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Shaheen January Update

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January Update

Text of Shaheen January Update

  • 1This update is for you who, we have found, really care for us. Some of you we may have met once, others, we have known our entire lifetime. We understand that we could just as easily use facebook, twitter, or email to write you individually. However, we want to offer a more personal touch in updating you about how our lives together, by the will of God, are progressing.



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    Once again it is my turn to update you all on our lives, and of course, I find myself struggling to find the time to do so. Jiryis and I rang in the New Year during our last night in Florida, and the made the journey home to start the New Year.

    Jiryis started his new job with Support Innovations on January 3rd! It has been a great time of transition for him as he is learning the ins and outs of his new job. We are so thankful and blessed that the Lord provided this opportunity for us.

    I started this New Year with anticipation. Anticipation for what I could sense God doing through Jiryis and I, as well as the ministry around us. I was anticipating the second season of our Life Groups, and the

    continued growth and connection amongst us. I was anticipating our upcoming trip to Israel in June, as well as my brothers wedding.

    The term anticipation echoed in my head. I was ready and willing to give God our year, and await what he was going to do with it. Lets just say, God definitely is in the business of making a statement.

    On January 21st, we found out we were expecting! Jiryis and I are absolutely THRILLED! This has been the greatest gift, and indeed, one of the greatest things we could have anticipated in 2011. God is so good.

    I hope you will celebrate and anticipate with us SEPTEMBER 23rd when Baby Shaheen will make an arrival in our family.

    Enjoy these first pictures of our healthy baby from our first doctors appointment.

    We pray many blessings on your New Year, and hope that you find a way to anticipate what God will do in YOUR life in 2011.

    AND THEN THERE WERE THREE.... by Amanda Shaheen

  • 2Jiryis and I have already been discussing the LIST of things that need to be done before the baby comes in September. It seems like daily the list grows as we think of one more thing that wed like to fix, do, create, make, etc.

    One thing that sits on the top of the list is to continue to make time for us! Now that Jiryis has a job that enables him to work normal business hours, we have been LOVING having

    our evenings at home, eating dinner together. Its been great. True, we still are pretty busy people, but we never realized how much we missed having the same schedule until recently. Weve had lots of snow days in January, and it has been nice to stay home, and not have to worry about Jiryis working late hours when often the snow is falling the hardest. We are blessed...and so look forward to growing together over the next 9 months!

    Its always better when were together...




  • 3Jiryis and I can hardly wait for spring to come! This will be our first spring in the new house, and we will be starting our garden, and getting our yard in order. I think we are definitely suffering from cabin fever! Ive been hearing birds chirp outside, and I tell myself that it is Gods promise that he HAS to end winter at some point :)

    - Spring! We cant wait to get rid of all this snow and get outdoors!

    - February 2nd- Amandas 24th Birthday- Preparation for our June trip to Israel!- March 17th- Jiryis 24th Birthday

    - Continued spiritual maturity of our life group.- Continued relationships building with our friends and new friends. - Continued good health for Amanda and

    the baby.

    Whats to come... Prayer Requests..

    OUR ADDRESS: 13 Jamestown Drive St. Peters, MO 63376