Sealing cord for threaded pipes now available in two pack sizes

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<ul><li><p>NEWS</p><p>2Sealing Technology June 2004 </p><p>Editorial office: Elsevier Advanced Technology, PO Box 150, Kidlington, Oxford OX5 1AS,UK. Tel: +44 (0)1865 843239, Fax: +44 (0)1865 843971</p><p>Editor: Bob Flitney, Tel: +44 (0)1799 501659, Email: In-House Editor: Steve Barrett, Email: s.barrett@elsevier.comProduction Coordinator: Jonathan Bowden</p><p>Editorial advisory board: William V Adams (USA) Yves Birembaut (F) Cyril X Latty (F) Amrat Parmar (UK) John Plumridge (UK) Richard F Salant (USA) Wolfgang Schpplein (D) Neil M Wallace (UK)</p><p>Permissions may be sought directly from Elsevier Rights &amp; Permissions Department, POBox 800, Oxford OX5 1DX, UK; Tel: +44 (0)1865 843830, Fax: +44 (0)1865 853333,Email: You may also contact Rights &amp; Permissions directlythrough Elseviers home page (, selecting first CustomerSupport, then General Information, then Permissions Query Form. 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Although all advertising material is expectedto conform to ethical (medical) standards, inclusion in this publication does not constitute aguarantee or endorsement of the quality or value of such product or of the claims made of itby its manufacturer. </p><p>02129 Printed by Mayfield Press (Oxford) Ltd </p><p>Meter provides rapid water vaportesting of electronics enclosuresAlthough many seals can provide agood barrier to water, they will stillallow permeation of water vapor amajor problem for many enclosuresfor electronic equipment.</p><p>UK-based Versaperm Ltd has nowintroduced a quick and simple way totest materials, seals and finished enclo-sures. Water vapor can be extremelyinvasive, and the problems it causeshave been estimated to cost hundredsof millions of pounds in the UK eachyear. The Versaperm Water VapourTransmission (WVTR) meter hasbeen designed to permit rapid testingof seals for enclosures etc. It can copewith several samples at a time, and cansometimes give a reading in as little as30 min compared to several days forgravimetric measurement. The metergives a series of digital readouts thatcan be recorded or simply read off ascreen. It does not require re-calibra-tion, and can give results that are accu-rate to better than one part per </p><p>million. Sensitivities are in the rangeof 0.053200 g/m2/day.</p><p>As well as manufacturing theinstruments, Versaperm also offers awater vapor permeability laboratoryservice for companies that need to testsamples on an irregular basis.</p><p>Contact:Versaperm Ltd, B940-H41 Popjak Road,Sittingbourne Research Centre,Sittingbourne, Kent ME9 8PS, UK.Tel: +441795 430490, Fax: +44 1795 438274,Web:</p><p>Editors comment: This equipment looksvery interesting, as this is a widespreadproblem. However, users should bewareof excessively short test periods, as perme-ation can take some time if there is acontorted sealing path. A feature inSealing Technology in September 2003described some of the necessary designfeatures to minimize vapor ingress andmethods to estimate the permeation.</p><p>Food-grade coating smoothes O-ring insertionKlber Lubrication has intro-duced a water-miscible thermoset-ting coating that is intended toprovide a dry, low-friction surfacewith good elasticity (up to 150%)on elastomers or metals.</p><p>The lubricant called KlubertopTP 38-901 is formulated fromFDA-approved raw materials, andcan be used in applications thatrequire a bonded coating and con-tact between foodstuffs and compo-nent cannot be excluded. A slow-speed friction coefficient of less than0.03 is achievable on metal sub-strates and 0.20.35 for elastomers,depending on rubber hardness.</p><p>As the coating is completely dryand virtually colorless, neither thehandling of the component nor itsaesthetics are affected. Assemblyforces for insertion of O-rings andother elastomer sealing rings can bereduced by 40%.</p><p>Contacts:Klber Lubrication Mnchen KG,Geisenhausenerstrasse 7, D-81379Mnchen, Germany. Tel: +49 89 78760,Fax: +49 89 7876 333,www.klueber.comIn the UK: Kluber Lubrication GB, HoughMills, Northowram, Halifax HX3 7BN,UK. Tel: +44 1422 205115, Fax: +441422 206073.</p><p>Stemco unveils new long-life wheel-end systemTexas-based Stemco has intro-duced the Platinum PerformanceSystem Plus (PPS+) as a high-per-formance wheel-end system, with alimited five-year parts and laborwarranty coverage for new vehicles.</p><p>The PPS+ includes the Discoveror Guardian HP Seal, which com-bines high-temperature elastomerswith PTFE to assist with achievinglong-life sealing performance. Theseals are part of a package that</p><p>includes an integrated hub cap withbidirectional venting, a Pro-TorqAxle Nut to permit consistent bear-ing adjustment, and heavy duty bearings.</p><p>Contact:Stemco LLC, 300 Industrial Boulevard,Longview,TX 75602-4720, USA.Tel: +1903 758 9981, Fax: +1 903 232 3509,Web:</p><p>Sealing cord for threaded pipesnow available in two pack sizesLoctite 55 sealing cord is nowavailable in two pack sizes, inlengths of 150 m and 50 m.</p><p>The sealing cord, which looksrather like dental floss, is intendedas a replacement for other meth-ods of sealing threaded pipes suchas PTFE tape, pastes and solventdrying compounds. The thinfibers are wound around the malethreads of the joint, and then cutusing the sharp in-built edge. Thejoint is sealed immediately onassembly, and is claimed to lastalmost indefinitely. The cord willeven allow backing off if theassembly fittings do not align thefirst time.</p><p>The cord can be used on castiron, steel, brass, copper, chrome,</p><p>nickel-plated and galvanized sur-faces, stainless steel and plastic.</p><p>A particular advantage claimedfor the cord is that it will not shredor tear and cause sealing particledebris in the pipework. The cord isapproved for both the gas industryand for use with potable water upto 85C.</p><p>Contacts:USA: Henkel Loctite Corporation, 1001Trout Brook Crossing, Rocky Hill, CT06067-3910, USA. Tel: +1 860 5715100, Fax: +1 860 571 5465, www.loc-tite.comEurope: Henkel Loctite Adhesives Ltd,Watchmead, Welwyn Garden City,Herts. AL7 1JB, UK. Tel: +44 1707358800, Fax: +44 1707 358906.</p></li></ul>


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