Series Outline What is it? What does it do to me? How do I kill it?

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  • Series Outline What is it? What does it do to me? How do I kill it?
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  • Secret Weapon Recap Fear Love Discouragement Humility Loneliness Introspection Guilt Acceptance Worry Shame Temptation Cowardice Anger Burning Resentment Mortality Doubt Testing Failure Difficulty Jealousy Blessing Procrastination FIRE!
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  • Most Dangerous Word A Bible scholar searched the scriptures to find thematic words based on how theyre framed in the verses. He came up with words for happiness, sorrow, deliverance, etc. The most dangerous word in the Bible? TOMORROW
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  • What is it? Dictionary: To put off intentionally or habitually To put off doing something that should be done. Latin pro (forward) crastinus (of tomorrow) Three Manifestations: Head-in-the-sand Ooh! Shiny light! Priority Inversion/Myopia
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  • What does it do to me? Procrastination robs you of opportunities for SERVICE. Failing to follow Jesus (Luke 9) Let me bury my father. Let me say goodbye to my family. Failing to serve Jesus (Matthew 26) Keeping watch with Jesus but caught sleeping three times.
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  • What does it do to me? Procrastination robs you of the opportunity to be SUCCESSFUL. From a secular/business perspective, procrastination is about as dirty a word as they come. Opportunities are finite. Like broccoli, the harder tasks sure know how to move around on the plate. Ye Olde 20/80 80/20 rule.
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  • How do I kill it? Remove tomorrow from the equation. It is a perpetual measure of time. It is not among your possessions. Even as tomorrow comes, what of: Opportunity Circumstances Health New Priorities
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  • How do I kill it? Center in on conviction. Cmon! You know what it is. If not, you know how to find out what it is. Starting today on everything you can think of cycles its way right back into de facto procrastination. Where does God want you today?
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  • Milk or Solid Food? Powerful study? At best, it leaves us at the doorstep of the spiritual rank of toddler. A milk Christian must return to doctrinal basics for self-preservation and maintenance. A red meat Christian eagerly seeks to work toward the service and advancement of Gods kingdom.
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  • Lesson within a Lesson APPLICATION ONE: Which of the Giant(s) in this series do you need to slay? Why would he be alive by the setting of the sun? APPLICATION TWO: With the Giant(s) slain, WHAT IS NEXT? Why would you be standing on an empty battlefield by the setting of the sun?


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