords, Malacca tree,

  • 8/3/2019 Short Paper Model Teaching


    deer and dogs. As a member of more groups of characters are required, I propose that they put

    other members as the warlords. Therefore, all members had opportunity to be involved in acting.

    I also suggested that the active students be given as main roles while the passive students playedroles that does not need dialogue. I noticed this method was easier for them to build a script,

    choosing characters to each student and save time of inventories. The passive students are also

    encouraged to engage even without dialogue because they feel valued and this helps them buildsome confidence in front of people.

    Stage 4 : Build scripts

    This step helps students to think creatively and critically to produce scripts that are

    appropriate to the story and easily understood. I accidentally gave full freedom to all groups to

    build their own dialog. If I prepare a script, then the learning will become bored because they are

    shown with the same plot and dialogue. With a different script, students can make a differenceratio for the state during the evaluation process. It encourages thinking skills among students.

    However, this process is a waste of time because students are not exposed how to make a

    script before. Although I am giving guidance, they took the time to begin the process of

    developing a script as they doubt to their ideas. Therefore, I have been gave an example to start adialogue. After that, then I find their ideas and exchange views on the group to produce a good

    dialogue. However, there are also students who do not give ideas.

    Stage 5 : Role play

    From my observations, it appears the students have produced a good dialogue and

    interesting acting performances. Variety of genres that can be viewed. There is a serious act outstories with others, there is a group that makes plays in the comedy genre. Apparently they

    enjoyed the activities. Various behaviors can be seen when they are trying to reprise their

    respective roles. Although the story meets my needs, but they lack the animating each characteras it appears they are less talented in acting. But it did not matter to me because of my objectivesis that they can retell the opening event of Malacca and explain the reasons for the transfer of


    Problems I had during this activity is the class control. Since all involved to make a

    presentation, there were the students who do not have the current focus of other groupspresentations. They are busy making preparations for their own group. There were also students

    who disrupt the play's being performed. Therefore, in future, I intend to give evaluation forms to

    the audience that they are able to focus to the play by other teams and give ratings and analyzingbased on the form provided.

    Stage 6 : Evaluation and conclusion

    After seeing the other team play, the observer is required to comment on other groupsacting in terms of accuracy of the story, characters and appreciate the involvement of members

    of the group. I discuss with students the reasons for the transfer of Parameswara. They submit

    their opinions on the passages read during the performance and acting. I also gave my opinionthat the students clearly show the strengths and weaknesses of each. After that, we make a

  • 8/3/2019 Short Paper Model Teaching


    conclusion about the learning objectives of the opening event of Malacca and the reasons for

    Parameswaras migration to the Malacca.


    On its simplest level, role playing is dealing with events through action; an events isdelineated, acted out, and discussed. All students are role players, and at the same time, an

    observers. The role playing process provides a live sample of human behavior that helps students

    to (1) explore their feeling (2) gain insight into their attitudes, values and perceptions (3) developtheir problem-solving skills and attitudes and (4) explore subject matter in varied ways.

    During the role play activities, many values of which can be applied to the student. Since

    it is a group activity, students will learn how to work together in groups, to receive opinions andideas of peers, share knowledge