SDH Network Capacity Analyzer – customized for Huawei T-2000 NMS

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Text of SDH Network Capacity Analyzer – customized for Huawei T-2000 NMS

Muhammad Sajid Sher (

SNCA - ScreenshotDeveloped in Java MS-Access Database contains all the Network related information Currently customized to work with Huawei T-2000 Server only


SDH Network Planning process requires accurate information of the operational Network Its never easy to maintain 100% accurate databases of network configuration and utilization Exact information can only be taken from NMS Databases Offline tools to work on NMS live Databases are rare SDH Networks bandwidth planning requires extensive working and actual information from NMS is always helpful in assigning bandwidth resources

This Tool has been developed to address all above issues and make life of SDH Network planners easy Customized to work with live Huawei T-2000 NMS


All the modules run on the actual configuration data taken from Huawei T-2000 Server You can easily synchronize with actual configurations in your Huawei SDH Network and comfortably perform planning activities offline when away from NMS Makes SDH Network capacity planning job easy Actual configurations give 100% live information of the capacity utilization, network topology and resources Easily convert NMS configuration Script files to MS Excel and MS Access Database for record keeping and analyses

Always work on actual Data even when you are away from your Huawei T-2000 NMS


To view SDH Network Topology To view circuits/trails configured in SDH Network along with route diagrams and complete hop by hop configurations To verify circuit configurations according to MS-SPRing circuit configuration rules To view network bandwidth utilization graphically hop by hop To identify different MS-SPRing protection subnets To manage Lower Order SDH circuits and capacity view all Server Trails configured in the network

Data Extraction from NMS

Extract Script File from Huawei T-2000 NMS NWCfg_Local NM.txt is generated and fetched from NMS Server via FTP File contains complete details of Network Topology and Trail configuration T-2000 V2R5 Release has been fully tested Converter Tool converts complex Text based information to readable and Manageable Excel and Access files Application connects with MS-Access using JDBC to perform different operations

Network Topology

Network topology information is extracted from NMS Script file and MS Access Database is populated Application displays complete Network topology graphically MS-SPRing subnets are displayed with different colors

Trails Search

Complete trail information is extracted from NMS Script file and MS Access Database is populated Trails can be searched based on Nodes, Slots, Ports, VC-4 and Time slots Trails with Wrong configuration (not meeting MS-SPRing configuration criteria) can be identified and corrected configuration in the Network avoids outages Detailed circuit route is displayed graphically

Capacity Visualization

Application displays hop by hop utilization of different links Different colors indicate different circuit levels Green color indicates free capacity

MS-Trails View

Complete Server trails information is extracted from NMS Script file and MS Access Database is populated Graphical display of Server Trails shows utilization and free capacity on each Server Trail Network wide view of Server Trails helps managing Lower Order Cross Connect resources

Please contact on following email for any further information or if you are interested in the Software Tool (