Self Initiation & Attunement to Reiki The ceremony you?re about to follow for this initiation is very similar in theme to the one you would have experienced had you gone to a Reiki Master. It is just as powerful - in fact probably more so. The Reiki Master would have used intention and breath to attune you. You?re going to use intention and water. Water? Yes, water. You see water is not just vital for life - it also has some very special properties, which are only now being understood by our scientists. And one of these special properties lies in the ability of water to... Accept, store and transfer information. What kind of information? Any information ? in any form. Water can accept, store and transfer to other systems such as living systems the information contained within... Photographs Thoughts Spoken Words Written Words Sounds Prayers Pictures Music Singing Chanting Yes, we know it sounds incredible, even a bit far-fetched.

Self Attunement

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Page 1: Self Attunement

Self Initiation & Attunement to Reiki

The ceremony you?re about to follow for this initiation is very similar in theme to the one you would have experienced had you gone to a Reiki Master.

It is just as powerful - in fact probably more so.

The Reiki Master would have used intention and breath to attune you. You?re going to use intention and water.

Water? Yes, water.

You see water is not just vital for life - it also has some very special properties, which are only now being understood by our scientists.

And one of these special properties lies in the ability of water to...

Accept, store and transfer information.

What kind of information? Any information ? in any form.

Water can accept, store and transfer to other systems such as living systems the information contained within...

Photographs Thoughts Spoken Words Written Words Sounds Prayers Pictures Music Singing Chanting

Yes, we know it sounds incredible, even a bit far-fetched.

But once you?ve seen the photographic evidence you'll know it to be true.

Water changes its molecular structure when any of the above is actively directed at it.

Go to www.earthtransitions.com or read Messages from Water Vol. 1 & 2 by Dr Emoto

Page 2: Self Attunement

There are only a few people doing research in this area at present. Most scientists, of course, debunk everything that has been discovered ? but what's new there.

They?ve debunked almost everything at one time or another. Heck, they probably still can?t admit that bumblebees can fly!

Water can and does carry the energetic impulses ? the energetic information ? of anything consciously and intentionally directed towards it.

Whole tracts of polluted water have been restored to a cleaner condition just by the action of a few people praying for that outcome.

Loving thoughts make the crystalline structure of water beautiful ? hateful thoughts make it ugly.

Beautiful music creates beautiful structure - some of the modern stuff makes it hideous.

Water is us

We?re over sixty five percent water by weight and our brains are almost eighty percent. Is it any wonder we?re so impressionable?

Yes, the magic of water is immense and you?re about to experience it for yourself.

The following initiation ceremony uses water that has been consciously altered.

Consciously altered, by you, to carry the power of the attunement process deep within your body.

Every cell will then begin to resonate with this new information making you a very powerful Reiki Master.

So, like we say - you?re going to use intention and water and, oh yes, a bit of sound and color too.

But first things first ? read through the whole of this section on what to do a couple of times before doing anything else?

?gather together everything you?ll need the day before you have decided to carry out your initiation.

Then follow the sequence as written.

Page 3: Self Attunement

Okay? Off we go.

First of all you will have to decide on where you are going to carry out the attunement process.

It is quite important that you are not disturbed, so somewhere you can be by yourself is best.

There is no great esoteric reasoning behind why this should be so, by the way. Nothing terrible will happen. It?s just that interruption serves to break your concentration, focus and intention, that?s all.

So make all the necessary arrangements to keep yourself uninterrupted, ahead of time.

Next decide on whether you want to make the ceremony more personal to you by having some of your favorite, soothing music playing in the background.

If so get your player and music set up.

Would you like to have incense and or candles burning? Make sure you?ve got them all to hand if you do. And don?t forget the matches.

Now decide if you want to sit or kneel during the initiation. It makes no difference to the attunement itself. Your only concern should be about comfort and what feels best to you.

Okay then, that?s the space prepared. Just make sure it?s comfortable and has a ?nice? feel. And by that we mean whatever feels nice to you.

A table or small clear space on the floor will also be needed.

The next thing to do is gather together seven glass tumblers...

Now we say tumblers here, but it doesn?t matter if they are tall glasses or short ones.

It doesn?t even matter if they don?t all match.

