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2. Which is the brain of the cell? A. Nucleus B. Golgo bodiesd. mitochondria C. Chloroplast D. Mitochondrion 3. What organs act as filters by removingwastes such as urea from the blood? A. kidney B. heart d. mitochondria C. liver D. lungs 4. Which of this is a good example of abase ? A. Sodium hydroxide B. Water or H2Od. mitochondria C. Vegetable oil D. Hydrocloric acid 5. Which microscope uses lenses andobjectives to magnify?A. atomic force microscopeB. compound light microscoped. mitochondriaC. scanning electron microscopeD. transmission electron microscope 6. Which of the following forms of life isnot eukaryotic?A. a bacterial cellB. protist such as an amoeba d. mitochondriaC. a plant cell like gumamelaD. a human cell such as a red blood cell 7. As bones grow older, they hardenbecause of bone cells and minerals.What do you call this process? A. Osteomalacia B. osteoarthritisd. mitochondria C. ossification D. osteoporosis 8. What is the disease caused by lack ofinsulin? A. diabetes B. dwarfism d. mitochondria C. giantism D. goiter 9. Which of the following is the entrypoint of proteins into cellularrespiration?A. acetyl CoAB. oxaloacetic acidd. mitochondriaC. pyruvic acidD. all of them 10. Which of the following is NOT a causeof infertility? A. Physical difficulties B. Irregular menstrual cycled. mitochondria C. Low sperm count in males D. Erectile disfunction 11. The vascular bundles are responsiblefor the distribution of nutrients to allparts of the plant. These are made upof the following:A. endodermis onlyd. mitochondriaB. xylem and phloemC. xylem and endodermisD. phloem and endodermis 12. A nucleotide is composed of: A. base onlyd. mitochondria B. protein only C. sugar only D. sugar, phosphate and base 13. Which idea stems from the theory ofevolution? A. The earth is relatively young.d. mitochondria B Each organism is specially created. C. Species are related by common descent D. A mix of fossils in a region indicates that a local catastrophe occurred.