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  • Sell yourself First

    Baskar Sundaram

  • Switch off…


  • When people ask - salary hike or closed deal?

  • Mindsets -Your view, Your suffering!


  • How many are going

    through redundancy nowthrough redundancy

  • ● In the UK the average equivalent to 954 months

    ● On average people this gives you 636 months left to live

    ● the average person equivalent to 43 months, this gives you 593 months left to live

    ● Age of 19 until 65 when you retire, a standard eight-hour per day job equivalent to 128 months. This gives you

    ● Time eating, toilets, travel, house work, school runs, social media, cinema, social gatherings etc…

    ● This only gives you but you spend the first twelve years of your life just taking it easy and doing nothing, which makes your time left to live even smaller… I don’t mean to worry you, but the clocks ticking!

    Our Life – The statistics


    life expectancy is 79.5 years old;

    sleep one-third of their lives,

    spends 15 years in education,

    465 months left to live

    232 months left to live, twelve

  • At what age are you going to die

    The number you have in mind is significant, not because it’s true, but because you will tend to live like it’s true.

  • Big Picture

    Your answer to that question provides a big insight into what your life is really about —


    What would you do if you had 10, 20, or even 30 years extra to live?

    your “big picture.”

  • 11

  • 12

    One Question?

    If we were meeting here 3 years from today, looking back over those 3 years what has to have happened during that period for you to feel happy (health, relationships) about your progress?

  • Set the scene

    You know the difference you can make?

    Are you willing to sell yourself first ?

  • Explore

    Why do YOU go to work?

    In this deadline environment:

    Have you got a vision for your LIFE?

    Do you have a career and LIFE plan?

    Do you actually have any progression path in your company?

  • Why This Is Important To You NOW?

    ● Only 37% of the APMP members surveyed has mentioned they are valued by their organisation

    ● 68% of APMP members surveyed left their company because they had not been listened to

    ● Uncertain environment – Brexit, 7 CEO changes in Top UK suppliers, profit warnings, slow market

    ● No structured career path, frustrated, overworked and unappreciated workforce

    ● Productivity, Work, Health and Wellbeing issues

    YOU Have To EXPAND YOUR MIND and Create Your Opportunities

  • Imagine this scenario….

    ● You were recognised as a Global Expert and Authority in the proposal industry?

    ● You suddenly become indispensable in your company or industry...regardless of your high salary or fees?

    What if

  • Baskar SundaramBaskar Sundaram

    Founder - Baachu (little boy!)

    Author - Bid Buddy

    Creator- Baachu RAIN, BAG, Scribble and Baachu Box

    2017 Entrepreneur

    of the Year Finalist

    (Croydon and Merton Awards)

    Previously, Commercial Business Development

    Leader, Serco PLC, leading and managing 40+ bids in UK, Europe

    and ASPAC

    Award Winner – APMP 40 under 40

    Growth Advisor, 7

    out of Top 10 UK

    Government services


  • Here’s What You’ll Learn During This Presentation

    ● Learn the 4 key concepts of lifetime growth and improve your ability to be an elite bidding professional

    ● How you can set your own standards so you can a have fulfilling career

    ● How to avoid stress and frustration by freeing yourself up from everything that prevents you from creating a bigger future

  • Initial Conflict

    ● After my engineering degree, I personally invested in law degree, project management and chartered accountancy degrees to stay relevant

    ● 15+ bids secured £1billion - I was boxed – This is me!

    ● 1% pay hike for 5 years

    ● Was told I am nice guy and cannot be a leader!

  • The Corporate Bottom

    ● £30,000 debt for my courses and qualifications

    ● Spent an average 15 weekends away from home for work every year (I missed our first child’s birth, landed just one day before wedding and returned two days after wedding to work!)

    ● Missed out on high potential talent programme (lack of sponsor, missed application deadline! ) BUSY BIDDING

    ● 3 redundancy consultations in 18 months

    ● Job seeker allowance for 9 months

  • Turning Point

    ● Decided to study ME (self development – Personality profiles, leadership coach), used journals and approached sponsors

    ● Designed flexible career path to improve salary and remuneration

    ● Anchored self as “new markets” master

    “If you work hard on your job you make a living , If you work hard on yourself you make a fortune” SIMPLE but NOT EASY..

    There is nothing wrong in saying – “May I be Well”

    Write one of your turnaround experiences in life

  • Transformation

  • 23

    Brown BOND!

  • Make the decision to grow

  • Peter’s principle

    “The great work you’re doing now will inevitably get you promoted to a job you can’t do”

    Bottom line – you are paid to make your boss and his/her boss look good!


  • Sell you First

    Wisdom Quotes

  • Concept 1 - Future Based Self





  • Why do I do what I do? MY PURPOSE

  • Passion – Educate 1 million children by 2040

  • Journey and Barriers

    ● Stammer and Speech

    ● Redundancy - Job seeker allowance for 9 months and Tax credits 14 months

    ● Loosing father and uncle in 6 months

    ● Hole in Heart – stress and physical health

    ● Bank losing £16,500. Subcontractor red notice

    ● Bank shut down account with 2 hours notice

    ● Invested £75,000 on resources, projects cancelled due to Brexit

    ● 2 weeks to bankruptcy

    ● Self improvement - £50,000 – two thirds of it was useless

    ● Annual/Quarterly strategic projects

    ● 3 crucial results of the week

    ● 1 success a day!

    ● Free days

    How to break and progress?

  • Concept 2 – 4 Cs

    Commitment Courage

    Control Capability


    Mental Cultivation – Grows in its own time

  • Concept 3 - ABC Model


    Irritating Okay Fascinating


    ● Simplify to Amplify

    ● Work with hindrances!

  • Concept 4 – Gap and Gain - Document your journey




    ● Journal

    ● Have a refugee place- To capture both up and down

  • Questions

    ● What do I want?

    ● What assumptions am I making?

    ● What am I responsible for?

    ● What am I missing or avoiding?

    ● What is the ONE ACTION I will take from my learnings today?

  • Bringing it all together

    ● Promote yourself - nobody else will!

    ● Be yourself, others are taken!

    ● Learner mindset not judger mindset

    ● Future-based, self-anchored with a purpose

    ● Apply 4Cs cycle consistently

    ● Review and amend activity inventory

    ● Progress not gaps

    ● Adapt to Impact

  • Pain and Regret

  • “There will always be people who succeed and

    people who follow. For those who lead, they

    have an obligation to create a better life for the

    people around them” - Daniel A. D'Aniello.