What does matter is that they are all plain, uncolored and have no pictures, patterns or motifs on them.

Right then, you now have two choices - you can either download the Coasters For Your Self-Attunement Ceremony by clicking here...

Or you can make them yourself by following these instructions:

Page 4: Self Attunement

You will now need some colored card or paper in these seven colors ? red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and white.

From each sheet of card cut out a circle, which is going to fit under the base of your glasses...

Kinda like coaster size would be good. Then cut a narrow label size strip from each sheet as well.

Okay then.

You should now have seven coaster size circles ? one of each color ? and seven labels ? one of each color.

On the red circle, using either a pen or pencil, draw out the Power Symbol. On the red label size piece of card, write out the sacred name ?Cho-Ku-Rei? three times.

Sellotape this label to one of your tumblers.

Take the orange circle and draw out the Mental/Emotional Symbol on it. Write out the Sacred Name ?Sei-He-Ki? three times on the orange label, and stick it on a separate tumbler.

Getting the idea?

On the yellow circle draw the Distance Symbol and write out the sacred name ?Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen? on the yellow label. Yes, you got it ? stick the label on another tumbler.

The green circle should have the Tibetan Master Symbol drawn on it. The green label should have ?Dai-Ko-Mio? written out three times, and then stuck to a tumbler.

With the blue circle draw the Usui Master Symbol and write out Dai-Koo-Myo three times on the blue label.

Yup, stick the label to a tumbler.

On the purple circle the Fire Serpent Symbol with Raku written three times on the label stuck to a tumbler.

On the last circle, the white circle, draw out all the symbols and write all six sacred names three times each onto the white label. Stick this label onto the last tumbler.

Page 5: Self Attunement

So, what have we got now?

Seven different colored circles each with the appropriate symbol drawn on it. Seven clear glass tumblers separately labeled with the appropriate Sacred Name.

If that?s what you?ve got sitting before you, we?re in business.

Now on the evening of the day before you intend to carry out your Reiki Self-Attunement, pour some filtered or bottled mineral water into each of your tumblers.

There doesn?t have to be a lot of water in each tumbler, three or four mouthfuls is enough.

Just make sure that the water comes above the level of the writing on the label. So if you don?t like to drink much water ? although you really should be drinking at least two liters every day ? make sure you stick the labels as low down as you can get them on the glass.

Place the red-labeled tumbler on the red square of card, the orange-labeled tumbler on the orange card, the yellow-labeled tumbler on the yellow square, etc until each tumbler is sitting on its matching colored square.

Incidentally, all these tumblers with the colored squares under them are placed on your table, or on the floor of the space you cleared.

Please forgive us if you think we?ve written out these instructions too simplistically.

We?re really not trying to insult your intelligence.

It?s just that, sometimes, written routines can be hard to follow, especially if you haven?t had the benefit of a practical demonstration first.

Forgiven us? Excellent.

Okay then. These tumblers of water are going to remain on the colored squares over night, so they need to be covered. A clean towel will do fine as it?s only to keep dust and insects out.

In the morning, just prior to your self-attunement, arrange the tumblers ? still on their coasters - directly in front of where you will be sitting or kneeling. You will need to be able to easily reach each one without having to get up.

Please arrange them in the following order?

Page 6: Self Attunement

If you are right handed place the red-labeled tumbler on the right hand side of your table or space. Next to it on its immediate left will come the orange labeled one. Next to that the yellow, then the green, the blue, purple and then lastly the white.

If you are left handed place the red tumbler on the left side of your table or space, then the orange one on its immediate right followed by the yellow, green, blue, purple and white.

The reason for this way of placing, as you have probably already guessed, is because you?re going to drink the water in sequence.

It just makes them a lot easier to pick up.

So, let?s begin the ceremony.

If you have chosen to have some pleasant music playing in the background, put it on. Similarly light the candles and/or incense.

Kneel or sit down in front of your tumblers of water and allow yourself to relax fully. Close your eyes, take a few really deep breaths and let all your cares just drift away.

When you feel that you are ready, open your eyes?

?Pick up the first tumbler ? the red labeled one ? and holding it up in front of your face with both hands, chant the Sacred Name, Cho-Ku-Rei out loud, 3 times, directing your voice towards the tumbler.

