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1. H P+F U housing public+facilities urbanism Alberto Prez Prieto.selected works - extract.architect / construction manager & building construction engineer.RI C Srehabilitation interiorism competition studiesMaster of Architecture. Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. 1998. Member, Spanish National Architects Association. Affiliate: 32.090-0 Since 1998. Member. Valencia Architects Association. Affiliate: 05.915 Since 1998.Bachelor of Sciences Construction Manager. Polytechnic University of Barcelona, Spain. 2006.Barcelona Construction Managers & Building Construction Engineers Assoc. Affiliate: 12.110. Since 2006.Green LEED Associate. US Green Building Council. Ongoing.Project Management: PRINCE2 Registered Practitioner. (PRojects IN Controlled Environments). APMG and the United Kingdom Cabinet Office. Ongoing.C/Sant Pau 15, 3 1. 08001. Barcelona. 933 187 774mvil: +34 647922 455