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Seamless Wraps can provide you with the best mobile advertising for your business. Our experienced team of installers and designers can make your vehicles into marketing tools.

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Vehicle Wrap Media Kit edition

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Explanation of DiffErEnt

typEs of Wraps

full Vehicle WrapSHOWN eMManuel radio - VisiT @ [1230rAdiO.COM] full Vehicle Wrap


full Vehicle Wraps will give you the greatest marketing impact for your business. there is nothing better than to have your brand come to life through your vehicle. once installed, a full Vehicle Wrap completely covers the sides, front, and rear of your vehicle. roof coverage is optional and depends on the size of the car and visibility of the roof. perforated material can also be printed and placed on the side rear and back windows to allow for a larger advertising image.Full vehicle wraps are your best advertising value For the marketing dollars.

create identity


full Vehicle Wrap






What is a Wrap?a vehicle wrap is a process whereby any conceivable design or photograph is printed onto special pressure-sensitive vinyl and applied by hand with heat onto a vehicles painted surface. its like a big sticker. a wrap is the newest and most innovative tool to hit the advertising world in years! Think of a wrap as a full-color mobile billboard.

Explanation of DiffErEnt

typEs of Wraps VeHiCle grApHiCs Help prOjeCT yOur BrAnds iMAge TO THOusAnds OF prOspeCTiVe CusTOMers.SHOWN oldMan oil- VisiT @ [oldManoil.coM] door graphicS and cut decalS

door & cut decalSare you looking for something simple for your vehicle? Maybe your business logo on the door, front, or back of your vehicle? door and cut decals are smaller sections of images or words that are individually cut out and applied to your vehicle. they may include phone numbers, words, or logos that are cut out of vinyl and placed on the sides of your vehicle. its like your business card on a moving vehicle. combined with perforated window graphics, cut vinyl graphics can create a great look.

partial Vehicle WrapSSHOWN caKeology- VisiT @ [caKeology.coM] partial Vehicle Wrap partial Wraps cover half to three-quarters of the vehicle. sometimes the color of the vehicle is used as part of the design. Sometimes a cut vinyl graphic is used on the unwrapped portion to complete the look. if you have a small business and you are looking for a little something that will be eye-catching and affordable, then this option might just be for you.

field facts

3M measured the advertising effectiveness of fleet graphics for Cadbury-schweppes Company using gps units to track 10 snapple trucks through two major metropolitan areas.adVertiSing MediuMTelevision Magazine Newspaper Radio Vehicle Wraps**

ONoF vehicle wrapseFFectivenesscoSt per thouSand coSt of (cpM)* equiValent dec$23.70 $21.46 $19.70 $7.75 $0.48 $1,445,700 $1,309,060 $1,201,700 $472,750 $30,000

*Based on 61 million Prime DEC annually; average of top 40 media market from Media Buyers Guide. **Based on cost of test trucks.789 Wachusett street holden Ma 01520 phone: 508.345.0253 web:

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typEs of Wraps

Specialty WrapS


thoMaS clayton of the neW england patriotS Matte blacK

Matte blacK Wrapnothing adds a splash of attitude to your car better than a Matte black Wrap. a full car wrap in luxurious matte black can be achieved at a fraction of what a custom paint job would normally cost. unlike paint, if your car is ever damaged in any way, you can simply have the damaged section replaced on your car without the cost and hassle of custom painting. Matte black Wraps are removable, so when its time to trade that car in or return it to the leasing company, youre not stuck with extra payments or penalties for changing your cars original paint sEaMs DistinCtiVE

We THink yOull Agree THAT nOTHing sAys exCellenCe like MATTe BlACk.

stand out in the crowd

Explanation of DiffErEnt

typEs of Wraps

Specialty WrapS caMo WrapSadding camo to your car is the perfect thing for hunting season and can be easily removed when youre finished. Camouflage wraps are utilized by hunters looking to blend in with their surroundings. There is an added benefit to rolling into your location in a camouflage vehicle.

Matte White Wrap

Seamless Wraps has proven to be an invaluable resource. having recently moved to new hampshire from the heart of los angeles, i was dismayed by the choice of car customizing options. not only did Seamless Wraps offer me the best deal on car wrapping in the new england area, they even handled the pickup and delivery of the vehicle. When i received the vehicle back, its look had been completely changed. the matte white practically popped out at you, and was a significant departure from the bleak grey that it replaced. the wrap itself was truly seamless, resembling a high quality paint job. almost everywhere i go, i get compliments on the unique color. a year later, Seamless Wraps once again contacted me to provide a free touch up. at the time, i was looking to change a few of the trim pieces to matte black. not only were they supportive of my ideas, they offered to perform all of the services for me. in addition to painting all of the trim pieces black, they arranged for the wheels to be powder coated in a timely and pocket-friendly manner. Seamless Wraps have truly turned into a one-stop car customizing shop, rivaling even the best in california. i would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone interested in quickly changing the look of their vehicle. Leonard B. Ross Jr


dont get an airbrush job when you can get what you want at half the cost. here at Seamless Wraps, we make the best custom boat graphics that shows off your uniqueness and style from the dock to the marina to the open waters. Whether youre a tournament fisherman, a captain of a high performance boat, or just cruising on the weekend, we can turn your boat into a unique work of art that immediately sets you apart from the rest of the fleet.