Hold the glass for a few moments, and then drink the water. Do so intending and knowing that both the Symbol and the Sacred Name are being completely absorbed into your body, mind and spirit.

Put the tumbler to one side, pick up the second one ? the orange labeled one ? and repeat the process, chanting aloud, three times, the Sacred Name written on the glass.

Continue the process until you have chanted into, and drunk the water of, all seven tumblers.

Yes, with the seventh one you will have to chant the names of all six separate Sacred Names ? three times each.

Now, gently close your eyes once again and just sit still for a few moments.

Page 7: Self Attunement

When you are ready?

Draw out, in the air just above your left palm, the Usui Master Symbol using the fire finger of your right hand.

Imagine that you are really drawing the Symbol onto your palm but without touching it.

Intend that the Symbol will sink into your palm just like butter does into hot toast. As you are doing this quietly, loudly or silently chant the Sacred Name Dai-Koo-Myo three times.

Now do exactly the same thing over the palm of your right hand using the fire finger of your left.

Bring both hands flat together at the front of your chest, as if praying, and hold them like this for a few moments, then return them to any comfortable position.

Raise your dominant hand (right hand if you?re right handed, left if you?re left handed) to a position over your crown.

Using your fire finger point directly down at the top of your head and draw out the Raku symbol.

Breathe in deeply and imagine the symbol being absorbed into you.

As you are doing this say out loud or silently to yourself?

?I open myself up to Divine Love and Wisdom? .

Pause for a few moments and feel the symbol infusing your body.

Now draw out the Usui Master Symbol in the same place, breathe it in deeply and repeat...

?I open myself up to Divine Love and Wisdom? .

Pause ? as above.

Continue with this process using the Tibetan Master Symbol, the Distance Symbol, the Mental/Emotional Symbol and then finish with the Power Symbol.

Always breathe the Symbol deeply into yourself and whilst doing so say?

?I open myself up to Divine Love and Wisdom? .

Page 8: Self Attunement

Always pause and feel the symbol infusing you.

Okay, nearly finished.

Using the same method as above draw the Raku Symbol in front of your third eye (a point roughly in the center of your forehead).

Breathe it in, and yes, repeat the phrase?

?I open myself up to Divine Love and Wisdom? .

Draw out the Usui Master Symbol in front of your throat. Breathe it in whilst saying the phrase.

Next use the Tibetan Master Symbol in front of your heart center (a point on the midline of your body directly between your nipples).

Breathe it in and say the phrase.

Now draw out the Distance Symbol in front of your solar plexus (a point on the midline of your body approximately 2 to 3 inches below the end of your breast bone). Breathe it in ? say the phrase.

Draw out the Mental/Emotional Symbol in front of your Dan Tien (approximately 2 to 3 inches below your tummy button. Breathe it in ? say the phrase.

Last one. Draw out the Power Symbol in front of your genital area. Breathe it in ? say the phrase.

Sit for a few moments, then when you feel ready draw out a large Power Symbol in front of you ? by large we mean the whole length of your body ? breathe it into yourself and say?

?I seal this process with Divine Love and wisdom? .

Okay ? you?re done. You are now a Reiki Master.

Not only are you a Usui Reiki Master, a Tibetan Reiki Master but also a Chikara-Reiki-Do Master.



Well now, how do you feel?

Page 9: Self Attunement

If this is just your first read through and you haven?t actually carried out the initiation ceremony yet - you?ve probably realized?

?how important it is that you can draw out the symbols, and say their Sacred Names, completely from memory?

?haven?t you?

It just makes the job a whole lot easier. It flows better. It feels more powerful.

If you have carried out the attunement?

Welcome ? Reiki Master ? you make the world a better place simply by being here.

So, what?s just happened

Well, by leaving the tumblers on the colored squares over night the water absorbed and stored the?

Reiki Symbols The Sacred Names The seven colors

As you drank the water the energetic information absorbed by the water, further enhanced with your chanting, was transferred to you.

Because the seven colors used are the same as those of the seven Major Chakras (the major energy centers of the body), each Sacred Symbol and Sacred Name was carried to, and absorbed into, the appropriate Chakra.

What does that mean?

