SECTOR 8D Study of Booths in sector 8D market We took 1 strip of the market place and studied its booths. More emphasis was given on how the spaces inside

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SECTOR 8D Study of Booths in sector 8D market We took 1 strip of the market place and studied its booths. More emphasis was given on how the spaces inside the 16X8 feet booths were utilized by the owners. Slide 2 Slide 3 List of shops Front SideBack Side 1.Sweet shop 2.Photo Studio 3.Photo Studio 4.Kitchen of a Dhabba 5.General Store 6.SBI ATM 7.Eating Point (under- construction) 8.Garment Shop 9.Dry Cleaner 10.Closed 11.Pastry shop 12.Stationary 13.Gift Shop 14.Barber 15.Shoe Shop 16.Stationary 17.Lingerie 18.Closed 1.Electrical & Mechanic Shop 2.Ice cream Parlour 3.Welding 4.Tailors 5.Departmental Store 6.Gift Shop 7.ATM 8.Gas Booking Office 9.Beauty Clinic 10.Gift Shape 11.Garment Shop 12.Chemist 13.Chemist 14.Stationary 15.Workshop 16.Lingerie 17.Eating point 18.Closed 19.Carpet shop Slide 4 A covered open corridor is running in front of the shops. Shop-owners has used different colors in the columns outside to differentiate their shops from each other. They have also used tiles of different patters in the corridor in front of the shops. Slide 5 Corridor is little elevated from the pedestrian path outside. And the pedestrian path is elevated from the parking area the parking is differentiated by barrier made of steel pipes that can be used as sitting too. Sitting spaces is created around the trees in parking area. STUD Slide 6 Glass windows projected outside the wall are used as showcase of the products by the shop-owners. Aesthetics of the walls are also maintained by installing flower-pots in the white furnished wall. Slide 7 Wall in front of a Photo-studio is used as the show-case of its photos and attracting customers. Slide 8 Plan view of the Photo-studio No photos of the Photo-studio as the Photographer dont allow others to take photos inside his shop :P Display window in front of the shop. Small working space with a computer table for the photographer. Storage space in the upper area of the workspace. Studio is placed inside covering more than half of the space of the shop. Slide 9 Plan View of a Dry Cleaner shop A semi-store room is created in the backside. Rods with hangers were installed near the ceiling Full Height glass cupboards. Sitting space and the working table of the owner is slightly using the space of the corridor to save space inside the shop. Slide 10 A small Store Room inside. Slide 11 Space near the ceiling is utilized for hanging space of the dry cleaned clothes. Full Height glass cupboards using the maximum space for storage. Slide 12 Cobblers Shop Storage space is created in the ceiling area. Wooden open cupboards for shoes that takes minimum amount of space. Slide 13 Corridor is also utilized by the cobbler. Slide 14 Stationary To use maximum space of storage the area behind is stepped down. The level down is about 2 feet. An additional storage space is also created above it, and accessed through a ladder. Cupboards are installed in the walls. Chair and desk of the owner is kept at the front most part to create more space inside. Slide 15 A departmental store and gift shop Slide 16 Plan View of Sachdeva departmental and gift store This shop runs through both side of the market strip, i.e. its area is 32X8 feet. It has entry from both side, front and back. Glass showcase are installed in both the front and backside for showing the products outside. The shop gives a feeling of a long corridor. Slide 17 Garments store Long L-shaped table with storage space under it. Garments were placed in the wooden showcase installed in the wall. Slide 18 A Computer Stationary shop Long L-shaped table with storage space under it. Full Height wooden cupboards in every walls for storage. Space near the ceiling is also utilized for storage. Slide 19 A small Hardware Mechanic shop with very little amount of space. Slide 20 Submitted by- Raktim Debnath Divakar Jha Saurabh Singh STUD