take your company name on the road! the trailer side advertising revolution is here, and were providing a service that allows creative and effective marketing strategies to be seen by everyone at any time and any place. this is done without any harm to the trailers oeM paint. Keep in mind that if the decision to remove the trailer wraps or graphics was ever made, no visible trace of the installation would be left behind. in fact, many trailer and fleet companies use this advertising medium because the units are leased or rented. high clarity images can cover all sides of a vehicle including rear, roll up doors, or swing doors. When consumers see trailer wraps and graphics, they remember it.789 Wachusett street holden Ma 01520 phone: 508.345.0253 web:

SeaMleSS WrapS iS a SMart inVeStMent foraMazing ViSibility opportunitieS

MaKe iMpreSSionS! Transit advertising claims 19% of total dollars spent on outdoor advertising (as of 2003). The Outdoor Advertising industry has nearly doubled since 1993 from $1.19B to $2.09B in 2003. These numbers continue to grow each year. Four out of five Americans walk a weekly average of 6.1 miles per week in a town, city, or downtown area. This pedestrian traffic represents a significant reach opportunity for advertisers. 96% of people surveyed said vehicle graphics have more impact than billboards. 91% notice the words and pictures on trucks. Fleet vehicle advertising boosts name recognition 15 times greater than any other form of advertising.

Mobile advertising can be the most effective and efficient form of outdoor advertising, reaching consumers at a lower cost per thousand impressions (cpM) than any other form of outdoor advertising. One vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000 - 70,000 impressions daily. More than 95% of Americans are reached by media targeting vehicle drivers and passengers. Federal Highway Administration study forecasts a sharp increase in the amount of time spent in personal vehicles and the number of trips per household. Fleet Vehicle Wraps are increasingly being used as part of the marketing mix. They are ideally suited for advertising campaigns such as new product launch and event marketing initiatives. 30% of mobile outdoor viewers indicate they would base a buying decision on the ad they see.

yOur AdVerTising dOllAr. Heres WHy!eye catching deSign

hit theM in a nano Second

Our team of graphic designers assist your company in making sure that we create a design that is original, captivating, and fits the logo or theme of your business. Our design team is in-house and works closely with our production team. if you have any concerns about the design aspects, our team of experts will help you conceptualize the design and implement it to the distinct type of wraps you would need.


The Transportation Advertising Council of Americas market research indicates that wraps on vehicles have a recall rate of 97 percent. ninetysix percent of respondents said mobile is more effective than traditional outdoor advertising and it generates 2 times more attention than a static billboard. it captures the attention of heavy commuters and leaves millions of impressions in the area of business. car wraps can last for over four years, making them a more cost-effective advertising solution than publication ads.

789 Wachusett street holden Ma 01520 phone: 508.345.0253 web:

Explanation of DiffErEnt

typEs of Wraps

Specialty WrapSadvertise your business across the country with a custom rV Wrap for your company. rV wraps are highly costeffective and will grant your business maximum exposure on a mobile billboard you can advertise anywhere. drivers and commuters will have no choice but to look at the dramatic vehicle wrap displayed on your own rV as it drives around your area of service. rV wrap advertising provides a unique and excellent market reach because it has the potential to generate thousands of impressions per day, depending on where your auto wrap advertising vehicle travels. Seamless Wraps is all you need for rV wraps and mobile home wraps. Wraps are great for advertising an event or just adding your own personal style to your rV. Seamless Wraps will design, print, and install professional-quality rV wraps that will last.


commercial Vehicle and fleet Vehicle graphics are the best form of advertising you can buy! lowest cost, highest impact of any advertising medium. the style and type of company and corporate fleet graphics that can be applied to your fleet boosts awareness and marketing power for your particular product or service. All of our fleet graphics designs are unique to you and your business, increasing your visibility and separating you from the competition! photographic quality, high resolution fleet graphics gets the attention of commuters and shows that your company is ready to do business. do not waste another day missing out on the benefits of fleet graphics identification. every vehicle in your fleet provides you with an opportunity to advertise your company. Whether its a logo to reinforce your brand or a full coverage advertisement, your company will benefit from the power of fleet and corporate vehicle branding and graphics.



Seamless Wraps goes above and beyond by creating customized advertising vehicles that not only gain the attention of millions, but promises that it will gain the attention your product deserveswithingenuity and creativity. you will witness our in-house fabricators take your craziest ideas and inject some life into them. do you think a delivery vehicle looking like a slice of pizza would look great for your restaurant? Or fish for your pet store business? We can customize any vehicle for your business.

789 Wachusett street holden, Ma 01520

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our Vehicle SerViceS:

Seamless Wraps offers the best in mobile advertising. We provide quick, easy and professional services for those with a strong passion for their vehicles. We offer high quality design, printing, and installation for all your personal and business needs. Whether you want to market your business, a new color for your vehicle, or art in motion, our passion for perfection will fulfill your needs. no paint. no mess. no problem. Seamless Wraps has worked on all types of vehicles: cars, vans, trucks, and buses. our expertise in design and installation will transform your vehicle into an amazing mobile advertisement. all of us at Seamless Wraps are involved, from beginning to end, in the marketing of your vehicle. our expert installers will make your design ideas a reality.

789 Wachusett street holden Ma 01520 phone: 508.345.0253 web:

789 Wachusett street holden Ma 01520 phone: 508.345.0253 web:

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