It means that each energy center of your body is now ?attuned? to, and responds to, your intention to use Reiki energy.

Traditional Reiki Attunements only focus on the Crown, Third Eye and Palm Chakras.

You have focused your intention on ? thereby ?attuning? - all the Major Chakras, which means the whole of your body now resonates with the Reiki energy.

Welcome then, to Chikara-Reiki-Do.

The ?whole body? Reiki.

Page 10: Self Attunement

What you may experience

You may experience a variety of things during the attunement process.

You may see beautiful colors, or smell comforting aromas.

Feelings of great love may well up within you or you may be reduced to tears. You may even sense or even see, others in the room along with you ? your guides or spirit helpers.

Any all or none of these things may happen, but all is okay.

Just decide to allow whatever happens to happen, and be aware that for the majority of people nothing out of the ordinary happens at all.

Most just feel very relaxed and peaceful.

And that?s just fine.

Once you have completed the attunement, Reiki remains with you for life, even if that ability is not used for long periods of time.

Even if you never - ever - consciously use it again!

Using the Symbols

Now, before we go any further, and as we have already said - the Symbols themselves do not have any power at all.

It is vital that you understand this.

No symbol has any power unless and until you give the power to it first.

The Reiki Symbols themselves are just so many squiggles on paper until you empower them with your intention.

Usui was well aware of this.

In fact in the beginning there where no Symbols or Sacred Names at all...

They were only introduced when it was discovered that some Reiki students were having trouble in recognizing, initiating, holding and differentiating between the various aspects of the Reiki energy.

Page 11: Self Attunement

Imagine the difficulty in understanding the subtle differences between the Power energy, the Distance energy, the Mental/Emotional energy and the Master energy right now for instance.

Not an easy task.

Now think about these differences and imagine someone trying to describe these subtle variations just by talking to you?

Sounds a little bit like trying to describe a color to a person who can?t see, doesn?t it?

Anyway ol? Usui was wise to this dilemma. He associated a symbol with a state of being and fixed this into the minds of his students.

It was his intention, and belief, that each symbol would represent a certain state of mind. It was the belief and intention of the students that each symbol would represent a certain state of mind.

Belief and intention made it so.

It was now much easier to manifest the different aspects of the Reiki energy. In fact they became like switches ? visualize one Symbol and the energy flowed, visualize another and there was a subtle change.

Now realize that it is just your intention, which changes, not the Reiki energy.

There is only one energy in the universe ? the energy of God the energy of Love ? and it is constant throughout the universe.

Reiki is just a different aspect of this one energy.

If you are having trouble with the concept of different aspects of the same energy, think of it like this?

Think of a light, any light and remember it. (No, this is not the preamble into some sort of card trick, so don?t try to put it back in the pack).

Okay then, have you got it in your minds eye?

So, how do you see it? How do you see this visible light?

Something bright? Something glowing? Something illuminating?

Yes, these descriptions are all fine.

Page 12: Self Attunement

What you probably won?t visualize, however, is all the different aspects ? the different colors - of light.

You won?t see the red, the orange, the yellow etc. And you certainly won?t be aware of anything else in the electromagnetic spectrum.

You just see light ? which is all the colors.

Does that make it any easier? All the aspects ? the colors - of light are there within it; we just don?t see them individualized, that?s all.

Got it? Excellent.

This analogy can also be used to further clarify the problems Usui faced in helping his students to connect with the various aspects of the Reiki energy.

If we asked you to visualize and hold in your minds eye the wavelength 650nm, could you do it?

Probably not.

But if we asked you to visualize and hold in your minds eye the color red, you?d find it somewhat easier wouldn?t you? Well, as you?ve probably already guessed, 650nm is the wavelength of the color red.

You can see how much easier it is to hold the picture ? the visual representation - the symbol - of something, in your mind.

It?s a whole lot easier than trying to hold on to something insubstantial isn?t it?


Hold the visualization of the color red in your minds eye.

Are you doing that? Okay. Now visualize the color blue. Has the light around you changed in any discernible way?

No. Your focus changed but the light did not. You have just channeled two frequencies of light through your conscious mind and the light was not diminished. The light remained constant.

It is the same with Reiki.

