Seamus Ross Director, HATII & ERPANET Associate Director of DCC Services Funders: Service Definition & Delivery Digital Curation Centre a centre of expertise.

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<ul><li><p>Seamus RossDirector, HATII &amp; ERPANETAssociate Director of DCC ServicesFunders:Service Definition &amp; DeliveryDigital Curation Centrea centre of expertise in data curation and preservation</p></li><li><p>Services ObjectivesService Planning and MonitoringPlan and organise Services stream of the DCCStandards, tools, testbeds, and RepositoriesEnsure access to standards, tools and repositories of Representation InformationAdvisory ServicesProvide guidance on curation and preservationAudit and CertificationDeliver Audit and Certification Services to the UK HE, FE and research Community </p></li><li><p>Service Mission StatementTo transform research and development results into facilities and resources that improve digital curation practices and action within the scientific and research communities in the United Kingdom </p></li><li><p>Advisory Services</p><p>track research and development activities by DCC, Associates Network, and others and make monitor standards and technology watch outputsestablish mechanisms to assess leading edge research and to re-package it for practitionersprovide on-demand responses to queriesfrom legal to technical guidance</p></li><li><p>HelpdeskImplemented the Advisory Service Tracking systemEnsures monitoring of requests for assistance, from query to responseMaximises investment in knowledge created through supporting its reuseTracks responsiveness and provides a platform to underpin quality assurance</p></li><li><p>Information ServicesInformation Services in DevelopmentSenior Scientist and Administrator Briefing DocumentsCommunity developed, managed and enhanced DIGITAL CURATION MANUALA source of authorative guidance on best practice and approaches to the preservation and management of digital materialsDatabase of FAQsChecklist for Compliance with best practices and standardsInformation Services AnticipatedCase StudiesPreservation Technology and Standards WatchOnline Learning Materials</p></li><li><p>Training ServicesOn-line learning resourcesResidential skills development courses for practitioners and researchersIntegrated educational resources</p></li><li><p>RepositoriesStandards, tools, testbeds, and repositoriesDevelop guidelines on repository developmentMaintain a standards watching briefBuild catalogue of tools</p></li><li><p>Audit &amp; CertificationEstablish Audit and certification practices Deliver a protocol for audit and certificationDevelopment of Certification ProceduresDevelop self-certification mechanisms</p></li><li><p>Future ServicesRepositoriesFormat Information RegistryA Collaborative Repository on StandardsA Community maintained and participatory tools repositoryResponding to User NeedsNew services arising as a response to user needs</p></li></ul>


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