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Sebastian Czuszel Soumyajeet Ghosh Laurence Knobel Zhimin Zheng. Prof. Evans Marketing 231 05/08/2011. Industry Segment Analysis. Leading Institution in the Industry Segment. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Sebastian Czuszel Soumyajeet Ghosh Laurence Knobel Zhimin Zheng

  • Industry Segment Analysis

  • Leading Institution in the Industry SegmentThe Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), serves as the international governing body.FIFA, leading institution in the industry segmentHas 208 member associations.There are six confederations recognized by FIFA which oversee the game in the different continents and regions of the world.

  • Target Market

    The soccer consumer is considered anyone who is connected to the sport in a meaningful way.At the moment, Hispanics represent about 12% of the world's soccer fans, being the fastest growing segment of the soccer population. 37.8 percent of fans are in the 18-34 age group 40 percent are femaleExpanding audience in both industrialized and developing nations.

  • Positioning of the Institution

    Position FIFA as best in class in the sports marketing and sponsorship field.

    Promote FIFAs events as a way to fuel fan excitement and increase the value for host nations, host cities, member associations, FIFA, the sponsors and other key stakeholders

    Position FIFA as an organization that is involved in building better future through various development programs and humanitarian initiatives.

  • Institutions Differential Advantages It does not require much equipment and is comparatively cheap to play. The popularity and growth of soccer had been observed among all social classes. Growth of new media has increased awareness about the sport.Huge government and business support for the sport to ensure its growth.

  • Institutions Differential Advantages contdIncreased participation at the women's level provides an opportunity to expand its influence through increasing the sport's competition among girls all over the world.The design and building of sport-specific stadiums will encourage the growth of community support of the game at the local level. The game could be developed internationally in untapped markets, building upon its strong global brand recognition.

  • Proposed Marketing StrategyPromotionPrintAdvertise in worlds most read newspapers/magazines RadioFocus on Brazils most popular radio stations in order to drive traffic. TelevisionCreate a commercial that features famous soccer players. Run the promotion on BBC, CNN, CCTV and other TV channels that are accessible to an international audience.

    PricingWorld Cup Ticket Prices:2006- $1362010-$1392014-$145

    Demand elasticity will dictate the price.2010 World Cup had issues selling out venues.Secondary market plays a major role.

  • Proposed Marketing StrategySocial MediaSponsorsReinforce existing sponsorship and increase potential sponsor relationships. Presenting Sponsorship: $5,000,000 Recognition as sponsor with logo inclusion in all promotional or advertising in pre-match time, match-day and post-match time with 200 ticketsPlatinum Sponsorship: $3,000,000Recognition as sponsor with logo inclusion in all promotional or advertising in pre-match time, match-day time with 100 ticketsGold Sponsorship: $2,000,000Recognition as sponsor with logo inclusion in all promotional or advertising in pre-match time with 50 ticketsSilver Sponsorship: $1,000,000Logo included for all the printing ads, no tickets.

  • Proposed Marketing StrategyNot only URL, but also phone number and text. 5162636900 The winner is England!

  • Timeline For World Cup Preparation

  • Potential ProblemsThe sports market is very competitive. Vulnerable to elusive fan.High entry fees for youth soccer camps.Weak presence in the United States and Asia. Discouraged sponsors who experienced disappointing results/exposure during the 2010 World Cup.Ticket prices still too high for the poorest sector of the population.