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  • Volume Sixteen iSSue tHRee b 2011

    Prototypes bring innovation to life.Seeing is believing

  • V o l u m e 1 6 b i S S u e 3 1

    Publisher: David Yeoman

    Editorial director: nancy Welsh

    Managing editor: Robert Fleener

    Editor: Crystal Hardinger

    Creative direction: Rick Kaufman, Jeff Andrus

    Copy editors:

    Ruth Anne Denker

    Karen Steggall

    Staff writers:

    Cindy Adkins

    Katie Shatzer

    Jill Wojciechowski

    Freelance writer:

    Dale Smith, Jacksonville, Fla.


    mike Aubey, Cedar Rapids, iowa, pages 2, 16

    Stacy Brown, tustin, Calif., page 16

    Component and material evaluation lab, page 12

    Rob Frank, Cedar Rapids, iowa, page 19

    Armin Goeckel, Heidelberg, Germany, page 5

    David Jackson, Wilsonville, ore., page 8

    William milner, Salt lake City, utah, page 4

    mark tade, iowa City, iowa, cover photo,

    pages 6, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18

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    All trademarks and registered trademarks contained herein

    are the property of their respective owners.

    2011 Rockwell Collins, inc.

    All rights reserved.

    The following articles may contain forward-looking statements

    including statements about the companys business prospects.

    Actual results may differ materially from those projected, as a

    result of certain risks and uncertainties, including but not lim-

    ited to those detailed from time to time in our earnings press

    releases and Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

    I N T H I S i S S u e

    On theback coverThis ad which was designed to emphasize that Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion represents the very latest in avionics innovation recently appeared in Flight International magazine.

    On the coverIn a Rockwell Collins microelec-tronics lab, Senior Mechanical Engineer Nate Wyckoff inspects the diodes attached and wirebonded to a printed circuit board used in an antenna prototype. Wyckoff and Mechani-cal Engineer Jennet Volden were part of a team that quickly developed prototypes to prove to a customer that a new antenna could handle high data rates over long distances.

    Providing the right solutions at the right timeThis fiscal year, Rockwell Collins will spend more

    than a billion dollars on research and development

    activity a first in our companys history. Thats an

    exciting milestone because its a testament of our

    commitment to provide customer value and fuel

    growth through innovation.

    In this issue of Horizons, youll learn a lot more

    about how innovative technologies, processes and

    business models are helping our company provide

    customers with the right solutions at the right time.

    This is important because hot new technologies

    typically have three things in common good

    features, good business strategy and good timing.

    In an increasingly competitive marketplace, one

    of the best ways to deal with competition is to be

    one or more generations ahead whether its new

    products or upgrades in technology. At Rockwell

    Collins, were constantly working to nurture an

    environment where we can make those leaps in

    technology and bring in new ideas.

    At the same time, our company recognizes that

    not all ideas are created equal; and, to be successful

    in a business environment, you cant have creativity

    without discipline. As technology moves from a

    lab through various stages of maturity, we must

    continue to ask whether the product will deliver a

    compelling value proposition to our customers. That

    way, we know its the right solution at the right time.

    While its thrilling to be the first to discover

    something, innovation really occurs when you turn

    an idea into a valuable solution that others care

    about. I hope you enjoy reading more about some of

    our latest technologies and how were staying at the

    forefront of innovation.

    Clay Jones

    Chairman, President and CEO

    Using Lean in market research 2the outcome-Driven Solutions methodology, which includes lean processes and tools, is helping Rockwell Collins employees identify market opportunities more precisely.

    How can a mentor help you? 4mentoring is key to ongoing career development.

    Meeting high standards 5 Certifications prove Rockwell Collins is effectively managing safety and environmental challenges.

    Anticipating customer needs 6How does innovation help our company maintain market leadership?

    Celebrating 10 years after The Spin 10A lot has changed since June 29, 2001, when Rockwell Collins became a stand-alone publicly traded company.

    Attaining a better solution 12Strong supplier relationships often are the first step to solving technical challenges.

    C O V E R S to R Y

    Seeing is believing 14Prototypes are proving what presentations cant when it comes to game-changing technologies.

    Why RFID? Why now? 20Rockwell Collins is helping advance industry-wide use of radio frequency identification in commercial aviation.

    Service anniversaries 21

    4 5 14

    A magazine for the employees and friends of Rockwell Collins

  • 2 H o R i Z o n S b 2 0 1 1 V o l u m e 1 6 b i S S u e 3 3


    Appropriately-served Under-servedSO

    LID O













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    rockwellcollins. b

    using lean in market research

    embraer selects our advanced avionics system for KC-390 fleetEmbraer Defense and Security has selected Rockwell Collins to provide its Pro Line Fusion

    flight deck for the KC-390 tanker/transport aircraft. The Brazilian Air Force has committed

    to purchasing 28 KC-390 aircraft.

    This award is emblematic of our ability to leverage commercial avionics technology

    for military applications, said Dave Nieuwsma, vice president and general manager of

    Mobility and Rotary Wing Solutions. With advanced technologies including the largest

    format displays available, enhanced graphic capabilities and available synthetic vision, our

    Pro Line Fusion flight deck will provide KC-390 pilots with the highest levels of situational

    awareness while reducing their workload to ensure mission success.

    Strategically, this award means a great deal to Rockwell Collins, as it builds

    upon more than 35 years of serving the rapidly-growing

    Brazilian military and civil aviation industry, including the

    relationship our company has built with Embraer. b

    lean perspectivesMark Johnson led the first ODS project for Commercial Systems in 2009. Now, as the director of Soldier and Ground Vehicle Solutions in Government Systems, his team is using ODS to determine opportunities in the public safety business area.

    Q Why is ODS beneficial for teams developing business plans?

    A ODS is designed to help us better understand the end users unmet needs. This information is extremely

    important when determining market strategies and

    solutions, especially in a new market space like our

    public safety business.

    Q How is ODS different from other market research methods?

    A Traditional market research often relies heavily on anecdotal data and jumps straight to potential solutions. ODS provides a structured and repeatable approach

    to identify and solve the actual problems end users have when doing their jobs.

    With statistically valid data, you can be more confident that youre focused on the

    right problems and the right solutions. b

    Number of ODS projects

    held since 2009

    Number of ODS projects

    to date in FY11

    Number of

    intellectual property

    disclosures or patent

    applications filed based

    on ODS insight



    By the numbers

    The Outcome-Driven Solutions (ODS) methodology, which includes Lean processes and tools, is helping Rockwell Collins employees identify market opportunities more precisely.

    Seeing resultsLong before the fall 2010 launch of

    Ascend flight information solutions,

    which provides flight, cabin and

    maintenance services to the business

    aviation community, the Flight

    Information Solutions team in

    Commercial Systems used ODS to

    identify under-served outcomes

    in the marketplace.

    The team gathered volumes of data

    about business aviation customers

    operations through all phases of flight,

    including areas of dissatisfaction. Once

    the team understood the data using an

    opportunity landscape (pictured on the

    left), they were able to build a business

    plan that differentiates Rockwell Collins

    from our competitors.

    L E A N E L E C T