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Ashford CS Culture: Safety, Teamwork, Achievement, Respect (STAR) A large driver in our school plan is building and maintaining a school culture that demonstrates the school's core values of Safety, Teamwork, Achievement and Respect. Also, that we have a school environment that is supporƟve and inclusive with a culture of pride, integrity and high expectaƟons. Throughout the year, staand students have worked hard in developing this posiƟve culture. The school tracks the data on Warnings, ExecuƟve Referrals, Suspensions and AƩendance every week as part of our educaƟonal management of ACS. The rst half of this term has seen a marked increase in posiƟve choices by students. The following chart demonstrates that all areas of Warnings are falling in their rate and frequency: On behalf of the staand community of the school, I thank you all for the choice to contribute to our school being the best place to learn. Another focus in this area of the school plan is Community Engagement. Mrs Naomi Harvey leads this area and has been establishing ways that we can conƟnue to work together for the benet of our students. If you can assist in helping us in this area, please contact the school. Curriculum, Assessment and ReporƟng: Over the past few weeks, the majority of students have been compleƟng tesƟng via our new assessment program. This new program is called Progressive Achievement TesƟng (or PAT TesƟng). The school has incorporated the latest technology and research to ensure that our assessment process is authenƟc, fair and accurate. This data will be used as a part of your child’s reporƟng for the end of this semester. If you would like any further informaƟon around how this innovaƟve process works in the school, please contact me. Behavioural Monitoring Mid Term 1 End Term 1 Mid Term 2 Warning 1: 376 236 165 Warning 2: 112 68 25 Warning 3: 36 15 3 Friday 8th June, 2018 ph: 6725 4101 fax: 6725 4336 email: ashford[email protected] Secondary Captain Josie Doney Secondary Vice Captain Patrick Irwin Primary Captain Summer Morley Primary Vice Captain Montanha Petmann Principal Mr Ben Delanty

Secondary Captain Secondary Vice Captain

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June 8 , 2018Ashford CS Culture: Safety, Teamwork, Achievement, Respect (STAR)  
On behalf of the staff and community of the school, I thank you all for the choice to contribute to our school being 
the best place to learn.  
Another focus in this area of the school plan is Community Engagement. Mrs Naomi Harvey leads this area and 
has been establishing ways that we can con nue to work together for the benefit of our students. If you can assist 
in helping us in this area, please contact the school.  
Curriculum, Assessment and Repor ng: 
Over the past few weeks, the majority of students have been comple ng tes ng via our new assessment program. 
This new program is called Progressive Achievement Tes ng (or PAT Tes ng). The school has incorporated the 
latest technology and research to ensure that our assessment process is authen c, fair and accurate. This data will 
be used as a part of your child’s repor ng for the end of this semester. If you would like any further informa on 
around how this innova ve process works in the school, please contact me.  
Behavioural Moni toring 
Warning 1:  376  236  165 
Warning 2:  112  68  25 
Warning 3:  36  15  3 
Friday 8th June, 2018  ph: 6725 4101  fax: 6725 4336  email: [email protected] 
Secondary Captain 
Josie Doney 
ACS STAR A ender’s: 
In the first six weeks of Term two, 29.4% of students (approximately 1 in every three) have a ended school at a rate below 
85%. This is a concerning amount of students.  
Recent research from the ‘Every Day Counts’ report (commissioned by the University of Western Australia) very clearly 
highlights the close rela onship between a endance and academic progress. Barring legi mate illness which the school is 
sympathe c to, all students should aim to a end school as close to 100% as possible.  
It is cri cal that students at Ashford CS demonstrate strong a endance. Absences for reasons such as birthdays, rest days, 
catching up with family member days, appointments that could be made out of school hours, holidays in term  me etc should 
be avoided.   
As always, in cases of absence, we encourage parents to call as soon as possible to alert the school. All absences require an 
explana on.   
If you have any issues with the a endance of your child please contact the school for support.  
Missing School = Missing Out 
  Examples of what you might see in classrooms to do 
with ‘Learning Goals and Scales’ 
Ashford Central School Top A enders  Congratula ons to the following students for having above the state average of 92% 
a endance.  
