Setup of term lists and term bases for terminology checking

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Setup of term lists and term bases for terminology checking. LRC XI, 25./26. October 2006 Angelika Zerfass Consultant and Trainer for Translation Tools. Terminology Checking. When can terminology be checked? What is being checked? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Setup of term lists and term bases for terminology checkingLRC XI, 25./26. October 2006Angelika ZerfassConsultant and Trainer for Translation Tools

  • Terminology CheckingWhen can terminology be checked?What is being checked?How are term lists and term bases set up for terminology checking?

  • Term Check - WhenDuring or after authoring of the source language documentsDuring or after translation with a translation memory toolAfter translation with a quality assurance tool

  • Term Check WhatSource language documentationConsistent use of terminologyUse of forbidden termsTranslated (bilingual) files or translation memoriesConsistent use of one target language term, even if there are synonymsUse of target term from the term list / term baseUse of forbidden target termsTerms that do not have a translation in the term list / term base

  • Check point 1During authoring

  • Source documentConsistent use of terminology Use of forbidden terms

  • Examples from AuthorAssistant and acrocheck

  • Setup of term list / term baseIn order to check for forbidden terms, these terms need to be marked with an attribute.

  • Check point 2During translation

  • Term check in TM SystemsCorrect translationWhen terms in the source segment are found in the term database, the target segment will be checked for the existence of the translated termForbidden termTerms from blacklists or term bases that should not be usedNew termsTerms that do not have a target language equivalent in the term list / term base

  • Example (Wordfast)Translation from term list not found

  • Example (Wordfast)Blacklisted term found

  • Example (Quintilian, Add-in for Word)Hit or Miss for terms from Excel list

  • Example (across)

  • Example (Transit)Wrong translation (building = Gebude)Several translationsMissing translation in term database

  • Examples (Dj Vu)Wrong translation (building = Gebude)Examples (SDLX)Several translations for one word

  • Examples (Trados)- Forbidden term (Monitor)- Wrong term (Auswahlschalter)- No target (menu)

  • Term base with forbidden terms

  • Check point 3After translation

  • Term check in QA toolsFile formatsBilingual filesTRADOS DOC/RTF and TTXSTAR language filesTM in TMX or TRADOS TXT formatChecksTerms from term list / term base not usedTerms without target equivalent in term list / term baseTarget term present but source term not present (reverse check)

  • Example (ErrorSpy)Excel term list / suffix and prefix lists or MultiTerm term base

  • Example (QA Distiller)Excel term list converted to internal dictionary

  • SummaryEach checking routine only checks some possibilities, none checks the whole rangeMissing translation in term list / term baseTerm with several translationsTerm with wrong translationMissing source term (reverse check)

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