Sell Used Laptops or Cell Phones

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  • Sell Used Laptops or Cell Phones

    There's nothing more frustrating than being stuck holding a broken cell phone or laptop. They aren't

    easy to fix, but they aren't easy to get rid of, either. Most companies won't take back broken

    merchandise if you've owned it for long enough, which means that the burden is now on you to get

    rid of it. If you're at a loss for what to do, why not try to sell used laptops?

    You can sell cell phones or laptops online, even if they're broken. Some people make extra money by

    picking up unwanted, broken phones and computers, and reselling them. You don't need to be an

    electronics guru to do it, either- there are plenty of sites on the internet that are ready to make you a

    generous offer on your broken devices, without you having to fix them first.

    Why do these sites want to pay you for something you can't give away otherwise? The answer may

    surprise you. If your laptop or cell phone wasn't broken, would you still be using it? In all likelihood,

    yes. If you would be content to keep using your electronic device, someone else might be happy to

  • use it, too. Just because it's broken right now doesn't mean anything- you can sell used laptops or cell

    phones to a used electronics dealer, where they'll be fixed up, erased, and resold to someone who

    wants them.

    In fact, the demand for used electronics is so high, you can sell phones for cash in a surprisingly

    short amount of time. On the right websites, you can get a price quote for your phone or laptop in as

    little as thirty seconds or less. Mailing in your device takes a few days, but, as soon as it's received,

    you'll be contacted to confirm your payment details. That means that you can sell used laptops in as

    little as a week or so, no questions asked. Your money will be sent right to your bank account, as

    either a Paypal transfer or paper check.

    When you buy a new laptop, it comes with a surprising amount of stuff. You've got installation disks,

    backup disks, a battery, a charger, manuals, and maybe even a laptop bag. Odds are, when you go to

    resell your laptop, you won't still have most of that stuff. That's okay! You can still sell cell phones or

    used laptops, even if you're missing some of their accessories. Your phone doesn't even need to have

    a battery- a used electronics dealer will be able to replace whatever is missing from their stock of

    used electronics without a problem.

    If you have access to a local post office, you can sell used laptops. Once you get your price quote for

    your broken device, you can request a free pre-paid mailer. After sealing your used laptop or

    cellphone in your mailer, you can just take it to your post office to drop it off. Tracking, shipping

    confirmations, and other features are totally unnecessary- not only will your mailer have pre-paid

    postage, it'll have a tracking number, too. This number will let you keep tabs on your device as it

    makes its way to be sold.

    If you can find enough old cell phones or laptops, there's no limit to the money you can make selling

    them. Most used electronics dealers don't place a limit on how many devices you can sell them- as

    long as your electronics are on their list of price quotes, they will buy them from you. Since you don't

    have to pay to ship your devices in, all of the money you make will be yours, free and clear.

    A broken laptop is a drag, but it doesn't have to be completely useless to you. Even a broken cell

    phone is worth some money, if you take the time to find the right buyer. Used electronics dealers on

  • the internet can help you find the best way to sell your old, broken, and unwanted electronics. You'll

    make money in no time, and you'll never have to deal with figuring out what to do with another

    broken laptop ever again.

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