Year 11 Investigating Science Excursion
Mr Smith and Miss Jerrard took the Year 11 Investigating Science class on an excursion to Goonoowiggal State Reserve on Wednesday May 30th. The reserve is on the land of the Jukumbal people. The students were involved in a field study of a terrestrial ecosystem, measuring biotic and abiotic features around the
Nhunta Karra Kara track.
The students were also required to identify plants significant to indigenous people as sources of food and medicine. We were fortunate to have Beryl Hepi (nee Connors)and Elaine Williams , two elders join us for the trip. They gave an indigenous perspective on the area and gave great insight to the country that we visited.
The students collected data which will be used to prepare a report later in the term. Thank you to Miss Jerrard for contacting the elders and to Beryl Hepi and Elaine Williams for giving up their time to share their knowledge with the students.
‘Cow Protest over Sign Discrimina on’  
“We want a fair go! Where is our image on these signs?!” 
Photo taken enroute to Ashford from Inverell. J 
Super 7’s League Gala Day 
On Friday 1st June, the following Ashford Central School students competed in the Super 7’s Gala day in Inverell. Jack Bridges
Mackenzie Fomiatti
Mitchell Garrett
Rohan Guest
Hamish Littlehales
Kane Morley
Harry Bridges
Braydon Krauss
Brad Drady
Jye Lavender
Dale Smith
Adam Stevens
Ashford 2—Bowraville 7 
Ashford 2—Woodenbong 4 
Ashford 4—Walcha 3 
Ashford 2—Warialda 7 
Ashford 6—Bonalbo 0 
Ashford 6—Bundarra 5 
The teams were made up of combina on of Ashford and Bingara. Bingara supplied 
two players in both the under 16’s and under 14’s and one in the open team.  
Under 14’s Results; 
Ashford 4—Woodenbong 2 
Ashford 1—Bowraville 5 
Ashford 3—Walcha 4 
Ashford 2—Warialda 6 
Ashford 10—Walcha 3 
Traffic Awareness 
It has come to the a en on of the school community that in 
the a ernoon, there is student and traffic conges on near the 
corner of Duff and Albury Streets and that BOTH students and 
the community need to be mindful of each other is this area. 
Fairy Tales in 1/2! This term students in 1/2 have been learning about fairy tales in English and Art. In English, students have been reading a range of traditional and fractured fairy tales. Students have learnt how to compare stories looking at the similarities and the differences. Students have been learning how to write descriptions about characters and setting. During Art, students have been learning how to create a range of artworks around the theme of fairy tales.
Stamp Castles
Wanted Posters The Three Little Pigs Writing
Description Writing The Big Pig is angry and he is not nice. Joseph
Once upon a time there was a Princess who lived in a large castle. The castle was purple and had a lot of windows. Sarvana
The Big Bad Wolf is selfish. He is mean and he is fat. He said, ‘let me in’ and they said, ‘not by the hairs on my chinny chin chin’. Jorjah
Once upon a time there was a Princess who lived in a large castle. The castle was very old and was made of old grey stones. Inside the castle it was
beautiful. Cobi-Lee
The 3/4 Ninja Class have been prac sing pain ng using water colours. 
2018 Sydney DIGIT Excursion  
For the past 12 years, the Rotary Club of North Ryde runs an annual tour in May, of local technology based companies for students from Country NSW. Eight students from West Wyalong, Forbes and Inverell are selected to attend this excursion. Our school was very fortunate to have two students, Jordan Cook and Brodie Irwin. Students travel down to Sydney for a week and are hosted by Rotarians for the duration of the program. Rotarians take the students on a series of visits to technology based companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Cisco and Google and other major companies which use technology in their businesses such as Coles, Optus, Cochlear, Citrix and Konica Minolta. They also see how technology is used within the Universities of UTS and Macquarie, and visit the Sydney Observatory. The idea is to provide the students with an insight into not only how technology is used in the workplace but what job opportunities there are available to them after school. This was an extremely valuable experience. Thank you to North Ryde Rotary Club and Inverell Rotary for their kind organisation and sponsorship of this excursion.  
