Seven Tech Wonders for EBS World

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presentation at Oracle OpenWorld, San Francisco, October 2014

Text of Seven Tech Wonders for EBS World

  • Seven Tech Wonders of the Oracle e-Business Suite World

    Leon BarkleyRoman Havrylyak

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    Global company headquartered in Knoxville, TN with total of 12 locations in United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and China


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  • Agenda

    1. Alerts on Steroids (AOS)

    2. Universal Export to Excel (UEE)

    3. Self-service reporting (SSR)

    Oracle Applications Framework (OAF)

    Application Express (APEX)

    4. Data Templates for XML Publisher (DT)

    5. Asynchronous Triggers (AT)

    6. Spread Tables (ST)

    7. For The Win (FTW)

    Promised crown jewel followed by beer session

    We will be moving fast, so hang on until we get here!

    AOS >>> UEE >>> SSR >>> DT >>> AT >>> ST >>> FTW 4

  • Alerts on Steroids


    Transactions and business process data integrity


    Business users to know and own their data


    Continuous drive to create more alerts to have better insights into process exceptions

    AOS >>> UEE >>> SSR >>> DT >>> AT >>> ST >>> FTW 5

  • Alerts SWOT

    Strength Extremely fast development (day) Easy bursting

    Weakness Access control (all or none) text/plain content-type 64Kb cutoff for emails

    Opportunities Include in Concurrent request sets Allow stand-alone SRS Support text/html content-type

    Threats TMI, white noise Performance impact

    AOS >>> UEE >>> SSR >>> DT >>> AT >>> ST >>> FTW 6

  • Steroids for Alerts

    1. Enable SRS

    2. Support HTML tags

    AOS >>> UEE >>> SSR >>> DT >>> AT >>> ST >>> FTW 7

  • Universal Export to Excel

    AOS >>> UEE >>> SSR >>> DT >>> AT >>> ST >>> FTW 8


    Liberty and Justice for all business users to use convenient and common software (Excel)


    Self-service and data empowerment


    Pivot reports built by end-users

    Grassroots grown subject matter experts (SME)

  • Universal Export to Excel - Example

    AOS >>> UEE >>> SSR >>> DT >>> AT >>> ST >>> FTW 9


    Data sources over 500+ across 4 operating units and 3 distinct functional areas (GL, HR, and others)

    Library to use from PL/SQL program after seeded API call populates temp tables (MRP, ASCP, DEM, etc.)

  • Universal Export to Excel - SWOT

    AOS >>> UEE >>> SSR >>> DT >>> AT >>> ST >>> FTW 10

    Strength Extremely fast development (hours) Immediate adoption by business users Run export on schedule with email delivery

    Weakness No native refresh from Excel No support for email bursting

    Opportunities Support HTML templates (like in Alert) Web portal to access data grids and slice&dice

    Threats PowerPivot within SharePoint portal Cloud based reporting solutions

  • Self-Service Reporting OAF

    AOS >>> UEE >>> SSR >>> DT >>> AT >>> ST >>> FTW 11


    Investment in Alerts, UEE, and OAF skillset



    without pain there is no appreciation of gain


    1Click export to Excel

    Natural description of data

  • Self-Service Reporting OAF examples

    AOS >>> UEE >>> SSR >>> DT >>> AT >>> ST >>> FTW 12




  • Self-Service Reporting Excel examples

    AOS >>> UEE >>> SSR >>> DT >>> AT >>> ST >>> FTW 13

    Interactive Excel dashboard with data from OeBS BUILT by Business User (TinkerBell)

  • Self-Service Web Reporting SWOT

    AOS >>> UEE >>> SSR >>> DT >>> AT >>> ST >>> FTW 14

    Strength Extremely fast development (minutes) Immediate adoption by business users 1-Click Export to Excel Embeddable into Workflow notifications

    Weakness No click-through (drill-through) for data cells No support for visualizations No export to Word, PDF, Printer WISIWIG

    Opportunities Built Paper Presentation Architecture (PPA) Decommission Oracle Reports

