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  • Accountants & Consultants


    To become a fast growing firm by offering world class corporate,

    accounting and legal professional services that exceed client

    expectations and provide a competitive and preferred working

    environment for our people.

    ServPRO is a well established firm of accountants, advocates

    and business consultants formed for the purpose of assisting

    clients in setting up sturdy business foundations capable of with-

    standing any challenges and successfully lead the business into

    the demanding future.

    Our team of qualified professionals has the necessary local and

    international expertise to provide clients with a comprehensive

    range of high quality services that exceed expectations.

    With professionalism and particular attention to client care and

    confidentiality we offer advice and solutions that best fit our

    clients needs and maximize their benefits. Our clients include

    individuals, international business organizations and other


    Professionalism, quality, cost efficiency and personal service

    have always been and will continue to be our core values.


  • We maintain an extensive network of Business Partners and Associates, which includes Advocates, Financial Service companies, Information

    Technology consultants and other professionals and experts in order to provide a wide range of quality services and address the particular

    needs and requirements of our clients.

    We are introducers to the major banks in the places where we operate and facilitate the opening and the day-to-day operations of our clients

    bank accounts.



    Our firm is a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants

    of Cyprus (ICPAC or ), the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants (ACCA) and the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

    We are also members of Business Associations including the

    Cyprus-Russia, Cyprus-Ukraine and Cyprus-South Africa Business



    ServPRO Team consists of young, energetic and ambitious

    professional experts with many years of experience in the fields

    of business consulting, tax planning, company formation, corpo-

    rate and legal services, accounting, auditing, management and

    administration. We are capable to meet the current demanding

    challenges of the local and international business environment.

    Our professionalism, personal approach and immediate

    response distinguishes us from other similar firms in the industry.

    Our clientele includes individuals, international business organi-

    zations, groups of companies and other entities. We offer a com-

    prehensive range of high quality services with professionalism

    and particular attention to client care and confidentiality and we

    offer advice and solutions that best fit our clients' needs and

    maximize their benefits.

    We help our clients to create and develop their business in a cost

    effective manner ensuring the best return on their capital. We are

    fully committed to our clients and provide a personal service with

    dedicated resources to help in every step of their way.








    Company Formation

    Accounting & Financial Reporting

    Audit & Assurance



    Trust & Trustee Services

    Advisory & Consulting

    Information Technology


    Immovable Property / Real Estate

    Economic Substance Solutions


    We incorporate International Business Companies of different types in Cyprus, in

    the UK and other major international jurisdictions.

    Furthermore, our experienced consultants can provide you with a wide range of

    professional services to facilitate the management and administration of your


    We can undertake, amongst others:


    Opening of bank accounts locally and interna-

    tionally for our clients

    Tax,VAT,VIES and any other registrations for our


    Submission of annual returns

    Staff recruitment

    Leasing and buying office premises for clients

    Office infrastructure

    Website design

    Our taxation services include:

    Formulating and implementing an International

    Taxation Strategy

    Providing tax advice

    Corporate taxation services

    Personal taxation services

    VAT and indirect taxation services

    Tax compliance and filing of tax returns

  • Our qualified accountants offer quality professional services including:

    Maintenance of computerised accounting books in any currency

    Preparation of Financial Statements in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

    Preparation of Management Accounts

    Budgeting & Forecasting

    Provision of accounting advice on various matters

    VAT and VIES registration

    Preparation and submission of VAT Returns and VIES

    Preparation and submission of company and individual tax returns

    Payroll Services


  • Audit and assurance services include:

    Assistance in the preparation of financial statements

    Statutory audit of the financial statements

    Internal audit

    Specific purpose audit

    Due diligence

    We provide our services with an aim to assist our clients to improve their accounting and internal control systems in addition to statutory audit requirements. With an in depth evaluation of our clients systems, we give recommendations and advice that help manage their businesses in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.


  • Our team of experienced Corporate and Legal consultants is ready to respond to your needs and offer a wide range of

    corporate, consulting and professional services which include: appointment of nominee shareholders, directors and

    company secretaries and provision of registered office address. Moreover, we undertake any changes to the company

    structure such as change of shareholders, directors, secretary, registered office, preparation of minutes of the Board

    of Directors, preparation of Power of Attorney, submission of annual returns at the Registrar of Companies, preparation

    of instrument of share transfers, preparation of trust deeds and other corporate documents.


