Seven habits of highly effective families

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  • 1.Youre Going to beOff Track 90% ofthe Time. So What?

2. Good families even great families are off track 90% of the time.The key is that they have a sense of destination. They know what the track looks like. And they keep coming back to it time and timeagain. 3. The key is in having a destination, a flight plan, and acompass.Invest the next few minutes in this presentation, and you will be given the most valuable tools ever to find your destination for your family. 4. Have the end in mind:A Beautiful Family Culture 5. HABIT 1BE PROACTIVE 6. We do nothave to love.We chooseto love. 7. To do carefully and constantly and kindlymany little things is not a little thing. 8. The way you treat anyrelationship in the family will eventually affect every relationship in the family. 9. HABIT 2BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND 10. Create a clear, compellingvision ofwhat youand yourfamily are all about. 11. A family mission statement is acombined, unified expressionfrom all family members of whatyour family is all about and theprinciples you choose to governyour family life. 12. For the most part, families donthave the kind of mission statementso critical to organizational success.Yet the family is themost important,fundamentalorganization inthe world. 13. Through a familymission statement youcan let your childrenknow that youare totallycommittedto them, andthat you havebeen from the verymoment of theirbirth or adoption. 14. HABIT 3PUT FIRST THINGS FIRST 15. Making Family a Priority in a Turbulent World 16. Okay, now, I know what youre going to hear from people is We dont have the time. Butif you dont have the time for one night or at leastone hour during the week where everybody cancome together as a family, then the family is not the priority.~ Oprah Winfrey ~ 17. Things which matter the most must never be at the mercy of thingswhich matter least. 18. The place to start is not withthe assumption that work isnon-negotiable; its with theassumption that family is non-negotiable. That one shift ofmind-set opens thedoor to all kinds ofcreative possibilities. 19. The role of parents is aunique one, asacred stewardship inlife. Is there reallyanything thatwould outweighthe importance offulfilling thatstewardship well? 20. HABIT 4THINK WIN~WIN 21. Moving fromMeto We 22. The question isthis: Would you be willing to search for a solution that isbetter than whateither of us isnow proposing? 23. The commitment is this: Let me listen to youfirst or Help me understand. 24. The principle isthis: What isimportant to another personmust be asimportant to you as the other person is to you. 25. Parenting is not about being popular and giving in to every childs whim and desire. Its aboutmaking decisions that truly are win-win however they may appear to the child at the time. 26. HABIT 5SEEK FIRST TOUNDERSTANDTHENTO BE UNDERSTOOD 27. Solving family problemsthrough emphaticcommunication 28. Theres no way to have rich, rewarding family relationships without realunderstanding 29. Most mistakes with familymembers are not the resultof bad intent. Its just that we really dont understand. We dont see clearly into one anothers hearts. 30. When you understandYou dont judge. 31. Each personneeds to be lovedin his or her ownspecial way. Theykey to making deposits,therefore, is tounderstand and to speak thatpersons languageof love 32. The technique of emphatic listening is just thetip of the iceberg. The great mass of the icebergis a deep and sincere desire to truly understand. 33. HABIT 6SYNERGIZE 34. Building family unity through celebrating differences 35. You must be able to say sincerely, The fact that we see things differently is a strength not a weakness in ourrelationship. 36. Once yourealize that eachproblem is asking for aresponse insteadof just triggering areaction, you start to learn. You become alearning family. 37. HABIT 7SHARPEN THE SAW 38. Renewingthe familyspirit throughtraditions 39. Every family must take time to renew itself in the four key areas of life: physical,social, mental, and spiritual. 40. If you organizeyour family life tospend ten orfifteen minutes amorning readingsomething thatconnects you to timeless principles, youwill make better choices during the day in the family, on the job, in everydimension of life. 41. Sharpening the saw is the highest leverage activity in life because it affects everything else so powerfully 42. From SurvivalTo stabilityTo SuccessTo Significance I dont know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know: The only ones among you who will really be happy are thosewho have sought and found how to serve. ~ Albert Schweitzer ~ 43. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS & CREDITS The 7 Habits of Highly Effective FamiliesbyStephen R. Covey 1998 Simon & Schuster UK Ltd. (London)