    Threats PowerPivot within SharePoint portal Cloud based reporting solutions

  • Self-Service Web Reporting APEX

    AOS >>> UEE >>> SSR >>> DT >>> AT >>> ST >>> FTW 15

    SmartDog Services APEX reporting framework Interactive reports

    Export / Import to Excel Filtering / Dynamic Search Sorting Highlighting Charting Aggregation Grouping Control Breaks Emailing Ability to save versions of the report

    Wizard Driven Report Development OeBS authentication Native support of responsibility menu Inherit data access security from accessed-via responsibility Leverage RESTful webservices, like Google Maps / Charts or integrate with 3rd

    Party Applications like SalesForce

  • SmartDog APEX examples

    AOS >>> UEE >>> SSR >>> DT >>> AT >>> ST >>> FTW 16

    APEX is a robust and powerful tool that is included in the Enterprise version of

    Oracle Database. Using APEX, SmartDog Services has packaged

    analytical tools for EBS customers to implement and support end-user reporting for your


    What It Does Fully Secure, Browser-based Access Slick, Easy-to-Use Interface Utilizes Existing EBS Responsibilities Can be viewed on PC, Tablet, and Smart Phone Enables Access to all EBS Transaction

    Information Allows for End-User ad-hoc Manipulation Enables you to Quickly Build New Reports No License Fees Required

    How SmartDog Can HelpSmartDog Services provides a turnkey solution to get you up and running with APEX in less than two weeks.

    Installation Configuration Seeded reports included Training Ongoing Incident-based Support

  • Data Templates

    AOS >>> UEE >>> SSR >>> DT >>> AT >>> ST >>> FTW 17


    Investment in UEE data sources by accessing them via Data Templates for XML Publisher


    Business users to build their own presentation layer (RTF/layout templates)


    Email bursting

    Space from uninstalled Oracle Reports

  • Data Templates - Basics

    AOS >>> UEE >>> SSR >>> DT >>> AT >>> ST >>> FTW 18

    From a very simple test

    to as complex asyou need it to be!

  • Data Templates Basic Setup

    AOS >>> UEE >>> SSR >>> DT >>> AT >>> ST >>> FTW 19

    Just write your SQL query, and wrap it in XML

    Register your Concurrent Request, using XDODTEXE (instead of an RDF!) as its Executable

    Create a new XMLP Data Definition for the Request using normal steps, except

    Attach your XML file as a Data Template before you leave the page

    Create your XMLP Template like you always have

    Optional Step: Uninstall Reports Builder!

  • Data Templates Still saving your Alert Outputs? Great!

    AOS >>> UEE >>> SSR >>> DT >>> AT >>> ST >>> FTW 20

    Register just one more XMLP Report

    Derive your Check ID for the Alert that you are interested in

    Pass it into this query as a parameter

    Use an XMLP Template to easily generate Workflow-quality emails without all the hassle

  • Data Templates - SWOT

    AOS >>> UEE >>> SSR >>> DT >>> AT >>> ST >>> FTW 21

    Strength Native support from Oracle Output in various formats (Excel, Word, PDF, HTML) Native support of languages

    Weakness Longer than minutes development No support for custom PL/SQL packages in report

    Opportunities Full transition from Data Sources to Data Templates Reporting ecosystem: Alert, UEE, Data Publisher, Workflow integration

    Threats Retention of ERP team members NoSQL

  • Asynchronous Triggers

    AOS >>> UEE >>> SSR >>> DT >>> AT >>> ST >>> FTW 22


    Integrate event based Oracle Alerts with Workflow processes


    Model complex and sequential steps of business process via Oracle workflow


    text/html content type in email notification

    Approve/Reject action via email reply

  • Asynchronous Triggers - Examples

    AOS >>> UEE >>> SSR >>> DT >>> AT >>> ST >>> FTW 23

    Asynchronous behavior

    Event is processed separately from completion of trigger


    Oracle e-Business Suite

    Concurrent requests via FND_REQUEST