Reiki is ?all around? us just like light. The Sacred Symbols allow us to access and consciously channel the different frequencies of this energy. If you change

Page 13: Self Attunement

your focus from, say, the Power Symbol to the Distance Symbol ? the frequency changes but the Reiki does not.

The Reiki energy, just like light, is not diminished. It is simply your intention, which changes, not the Reiki.

Right you are then; let?s get back to the Symbols.

Activating the Symbols

This is very simple.

All you have to do is either?

Visualize the Symbol. Draw it out in the air. Draw it out on paper. Say its Sacred Name three times. Simply intend to use Reiki.

Saying the Sacred Name of each Symbol three times helps to concentrate your intention.

Power Symbol uses

The power symbol can be thought of as the initiator and the sealer.

In other words when you intend to use Reiki, in any situation, use the Power Symbol to start with. Do whatever it is you are going to do with the Reiki, for example empowering your goals, and then finish the session by using the power symbol once more.

Okay then let?s list a few uses...

Draw a couple out on some paper and put them in your shoes to help re-energize you.

Stand your food on one to empower it. Draw one out over your food to bless it. Do the same with any drink. Draw one out over your list of goals to energize and empower them. Draw one out over each Chakra to cleanse and empower yourself. Visualize one in your palm when shaking someone?s hand to give them a

blessing. Visualize one in each palm whilst holding a dead battery. It can re-

energize it.

Page 14: Self Attunement

Visualize one covering the doorway to the room of an important meeting. As you walk through - the Symbol will fill you with confidence and presence.

Draw it out over your mail shots to bless and empower them. Draw it out onto the walls ceilings and floors of rooms to bless and

empower them. Draw it out over the doors and windows of your house to help protect them

from unwanted entry. Draw one out over the palms of your hands, then whilst holding a quartz

crystal, visualize the Symbol melting into it. This empowered crystal can be used for protection. Place in cars, houses, pockets ? anywhere.

Incidentally, just in case you were wondering. When we say draw out the Symbol we don?t mean draw it out literally.

If you're using it on your goals list for example then yes, of course, draw it out with a pen or pencil directly on the list. But don't go painting it out on the walls of your house - unless, of course, you really want to.

Just draw it out in the air with your fire finger or palm etc. and then visualize it sinking in.

Right, let?s move on to - uses for the...

Mental/Emotional Symbol Uses

This Symbol is all about balance and harmony ? use it on any situation where this is required. In healing it helps address and balance the mental and emotional reasons behind the physical ailment.

Use it when and if...

Feeling under stress of any kind. It helps you to relax and take a balanced view.

You have one-sided complaints such as a painful left knee and shoulder. It will balance the energy out.

Struggling to balance your feelings about money. When your heart says yes and your head says no.

You are in conflict with someone and seem to be constantly arguing. Place the symbol between you to harmonize and balance the negative feelings.

Your self-image needs improving or any time you feel out of balance. Just imagine the Symbol above your head and let it sink down into you.

Page 15: Self Attunement

You have a headache brought on by mental or emotional stress. Draw the Symbol on both your palms and place them on the temples until the pain begins to ease.

Needing to remember something. Visualize the Symbol above your head, allow it to sink down into you, then relax and let go. The answer will pop into your mind quite quickly.

Reciting your affirmations. Visualize the Symbol above your head again, let it sink down and then run through your list.

Needing to concentrate. Let the Symbol sink into your head (as written above) wait for a few minutes - then attend to the task.

In fact you can use it whenever and wherever you need to bring balance and harmony. There are literally hundreds of uses for this Symbol. As there are for all the Reiki Symbols. You are only limited by your own imagination.

And, then again, you can even use the Mental/Emotional Symbol to enhance your imagination!

Distance Symbol uses

The Distance Symbol is quite a remarkable one. It is generally used for sending healing to anyone or anything that you are not able to touch right now.

This happens if the person is on the other side of the room or the other side of the world.

Time is no barrier either. The use of this Symbol can send Reiki into the past or the future. So if you want to send healing to an event that occurred in the past, now?s your chance.

If you are not sure why you would want to do this consider?

An emotionally traumatic event that may have occurred many years ago but which still causes upset today.

