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  • 1. John CummingsWikimedian in Residence for the ScienceMuseum and Natural History

2. Educate people about Wikimedia projectsTeach people how to contribute to themHelp people to improve articles relating to thesubjects the museums coverFind ways that I can help the museum to useopen knowledge projects 3. What is WikipediaWikipedia is a free, web-based, collaborative, multilingualencyclopediaEditable by everyoneWritten collaborativelyAn aggregator of open license resourcesPeer reviewedKeeps every previous version of an articleCreative Commons Attribution Share a like 4. Alan TuringInformationLanguages16,760,636 freely usable media files to which anyonecan contribute 5. Science Museum mission:To make sense of the science that shapes ourlives. 6. What does Wikimedia do?"Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given freeaccess to the sum of all human knowledge. Thats what were doing."Jimmy WalesWe have lived in this world where little things are done for love and bigthings for money. Now we have Wikipedia. Suddenly big things can be donefor love.Clay Shirky 7. Wikipedias AudienceThe largest encyclopedia ever written, availablein 285 languages.The 6th most visited websiteServes 500 million people each month, 21billion page views a month (3 billion mobile) e.gLHC article is viewed 1m times a year inEnglish and is available in 76 languagesFunded by donations and run by acharity; the Wikimedia Foundation 8. Wikimedia FoundationWikipediaWiktionaryWikiquoteWikibooksWikisourceWikispeciesWikinewsWikiversityWikimedia CommonsMediaWiki 9. wikimedia foundation 10. Who writes Wikipedia?Everyone can edit Wikipedia100,000 regular contributorsSome languages are very big like English, some languagesare very small like WelshThe editors have control, they were the ones who decidedto turn Wikipedia off for a day"Wikipedia doesnt work in theory, only in practice" 11. Who writes Wikipediax200 12. licenses 13. Mobile phones have limited screen size andability to display mediaLack of infrastructure for laptops with or withoutan internet connectionBooks: Transportation and storage costs canbe 4x production cost 14. Photocopy shop 15. Some of the reasons organisationsadd content to open knowledgeprojectsAdded value of connected information andtranslation into other languagesLots more people seeing the content 16. QRpedia 17. The plugWikipedia sessionswhenever you likeHow Wikipedia works, how to edit, rules andguidelineLets have a chat about your ideas 18. commonsThe History of Wikipedia videoOn demand publishing in rural AfricaInvention to keep the lions awayWikipedia ZeroSugata Mitra: Build a school in the cloud, TEDQRpedia.orgMichael Edson : GLAMwiki 2013Cherry Mae: Open Access for the 3rd WorldWikimedia report cardWhy Wikipedia is as important as the pyramidsWikipedia Page views toolCreative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0

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