Inverell Zone – Cross Country  On Friday 25th May, Zane Charles, Nathan West, Montannah Fomia  and Cameron Garre  
travelled to Bundarra to par cipate in the Inverell Zone Cross Country. Their results are as 
  Cameron Garre       10 yr Boys – 2km   5th Overall  
  Montannah Fomia     11 yr Girls – 3km   3rd Overall 
All of these students should be congratulated for their fantas c results on the day. Both 
Montannah Fomia  and Cameron Garre  were successful in 
making the Inverell Zone Cross Country team to par cipate in 
the NW Cross Country Carnival held in Coolah on Friday 15th 
June. Good luck to both Montannah and Cameron! 
Kindergarten and the senior art class would greatly appreciate donations of newspapers.
Please bring any unwanted newspapers to the front office.
Thank you!
Congratula ons to Emika Denzel of Year 12 who has been awarded the Student Trainee of 
the Year Regional Achievement Award in Mudgee.  Emika is an excep onal school based 
trainee, balancing work, study and assessment commitments. This award is very well 
“On the 24th May I received an invita on to a end the 2018 TAFE NSW Excellence Awards 
Lunch in Mudgee.  It was an opportunity to meet other TAFE teachers and students in a 
formal lunch se ng. It was a pleasure to meet other students who were also studying 
qualifica ons in all different areas such as agriculture, business and nursing. Throughout 
the whole western region, I was one of the ten students picked to receive an award. I had 
been selected winner of the Regional Achievement Award, Student Based Trainee of the 
Year for studying a Cer ficate III in Health Services Assistance while working as a student 
at Inverell District Hospital. I think that it is an amazing opportunity to gain a qualifica on 
while being at school and to experience the workforce while a ending school. As a NSW 
TAFE and Ashford Central School student, I am honoured to have received this award and 
to have many influences who have helped and supported me throughout my 
achievements. I wish to support and influence others to achieve the same and one day 
become student of the year too”. 
Year 5/6: Wednesday 
Premier’s Reading Challenge has commenced.   
Kylie Grabham 
Breakfast Club  
Benefits of regular breakfast: 
Improves your energy levels. 
Improves metabolism. 
Provides many beneficial nutrients, and boosts your fibre and calcium intake (compared to no breakfast). 
Reduces you chance of overconsuming high kilojoule foods later in the day. 
Stabilises your blood sugar levels.  Improves memory and concentra on.    We now have breakfast available at the canteen from Monday to Friday for any students that have not been able to have 
it at home. Students will be able to have Weetbix, Cornflakes or toast free of charge. It will be accessible un l 8:35 a.m. 
for high schoolers and un l 9 a.m. for primary students.  
school please ensure they are 
leaving home at a  me which does 
not have them arriving at school 
before this  me. There is no 
supervision at school before 
Hi Everyone
I just wanted to tell you about a great ongoing event that is happening in Ashford every Friday night starting at 6pm. Youth Group is held at the Memorial Hall for the secondary age students. Each week between 30 - 40 kids attend and have a fantastic time. Supper is provided by a small group of volunteers. As you could imagine, it takes quite an amount of food to feed 30 – 40 teenagers. If anyone could spare a bottle of cordial, a plate of food or a small donation, it would be greatly appreciated.
For more information contact Leza Luckett - 67255546
Casual Work Vacancy Ashford Central School is currently looking for suitable applicants for casual employment as School Learning Support Officers and School Administration Officers. If you are interested in either of these positions please hand your resume and a copy of your current ‘Working With Children Check’ in at the
front office. Alternatively phone 02 6725 4101 for more details.
A Perfect Coffee Ashford Central School student
Elena Malinen has found a flair for barista skills.
Next Thursday, 14th of June
we would like to begin our reg lar mor ing teas as discussed at the mother’s day celebration. So any
parents and communit members interested in a coffee, a scone and a chat, come on in to the librar at
10:00 a.m. We look for ard to seeing you there.
Congratula ons to the following students.
They have been rewarded with a canteen voucher:
Secondary Winners: Christen Berliner, Josie Thompson 
Ashford Rural fire Brigade   Next mee ng will be held the second 
Wednesday of each month,  
unless no fied otherwise. 
