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  • 7/30/2019 Second Draft Editing


    Second DraftEditing

  • 7/30/2019 Second Draft Editing


    The past week has been very time consuming for other

    subjects, and I have only been able to spend just over anextra 2 hours re-editing the music video, after getting

    feedback on Monday. The feedback I got from my media

    teacher and a fellow media student was exceedingly helpful

    for me and throughout the past week I have referred to it to

    keep making improvements on my video. This presentation

    discusses the editing that I have completed this week and

    the considerations I have made with the criticism I received.

  • 7/30/2019 Second Draft Editing


    Colour Correction

    This was one of the key areas that my media teacher

    thought I could do better on, and I completely agreed with

    him. I wanted bright, expressive and vibrant colours on my

    music video to imply the happiness and inspire audiences to

    follow their dreams. Looking back at my music video, I

    realise how dull some of the scenes were (especially the

    Dunstable Downs scenes) and have used the ColourCorrection filter on most of the scenes shot outside to

    improve the saturation, whiteness and the contrast of


  • 7/30/2019 Second Draft Editing


    Colour Correction

    On Monday, I already begun some colour correction on theoutside basketball and dance scenes to improve the

    brightness and keep all of the colour shots similar.

    I also began to use this filter for the beginning Dunstable

    Downs scenes so that the first 30 seconds was eye catchingand attracts the audiences attention straight away.

  • 7/30/2019 Second Draft Editing


  • 7/30/2019 Second Draft Editing


  • 7/30/2019 Second Draft Editing


  • 7/30/2019 Second Draft Editing


    Black and White

    I got the idea from my media student feedback that I shouldincorporate some black and white editing into some of the

    flashback scenes near the end of my video. I think this is agood idea to show the reflection of the past and bring thenarrative to a conclusion/ending, and I also used this similartechnique last year for my short film opening and it wasvery successful. As I had already made the scenes black and

    white on Monday, I edited them slightly more yesterday totry and give the black and white a more deeper effect, andto do this I added a drop shadow just to darken it and makeit more real.

  • 7/30/2019 Second Draft Editing


    Black and White

    I included this drop shadow for the black and white editing of the flashback

    scenes, and also the fading chair scenes which made them much bolder.

  • 7/30/2019 Second Draft Editing


    Freeze Frames

    Another point that my media teacher made was the

    shakiness of some of the scenes, including the ones taken at

    Dunstable Downs due to the incredible winds on the day. As

    two clips from this setting feature in the first 10 seconds, I

    think it was important I did something to try and reduce

    this. I thought the best way of capturing the scene and

    making sure the editing was good enough was by turningthe shots into freeze frames so the shakiness was eliminated

    altogether. To do this, I had to modify the clip, click onto

    Freeze Frame and then insert it back into my timeline in

    the place that I wanted it to be.

  • 7/30/2019 Second Draft Editing


  • 7/30/2019 Second Draft Editing


    Freeze Frames

    These clips are both shown at the beginning and the end of

    the music vide to show continuation and create an almost

    circular narrative. I think the freeze frames look much more

    professional than before and I was able to do this because

    nothing in the scene moved so it didnt matter visually.

  • 7/30/2019 Second Draft Editing



    A concern that my media teacher had was with the scene ofTayla walking past with her dog. At first, I had cut the clip

    so that Tayla didnt finish walking out of the scene before itwent onto the next one, and he picked up on the fact itdidnt show continuity. This was something I had seenmyself with the scene of Ted doing this at the end, so Iknew straight away what I had to do to improve Taylas

    one. As the timing of the video was already organised, I justhad to make the duration of the clip longer so it showed herwalking out shot, but also increase the speed so she walkedslightly faster for it to fit in with the sequence and timing.

  • 7/30/2019 Second Draft Editing


    This is the clip of Tayla walking, before I had to alter the speed and duration to

    make sure continuity was showed by her walking out of shot.

  • 7/30/2019 Second Draft Editing


    Replacement Clip

    A personal concern of mine was one of the scenes that I had shot

    on my mobile phone that showed Tayla stretching up from the

    ground, shot at St. Albans Park. This particular scene was aworry to me because it was shot vertically, rather than

    horizontally like the other mobile videos, which meant the

    Widescreen filter didnt work on it correctly. Pointing this out

    to my media teacher, he suggested that I replaced the clip

    altogether because the clarity of my phone compared to thecamera was very different too. Once I had received the feedback

    on Monday, I narrowed down a few clips of Tayla completing

    some more dance moves that I may add in instead of that clip.

  • 7/30/2019 Second Draft Editing


    Replacement Clip

    Taking all of the possible replacement clips into school, I

    added them all onto my timeline to see which of themworked the best with the lyrics, timing and other shots in

    front of and behind this section. My favourite shot was the

    one that featured Tayla jumping up in the air, as it also went

    well with the lyrics break out. As she originally jumped

    quite quickly, I had to adjust the duration and speed of the

    clip to fit in with the timing, but in the end managed to get it

    flowing correctly and looking much better than before.

  • 7/30/2019 Second Draft Editing


  • 7/30/2019 Second Draft Editing


    Brightening and Contrast

    Using the brightening and contrast filter again, I went

    through my music video and picked out scenes that Ithought would benefit from being adjusted slightly using

    this. Some scenes in particular that were slightly darker than

    they could have been were some of the LS of Chris playing

    basketball inside. All I did to improve these clips was to

    brighten them up slightly so Chris became more visible and

    the darkness was reduced. This made the clip much easier to

    see and ensure no audience attention would be diverted.

