Scuba Diving And Snorkeling On Holiday

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Scuba diving and Snorkeling in Thailand


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Scuba Diving And Snorkeling On Holiday

Numerous people who get pleasure from scuba diving and snorkeling pick their vacation destinations with their leisure pursuit in mind. Some of the top vacation destinations for scuba diving and snorkeling are the Caribbean, Mexico, the Mediterranean and Thailand. Most individuals like to go to view the aquatic wildlife, which means that the water has to be relatively clean.

Most divers like to search for marine animals and scenery, whilst others like to look for wrecks. As it happens, fish and plants like to inhabit wrecks too because they provide protection from predators.

So diving wrecks offers excitement and the opportunity to observe wildlife. However, there is the added anticipation of treasure hunting.

If you like the idea of diving wrecks and searching for artefacts and treasure, you have to know that wrecks are perilous, because you can become caught on railings, trapped in cabins or even get your oxygen line cut by some sharp edge, causing you to come up too quickly, which could give you the bends.

Not just that, but it is frequently illegal to go treasure hunting on wrecks that are not in international water (that is, more than fifteen miles off shore) and that normally means deep water where there is little chance of you being rescued if you become a cropper. Diving wrecks without a guide is a very dangerous business indeed.

However, most countries where scuba diving and snorkeling are well-liked vacation pastimes also have diving clubs, schools and instructors on the beaches or linked with the better hotels.

For example, in Thailand, there are literally hundreds of diving schools for holiday makers in Pattaya, Phuket, Hua Hin, Ko Samui and Pi-Pi. You can either approach one of these clubs yourself or ask your hotel to recommend one.

Most of the diving schools in these well-liked seaside resorts in Thailand are run from bars by ex-pats, but this does not mean that they are not completely professional. Individuals like to dive in the warm sea in the morning and early afternoon and then withdraw to the bar to eat something and plan the next day's trip. Most of these bar-diving clubs either have their own boats or go halves with a boat with friends.

Membership is usually free or it might be a nominal amount in order to comply with local laws, but it is unlikely to cost more than $10 for a fortnight. If you do not have your diving equipment with you, you can normally hire it or if you have never been diving before, you can get your basic diver's certificate during your holiday.

Many divers use the diving trail to see southern Thailand. The destinations that I mentioned above are not very far apart. You could drive it in a hire car, travel in a bus over night from one to the other or fly from one resort to the next in 30-40 minutes. Car hire, VIP bus travel and internal flights are pretty cheap in Thailand.

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