  • Our legal department can advise clients on any pending or future

    legal matters and represent them in the Cypriot courts.

    We provide legal services on matters relating to:



    Immovable Property


    Land law

    Corporate law

    Commercial law

    Intellectual Property rights

    Our team has extensive knowledge of the Cyprus International Trust Law 1992, as amended in 2012, and can assist clients at each and every

    stage, from the initial planning to the drafting and formation of the appropriate type of Trust, the appointment of trustees and the subsequent

    management and administration of the Trust.

    Our office can also provide nominee and trustee services for our clients and can undertake the administration of the Trust as well as any other

    services that may be required by our clients in relation to their Trust.

  • We provide constructive advice for the achievement of long-term

    profitability and sustainable growth. Our main goal is to ensure

    that our clients operate within a successful business environment

    and add value to the stakeholders.

    Our services include:

    Business start-up and corporate structures

    Review of internal control systems

    Advice for improving performance

    Business valuations

    Preparation of business plans and feasibility studies

    Financial and tax due diligence

    Financial analysis

    Mergers and Acquisitions



  • In cooperation with our Business Partners we provide information technology consulting and services to our clients irrespective of

    their size or the industry they operate.

    Web design & development

    Web & mobile applications

    Web hosting & domain registrations

    Internet marketing

    Social media


    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Accounting, ERP, payroll and CRM implementations

    Software development

    Systems integration

    Project Management

    Our services include:

  • We can assist clients in obtaining a Category F permanent

    residency permit in Cyprus through the purchase of property. Our

    office undertakes all the measures required from the initial appli-

    cation to following up with the Civil Registry and Immigration

    Department until the issuance of the residency permit.

    Our office can also assist clients in obtaining any other residency

    permits on the basis of education, training, vocational training,

    obtaining an entry Visa and assist clients through any immigration


    Our experienced legal consultants specialise in acquiring residency permits and citizenship for foreign investors and

    can assist clients in any matter regarding the immigration law in Cyprus.



    As of March 2014, the criteria and conditions for acquiring citizen-

    ship by investing in Cyprus have been modified, making it easier

    and quicker for foreign investors and their family members to

    acquire Cypriot nationality by means of investment.

    We can advise on the investment criteria and requirements of the

    citizenship scheme and undertake the whole process on behalf of

    the investors.

  • We undertake the preparation of Contracts of Sale and Purchase, Assignment Agreements and assist clients at every step of purchasing or selling immovable property in Cyprus in cooperation with our real estate agents, land developers and other partners.


  • At ServPRO, we determine our clients strategy according to the nature of the company and we work on a case-to-case basis, taking into consideration a number of factors. However, we can guide you through some basic steps, which would help your organization to start building substance in Cyprus.

    ServPRO and its experienced staff can offer further financial, legal, business advice and guide you through a number of steps for adding value and substance to your company. Our goal is to use our knowledge to help you comply with the OECDs most current guidelines, and minimize the risk of tax disputes by the tax authorities.


  • Tax and VAT Registrations are also quick and simple with companies being registered on the same day.

    The existence of the extensive and increasing network of double tax treaties combined with the low tax paid and the nil withholding tax on dividends, interest and royalties offer considerable scope for tax planning.

    Furthermore, the recent discovery of natural gas opens up the gates to a new industry and business opportunities in Cyprus.

    Cyprus has been developed over the years as a significant international business and financial center. The generous tax incentives, the efficient legal and accounting system, the European standard of living, the hospitality, friendliness and the high level of competence of Cypriots as well as the strategic geographical location and the good social and industrial infrastructure are among the factors contributing to this success.

    Cyprus offers attractive tax incentives to international busi-nesses and foreign investors; the country having one of the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe.

    Company formation is a straight-forward quick procedure that can be done electronically in a couple of days. Requirements are kept to a minimal with annual returns being lodged once a year for each company.


  • Accountants & Consultants

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