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<ul><li><p>7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Assignments Academy of Finance: Success Strategies 2012-13 Mr. Dixon </p><p>READING Read the entire book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens written by Sean Covey. The book must be returned on December 19, 2012. (Books returned late will lose points) </p><p>BABY STEPS SURVEY (See below for assignments) Complete BABY-STEPS in each chapter. Write your responses in the correct on-</p><p>line survey. DO NOT WRITE IN THE BOOK. </p><p>WORKBOOK &amp; CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES After each section there are related workbook and classroom activities. </p><p>SEVEN HABITS IN SEVEN WEEKS Due date Assignment WEEK 1 OCTOBER 30</p><p>th </p><p>Introduction READ: Get in the habit, Pg 3-10 READ: Paradigms-Principles, Pg 11-30 SURVEY 1: Get in the habit (p28) SURVEY 2: Paradigms-Principles (p45) DO: Workbook pages 2-7 </p><p> WEEK 2 NOVEMBER 2</p><p>ND </p><p>The Personal Bank Account READ: Pg 31-46 </p><p>SURVEY 3: Personal Bank Acct (p71) DO: Workbook pages 9,10 </p><p> Be Proactive </p><p>READ: Pg 47-72 SURVEY 4: Habit 1 (p104) DO: Workbook pages 11,12,13 </p><p> Begin with the end in mind </p><p>READ: Pg 73-104 SURVEY 5: Habit 2 (p128) DO: Workbook pages 14-21 </p><p>WEEK 3 NOVEMBER 9TH</p><p> Put first things first READ: Pg 105-128 SURVEY 6: Habit 3 (p144) DO: Workbook pages 23-27 </p><p>WEEK 4 NOVEMBER 16TH</p><p> The relationship bank account READ: Pg 131-144 SURVEY 7: Relationship Bank (p162) DO: Workbook page 29 </p><p> WEEK 5 NOVEMBER 21</p><p>ST </p><p>Think Win-Win READ: Pg 145-162 SURVEY 8: Habit 4 (p180) DO: Workbook pages 30-33 </p><p>WEEK 6 NOVEMBER 30TH</p><p> Seek first to be understand, then to be understood READ: Pg 163-180 SURVEY 9: Habit 5 (p202) DO: Workbook pages 34-37 WEEK 7 DECEMBER 14</p><p>TH </p><p>Synergize READ: Pg 181-201 SURVEY 10: Habit 6 (p242) DO: Workbook pages 38-43 Sharpen the Saw </p><p>READ: Pg 205-242 SURVEY 11: Habit 7 DO: Workbook pages 45-51 </p><p> Keep Hope Alive READ: Pg 243-245 SURVEY 12: Reflection DO: Workbook pages 52-53 </p></li></ul>