  • 7/30/2019 Second Draft Editing


  • 7/30/2019 Second Draft Editing


    The Journey

    My media teacher made a really valid point on Monday byexplaining that because I had only included a car journey

    scene at the beginning and end, the purpose of it wasnt asclear as it could have been. To try and change this and makethe whole metaphorical journey theme more obvious to theaudience, I decided to go through my music video anddecide if there are any weak scenes that could be replaced

    with a journey clip. I decided that one of the scenes at theend involving the camera tilting up from Teds feet wasactually quite pointless to be shown at the end again as it isalready featured at the beginning. I decided to take this clipout and replace it with a car journey scene, as shown in thenext slide.

  • 7/30/2019 Second Draft Editing


  • 7/30/2019 Second Draft Editing


    Cant control

    One of my favourite scenes, which was backed up by both

    my media teacher and media student was the montage of

    scenes of Ted which was inspired from the Outta MyMind music video by B.O.B and Nicki Minaj. This

    montage of clips is attempting to imply the true meaning of

    the lyrics cant control and basically shows Ted acting as

    if he is turning insane. The fast cuts I had included wasreally effective, although my media teacher suggested there

    was other ways of me experimenting with filters and colour

    to try and make this insane feeling of a higher standard.

  • 7/30/2019 Second Draft Editing


  • 7/30/2019 Second Draft Editing


    Cant control

    To do this, I added a distort filter which copied the movement in

    the clip (Ted) and created an echoing effect after or before it

    happened. This was an extremely good filter that I managed tofind and was really effective in making Ted seem as if he is

    moving really fast. To change all of the scenes up, I changed the

    direction of the echo effect so for some scenes the ghost-like

    effect was before, and for some it was behind. This made the

    montage very different and increased the pace of action. Also, I

    played around with the colour filters and made every other scene

    an abnormal colour effect to give the out of control and insanity

    impression I wanted to create. This lifts the quality of the scenes

    and brings the effect and purpose of them to life much more.

  • 7/30/2019 Second Draft Editing



    One of the scenes that is repeated a lot at the beginning andend of my video is one that shows Tayla lying down at St.

    Albans Park. This was another shot that I took on mymobile phone, and because of this it was quite shaky as Ididnt have the support of a tripod. I liked this scene and itwas important that I still included it in my music videobecause of the amount of times that it was repeated.

    However, to try and improve the shakiness that itunfortunately had, I decided to dramatically slow it downby adjusting the speed and duration. I was able to do this

    because there wasnt anything moving in the scene.

  • 7/30/2019 Second Draft Editing


  • 7/30/2019 Second Draft Editing


    At first I thought of the idea of making the clip a freeze frame, but for some

    reason the slight effect of the grass moving in the wind was obviously not

    captured, and the continuity between it and the following scene (that showed the

    wind blowing a lot) wasnt effective. Due to this, I just altered the

    speed/duration and was a lot happier. It reduced the wobbliness of the cameraand still captured the same effect that I wanted.

  • 7/30/2019 Second Draft Editing



    Near the end of the music video, there is a clip that shows

    Tayla finishing her dance routine in which I used both a LSfirst and then a CU of her facial expression. However,

    watching it more critically, the timing of the change

    between these types of shots wasnt as sharp as it could

    have been so I took the time to just alter this slightly to

    make it work closer with the rhythm. I think it looks much

    better changing at a different part of the beat rather than


  • 7/30/2019 Second Draft Editing


    Miming Timing

    There was a section of my music video in which Ted is

    singing the lyrics just after one of my favourite scenes

    involving him fading in from different areas against thewhite sheet. For some reason, the beginning of him singing

    the last line was cut off due to the cross dissolve I had

    added, but when I watched it altogether I think it lost the

    vibe and meaning behind the lyrics as it didnt start on time.To change this, all I had to do was shorten the cross

    dissolve so he faded into the scene quicker and the

    beginning of this important lyric was captured.

  • 7/30/2019 Second Draft Editing


  • 7/30/2019 Second Draft Editing


    Duration of Transition

    The last thing I did during this week was making the

    duration of the crowd scenes fading in slightly longer as

    before I think they dissolved into the scene slightly tooquick for the rhythm. To do this, I had to make the duration

    of the cross dissolve transition longer than before and then

    extend the duration of the actual crowd scene to fit in with

    the timing of the rest of the video. This was quite a simpleedit for me to do for both of the crowd scenes, but however

    simple it was, it was very effective once it had been done

    and improved the overall music video and timing.

  • 7/30/2019 Second Draft Editing


  • 7/30/2019 Second Draft Editing


    Compare to Last Year

    Last year, I did get some feedback from my media teacherafter we believed we had finished editing, however, itwasnt as formal as this year and I didnt organise for it last

    year. I think that because I only drafted it once beforecompleting the project last year, I didnt spend as longgoing over and tweaking certain bits to make it that little bitmore perfect. Looking back at the short-film from last year,I notice parts in which if I had spent a little bit longer in the

    editing suite, I could have changed and made it better.Taking this into account, I have used this mistake I madelast year to make sure I take my time with editing this yearand formally get feedback from a variety of different peopleso all I can do is improve until I am completely happy withit.

  • 7/30/2019 Second Draft Editing


    Whats next?

    Now I have edited the music video for the second time, I amgoing to go over it again in my media lesson on Monday to make

    sure its all correct again, and then I am going to try and get anon-media student to watch it and give me some feedback, aswell as showing the changes I made to my media teacher. I willthen see if there is anything else I can tweak and play with just tomake it that little bit better, and then should be able to wrap it upand export it.

    Another important thing for me to do is include some credits atthe beginning of the music video, which I will look into doingtomorrow as I already have a perfect scene at the beginning (carjourney) in which I can edit the credits in. I have decided toinclude the name of the song (Wonderful) and also the name of

    the artist, which in this case would be Ted Hazell.