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September 2011 Magazine

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    Teen NutritionVitamin DThe Overlooked VitaminDr. Hister On

    Ear InfectionsHow To Reduce YourRisk Of Heart DiseaseCompanys Coming Recipe

    Vol. 11 No. 8

    PDM 120

    Helping People Live Better Lives

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    4 Ear InfectionsDr. Hister looks at the pros andcons on the use of antibiotics forear infections.

    5 Healthy BuysGreat selection of quality healthand wellness products fromPeoples Pharmacy.

    6 D The Overlooked VitaminPeoples Pharmacist Ian Lloydon the many benefits of thispowerful vitamin.

    7 Vitamins & SupplementsGreat selection of sale pricedsupplements for a heathier life.

    9 Pharmacist RecommendedInformative tips on how to reduceyour risk of heart disease, a leadingcause of death in Canada.

    14 The Teen YearsDarlene Booth talks about teennutrition and how good nutrition isso vital for a healthy teen.

    15 Zucchini Cheddar Bacon BreadBrand new feature recipeFrom Companys Coming30-Minute Diabetic Cooking.

    Stronger BonesPage 7

    Calcium and vitamin D help buildstrong bones. Are you getting enough

    calcium in your daily diet?

    Improve Your HearingPage 5Blocked ear passages impairing yourhearing? Earol is an olive oil spray thatsoftens and naturally removes ear wax.


    Helping People Live Better Lives

    contentsPeople First

  • There are a number of conditions I could list thatwould easily illustrate some of the dramaticchanges that have occurred in our approach tomedical matters over the last 2 decades such as,for example, asthma, ulcers, even breast cancer,but the one that stands out for me for a couple ofreasons is ear infections in kids.So, when my first son was yet a toddler and he

    got his nearly mandatory early-childhood middleear infection (the middle ear is the cavity behindthe outer ear drum), he was nearly immediatelysmothered by his treating doctor (and no, thankGod, that was not me because even I am not foolenough to treat my own family, especially not myin-laws) with the standard practice back then: aprescription for a broad-based antibiotic, that is,an antibiotic meant to kill as many differentpathogens as can be killed with only one drug.There is an obvious major problem with that ap-proach, however, even when it works properly asit happily did for my son: sure, a blast from a how-itzer is likely to kill a fly thats unfortunate enoughto be in the vicinity of that blast, but it will also killeverything else in the vicinity, including a lot ofthings that you dont really want to kill but whichget caught up in the blasts fallout anyway.Even worse, though, and this is especially true

    in the infection-fighting world but also interest-ingly, it probably holds true (at least to an extent)in the insurgent-fighting world, whatever survives

    that blast is going to be very tough indeed, andwhen it comes back at you, or more likely whenthey come back at you, as they surely will, hey, youbetter watch out because at the very least, you arevery likely to need a much bigger gun to wardthem off, not to mention, of course, that they mayhave learned enough tricks to evade yourweapons even more easily the next time.So in the case of using an antibiotic for ear infec-

    tions in kids, the fallout problems were quite obvi-ous from the start although they became muchclearer over the last 2 decades or so.Number one, a lot of kids who were diagnosed

    with an ear infection (for which the official nameis otitis media) didnt actually have an ear infec-tion, which may surprise many of you reading this,but heres the problem: even when an eardrumlooks red that doesnt necessarily mean theresan infection behind the drum. It can be it toooften is, Im afraid - a bit of a guess as to whats ac-tually happening in that space that the doctorcant see into.Two, it became increasingly evident from stud-

    ies from countries like the Netherlands where theyhavent used routine antibiotics for ear infectionsfor several decades, that a lot of kids the major-ity, in fact - get over an ear infection on their ownif left alone in nearly the same amount of time asdo kids who get antibiotics.Number three, even though ear infections are

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    Dr. Hister

    ManagingMenopauseEar Infections

    4 People First

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    This is one of my favourite vitamins to talk about.I feel this supplement is often overlooked. Othersbelieve that it is much more fun to talk about lutein,beta carotene and theanine. These vitamins are ex-citing, exotic, perhaps even sexy. You might saythese supplements are in vogue. Vitamin D isso boring; we can make our own supplywhenever we look at the sun. Right? Wrong.Vitamin D should be stylish, because, oftenwe do not have enough exposure to thesun to make enough vitamin D. This is truefor those living above the 49th parallel. Itis certainly true during the winter monthsand for shut ins. Every time I read about vi-tamin D, it recommends that peopleshould take more. Now if that isn't excit-ing, I don't know what is. Perhaps I shouldget out more.Where to begin, vitamin D is useful for

    so many things. Lets start with the most obvi-ous, its ability to promote the formation of strongbones and teeth. Your body needs vitamin D to ab-sorb the calcium from your stomach and workswith this calcium to maintain bone strength. Thisis the main reason why milk is fortified with vitaminD; to make sure your body can use the calcium inmilk. Vitamin D can play a role in the absorptionand functioning of magnesium. It is believed thatnot having enough vitamin D could lead to hearingloss. Why would a lack of this important vitaminlead to hearing loss? This is a good question, witha good answer. Inside your ear are three littlebones, which are responsible for processing the

    sound waves that hit your eardrum. These bonescan weaken, and not perform properly, if they don'treceive enoughvitamin D and calcium.If you don't get enough Vitamin D, you mighthave problems with your parathyroid glands.This is actually one of the t