Perhaps the loss of a loved one who you?ve been unable to let go. Sending the Distance Symbol to the time when this happened, along with the Mental/Emotional Symbol, can be very healing?

?For both of you.

Sending Reiki to a future event also falls within the capabilities of the Distance Symbol.

What?s this good for?

Page 16: Self Attunement

Well, if you have an exam, an important meeting etc. Or even some sort of hospital operation lined up ? sending Reiki can help everything go much more smoothly.

How do you do this?

Write down on a piece of paper exactly when and where the event did, or is going to, take place. Draw out the Power Symbol over the paper.

Follow this with Distance Symbol and, if you think it will help, the Mental/Emotional Symbol too.

Seal the process with another Power Symbol and then hold the paper in your hands. Intend that the Reiki travels to this point in time, and it will be so.

Now, if you directed the Reiki to a future time it will be there to help everything go smoothly when you arrive.

If you sent it into the past you will begin to feel more relaxed about whatever trauma that was affecting you. Keep on repeating the process until you feel the hold it had on you has been released.

Sending healing to another person follows a similar method?

Write out the name of the person on a piece of paper. Draw out the Power Symbol over it, followed by the Distance Symbol and then seal it with another Power Symbol.

Not forgetting to say the Sacred Names of the Symbols three times each, as you draw them out.

Yes, you can include a Mental/Emotional Symbol, within the Power Symbol sandwich as well, if you feel it will help.

Hold the paper between your palms. Say the name of the person along with the address, if you know it, three times.

Intend that the Reiki energy flows to the person and it will be so.

Allow the energy to flow for as long as you feel comfortable. Ten minutes, twenty, thirty ? it?s entirely up to you.

If you are intending to send Reiki to more than just one person, it is not necessary to send to just one person at a time. Simply write all their names down on the paper, then...

Page 17: Self Attunement

Carry out the same process as above and the Reiki will flow to everyone on the list.

If you don?t know their addresses, don?t worry God ? the bigger part of you - knows them all.

By the way, you can also use a photograph of the person instead of writing their name. Draw out the Symbols on the back of the photo? and hold this in your hands.

Usui Master Symbol

This Symbol is generally used just for initiating others into Reiki. It is the first symbol used when beginning the initiation ceremony.

As for its other uses, what can we say? Use it for anything and everything.

Whatever you want to positively influence and empower ? use the Usui Master Symbol.

There are no limitations as to its use.

Tibetan Master Symbol

As with the Usui Master Symbol this one is also used mainly in the initiation ceremonies.

Only this time, obviously, it is used for attuning people to the Tibetan Reiki energies.

It is generally accepted, nonetheless, that this Symbol is good for clearing blocked or negative energy.

So any time you feel like a good clear out, use it.

And we do mean for all kinds of clearing ? from constipation to unwanted ghostly apparitions.

Fire Serpent Symbol

This is essentially a symbol for centering energies, such as the aura or Chakras. And, once again, is used mainly during the Tibetan initiation ceremony.

Page 18: Self Attunement

It can, of course, also be used during a healing treatment if you think it would be beneficial. For example if your client is feeling frazzled, uncoordinated or disorientated etc.

It?s kinda like the pull yourself together Symbol.

Draw it out along the whole length of the person?s spine - from the top of the head down to the tailbone.

This will balance, cleanse and harmonize the Chakras.

Experiences after Initiation

Esoterically speaking, Reiki attunements are akin to the first steps of your spiritual journey home to knowing you are God.

These steps may begin with a cleansing of your physical body and a gentle clearing of the emotional and mental ?baggage? we all seem to carry with us.

A Gentle Clearing

It?s not unusual, therefore, for you to go through some kind of catharsis after the attunements. But this is not something you should be concerned about.

It?s just the release of trapped emotional energy patterns and is just part of the alignment process. So if you suddenly feel like crying or raging etc for no apparent reason it?s okay.

If you?re in a safe and appropriate environment just let go and if necessary let rip.

It really is okay.

You may also experience cold like symptoms, which, again, should not unduly concern you, as they are only signs of internal detoxification and healing.

What is happening is this?

Because of your intention to allow more energy to enter into your reality, your aura and Chakras are clearing and adjusting to enable you to channel it more efficiently.