Bun Bun Playgroup  
* Distance dispensing service                   * 
* Health & beauty products    
Phone 02 67254013 
Ashford Community Church 
Anglican Office Inverell
BiMonthly.  St Patricks Catholic Church 
Mass Times 10.30am each 
Sunday, except the 5th 
Sunday of the month. 
Thought of the Week 
are two.  
Drawn at 8.30pm on Friday  
Progressive Members’ Draw starts 
 increases by $10.00 every 15 minutes  ll 8.00pm. 
Meat tray raffles start at 6.30pm.  
Happy Hour  Wednesdays 5.30  6.30pm 
                            Thursdays 5.00pm  6.00pm 
Social Bowls  Saturday 7.00pm start 
5.00–8.00pm • Bookings desirable.  
func ons. Minimum 20 people.  
Phone 67 254 202 booking essen al 
Ashford Medical Centre Informa on 
Centre, Saturday 8.00am for blood tests and normal 
surgery from 9.00am to 5.00pm. 
There is a hospital at Texas. The phone number for the 
doctor on these days is: (02) 67 262 000. 
Phone number for the doctor at Texas Surgery is  
(07) 46 531 363. 
Campbell & Freebairn Chemists, Ashford, on  
(02) 67254013. 
The chemist is open on Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 
12.30pm and then 1.30pm to 5.00pm. Closed for lunch 
from 12.30 to 1.30. Saturdays 9.00am to 12.00pm.  
If prescrip ons are needed they can be dropped at the 
chemist by 11.30am for the a ernoon delivery which 
is here by 2.30pm. Any scripts a er that  me won’t be 
out un l the next a ernoon. There are no deliveries 
on Saturdays. 
Blood tests are done Thursday fortnightly.  
For enquiries call (02) 67 262 030 
Ashford Golf Club   
every Sunday morning as well as 
social golf any me. Phone Alan on 
67 254 333 for more informa on. 
Contact John 0427 254 116
Ashford Home Support 
This service vehicle is available to all eligible clients for 
transport for medical appointments within a set area.  
As a general rule, the boundaries are; Toowoomba, 
Goondiwindi, Warwick, Tamworth and Armidale. 
Due to the current demand, if you need the vehicle, 
ring the office and book as early as possible.  Cost for 
this service depends on where you need to go. 
Day Centre is held each Tuesday from 10am to 2pm 
with a bus trip ou ng on the 4th Tuesday of each 
month.  If you would like to join in for Day Centre call 
the office for more informa on. 
Inverell on a fortnightly basis (Pension Day Thursday).  
The cost is only $10 return and passengers are 
collected from home & returned to their home.  For 
further informa on contact the office. 
If una ended please phone the office on 67254479 
Salami Fes val Planning  Salami Fes val Planning Mee ng 13th June,  5.30pm @ Sprout Rural Building   37—39 Albury Street. Contact  [email protected] or 67 254 023 
THE LIONS’ CORNER Lions       
The Ashford Lions had a great day for the Boot Sale, thank you for all the extra helpers who were not  Lions, it is good community spirit. Our next mee ng is to be held on the 13th June 2018 at the Bowling 
Club 6.30pm for 7.00pm. 
The LEO’S did a fantas c job manning the Car Wash at the Boot Sale. The day was very successful and  also a big Thanks to the extra kids that helped which worked out well, so wonderful to see. We meet 
again on the 13th of June 2018 in the Science Room at lunch  me.  
Bingo is held on the first Wednesday of the month. The next bingo will be   
Wednesday 6th June, 2018.  
The cost is $5 a book (20 games) and $2 for a jackpot  cket. The pot is up to $85 in 63.  
Now don’t forget we have a cuppa and a snack at hal ime, all free!                                                  Eyes down at 1.00pm  see you there! 
Drawn every Friday night at the Bowling Club at 6pm. $1 a  cket, gives you 2 games. 
The Mini Lo o will be ceasing on the last Friday of June. The numbers will keep on going un l someone  wins it. We are sad to see this finish but it is not worth doing as the support has been poor of late.  
2ND PRIZE WINNER                     BERNADETTE KLUFF  Thank you to all who supported our raffle by buying  ckets.  
2018 JRL Group 19 Season Draw