Page 19: Self Attunement

After this initial adjustment period, you may begin to experience a refinement of your belief systems. You may even begin to feel somehow different.

You may find you are becoming a more ?balanced? person.

For those who want to heal others

Once you have carried out your attunement, you will have an enhanced ability to heal yourself, others, plants and animals.

So activate the Reiki, place your hands on whoever or whatever you intend to heal, and the healing energy will flow automatically.

If you intend to use Reiki in this way, it will be extremely beneficial if, for the first month or so, you give as many healing sessions as possible including a daily self-healing.

This helps settle the energy within you and works to ?strengthen your Reiki muscles?.

One of the marvellous things about Reiki and healing is this?

You are working with the intelligence and consciousness of God.

You don?t have to know anything about healing at all.

God knows exactly what to do and when to do it.

All you have to do is know that?

You are just a channel

Always remember this.

You are acting purely as a channel for the Reiki energy to enter, in a more focused way, the life of the person you are offering healing.

As far as the person receiving the Reiki is concerned you are not the source of the healing, God is.

And for all practical purposes this is what is actually happening.

Which explains why giving treatments does not drain you personally.

Page 20: Self Attunement

It could be said, quite accurately, that during a healing session both of you are being healed. Because the Reiki energy also acts and works upon you as well as the person you are offering healing.

And remember, the energy heals on all of the body?s levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Giving a Reiki treatment

A Reiki treatment can last for anything between a couple of minutes to an hour or more.

It?s entirely up to you.

If you are going to use Reiki Healing as a profession, though, perhaps a half hour would be the minimum.

During this time the energy will communicate to the higher self, the God within, of the person you are treating and then direct itself to all the areas that need healing.

You can use the conventional hand positions as given by Dr Hayashi, when first starting out. (We have listed these at the end of the book).

Adopt your own approach

However, you will find as you develop, through practicing the giving of Reiki, you?ll begin to adopt your own approach.

This is absolutely fine.

As far as we are concerned, the timings and positions are only meant as a general guide for the beginner.

Also know that it really, really doesn?t matter where you put your hands for, as just mentioned, the energy goes to wherever it is needed.

It will just encourage the person you are healing to trust you more if, for example, they have a painful shoulder and you put your hands on their shoulder?

?and not on their foot.

Just remember that during every healing session the energy will flow to all the parts of the physical body where it is needed.

Page 21: Self Attunement

It also flows to the mental/emotional levels where the true source of the illness may be located.

Now whilst you?re doing healing don?t become too attached to results. Just allow whatever happens to happen.

After all, you are simply acting as the channel.

As explained, Reiki contains God consciousness and you must trust that the recipient is receiving exactly what is needed.

You cannot, therefore, make a mistake with Reiki...

You cannot give too much of it. You can never apply it wrongly. It can never do any harm. It is a healing energy, which only works for good. You are not responsible for the results. You need never worry about giving Reiki. It will always be helpful.

The taboo of touch

As Reiki works on a physical level ? it is quite appropriate for you to touch the person who is receiving the healing.

We know that it is becoming accepted practice among healers not to touch, when healing, but we find that hard to justify.

We believe people need to be touched. It can be this very act of giving human touch and kindness that can have the most profound affect on health.

Too many people today, don?t have enough human touch in their lives.

We understand the people who are trying to protect the vulnerable from inappropriate touching and we applaud their efforts.

But it need not, and should not, mean all touching should be avoided.

In a healing environment, we believe, it is entirely appropriate to touch the body of the person requiring healing, and would actively encourage you to do so.

It can only add to the usefulness of Reiki.

What can Reiki treat?

Page 22: Self Attunement

What can be treated? Anything and everything - if you?re in doubt, just say that you?re not too sure if it will work for this but...

Reiki cannot do any harm it can only do good.

Two common sense points for you to bear in mind when giving a treatment are?

Try to feel Relaxed and calm in yourself. Of course, it won?t adversely affect the quality of the Reiki energy flowing through you.

It?s just that, if you?re feeling unduly stressed or agitated it won?t help fill your client with confidence. And you may also transfer this agitation to them too.

Use the most relaxing environment you can find. Try to keep distractions to a minimum. Switch off your landline telephone and your mobile, and if you are visiting them in their home ask them to do the same. Try to avoid interruptions from personal callers and, again if visiting their home, ask that they try to arrange for this as well.

If your client wishes to talk with you during the session, don?t worry; the energy flow will not be interrupted. And you will probably find that after a few minutes the need for conversation will subside.

In fact it is not unusual for the person to fall soundly asleep during the treatment.

Now, whilst the giving of Reiki healing can often be a wonderful and very spiritually enriching process it can also, at times, become a little boring, tedious and tiring.

If you begin to feel this way don?t worry, it?s very common (although not very often spoken about because people think it?s very un-spiritual). Just try to ensure you adopt a strong physical position so that your back doesn?t give you jip and then?

?think about your holidays or something.

Quite often, if you are already fairly sensitive, you may begin to ?pick up? - by psychic or intuitive means - information from the person you are treating. This occurs due to the interaction of your energy fields ? your auras - and can sometimes lead to a greater awareness of your client?s condition.

This is, of course, happening to everyone every day, but most people are not sensitive enough to ?pick up? on it.

Your awareness and sensitivity, however, will have grown because of your attunement and also by using the Reiki in your everyday life.

Page 23: Self Attunement

Whether you choose to divulge this ?extra? information to the person you are treating is entirely up to you.

The only advice we would offer is the judicious use of your own common sense. If you feel it would be helpful in some way, then go with that feeling.

As for passing this information on to any third party?

Always remember the privacy and confidentiality of your client comes first, even if it is a child.

The Reiki Symbols

Okay then. Here are the symbols as used in Western Usui Reiki.

Now please understand...

These symbols are only like switches; they do not hold the power of Reiki within them. These symbolic switches serve only to focus and concentrate your intention.

Remember ? always remember - you are the only power in your universe.

So, practice drawing the following symbols and get to the stage where you can easily do it from memory.

The simplest way is to take just one symbol at a time and keep on copying it out until it fixes in your mind.

Don?t try to rush this process, there's no need to hurry.

Trying to cram them all into your head at one sitting will probably end up with you being totally confused.

As you draw each one, say its Sacred Name over and over, so as this lodges in your memory too.

When you feel confident in your ability to draw them on paper, from memory, practice drawing them out in the air before you.

There are several ways you can do this.

Page 24: Self Attunement

Use you fire finger, which is your middle finger ? the palm of your hand ? your eyes - the tip of your nose ? the tip of your tongue ? or you can just see each Symbol fully formed in your minds eye.

Whichever method you choose, and there are no rights or wrongs here, hold the intention that the Symbol is really being drawn out in front of you.

The Power Symbol

Sacred Name - Cho-Ku-Rei

Phonetic pronunciation ?

Cho ? as in the first part of chokeKu ? as in the coo of a doveRei ? as in ray from the sun

The Mental/Emotional Symbol

Sacred Name - Sei-He-Ki

Phonetic pronunciation ?

Sei ? as in SayHe ? as in HayKi ? as in Key

The Distance Healing Symbol

Sacred Name - Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen

Phonetic pronunciation ?

Hon ? as in first part of HondaSha ? as in the first part of SharkZe ? as in Zay

Page 25: Self Attunement

Sho ? as in ShowZe ? Sounds like it looks

The Tibetan Master Symbol

Sacred Name - Dai-Ko-Mio

Phonetic pronunciation ?

Dai ? as in DieKo ? as in CoMio ? as in Me Oh

The Usui Master Symbol

Sacred Name - Dai-Koo-Myo

Phonetic pronunciation ?

Dai ? as in DieKoo ? as in CoMyo ? as in Me Oh

The Fire Serpent Symbol

Sacred Name - Raku

Phonetic pronunciation ?

Dai ? as in Ray-Koo

How To Draw The Symbols

The Power Symbol

Page 26: Self Attunement

There we are then. Those are all the Symbols you need to know to make Reiki a powerful part of your reality.

Yes, others may tell you different, but take it from us. You don?t need any other Symbols and you don?t need any other style or form of Reiki.

Of course if you want to take other styles of Reiki that?s fine.

Just know ? you don?t actually need to. When you have attuned yourself to Usui Reiki through the following Chikara-Reiki-Do self-initiation ? you will have all you will ever require.