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Science is alive at Crowder College. Crowder Colleges Alternative Energy Program . Articulations Across the State. Missouri Alternative and Renewable Energy Technology Center. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Crowder Colleges Alternative Energy Program Articulations Across the State

  • Following decades of success in solar energy projects, the Missouri Legislature designated Crowder College in 1992 as the States renewable energy education center. The resulting Missouri Alternative and Renewable Energy Technology (MARET) Center is recognized internationally for its contributions to the energy field.Check out our Historical Information sheet

    The mission of the MARET Center is to expand renewable energy throughout the region with educationapplied research, and economic development.

    Crowder offers:

    Three AAS degrees (wind, solar, biofuels) Three AA degrees (same), One AS degree (pre-engineering) 6 certificates (1 wind, 2 solar, 3 biofuels)

    The MARET Center also assists in new product development and other business support services in renewable energy.

    Educational programs include certification and transfer degrees encompassing: Green constructionSolar technologiesWindBio fuels.

  • "Programs like this (MARET) are crucial to the efforts we have for our economy and for our national security. Our Nation needs to have a new energy policy, an all-of-the-above strategy, and this is definitely part of that all-of-the-above strategy.

    -- U.S. Congressman, Roy Blunt

  • This unique agreement will allow students to train to become wind energy technicians at northwest Missouri wind farms.

    While this type of technology program is too expensive for either school to operate individually for relatively small numbers, the agreement reduces the cost for both schools and expands the ability to train in wind energy statewide. There is a tremendous demand for wind energy technicians right now, as one technician is needed for every five wind turbines in use. Dr. Neil Nuttall, president of North Central Missouri College

  • CertificateWind Energy TechnicianThe Wind Energy Technician certificate provides students with a unique applied foundation in wind energy technology. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for entry level employment or further study in the area. Students must earn 24 hours for this certificate.Certificate courses are based on jobs projected not just in the wind industry but also for industrial maintenance more jobs are available in this area.

  • Orientation 1 hour COLL 101 College OrientationCommunications 2 hours COLL 103 Practical CommunicationsMathematics 3 hours MATH 104 Technical MathematicsMajor Courses 18 hours CNS 101 Introduction to Electronics (3) Notes: ENER 132 Introduction to Wind (3) --NCCER Registration is available with the addition of CONS 105--CONS 143 is a prerequisite for CONS 283.--ENER 132, CNS 101, and CONS 283 are prerequisites for ENER 134.--ENER 134 is a prerequisite for ENER 232.CONS 143 Basic Electricity (3)CONS 283 Advanced Electricity I (3)ENER 134 Wind Turbine Troubleshooting(3)ENER 232 Wind Turbine Internship (3)Posted: 9-16-09 please consult our college catalog for the latest information on this program.

  • Admissions/Enrollment:Students fill out NCMCs application to the collegeCrowder has an additional form at time of admissions for necessary documentation at our institutionMust provide proof of citizenship Residency is based on where student lives for tuition rateStudents in the program must meet the minimum requirements academically at both institutions to remain in the program.

    Financial Aid:Student signs consortium agreementClose collaboration between NCMC/Crowder to verify enrollment both institutions monitor studentIf not attending, Crowder will stop aidMust take at least one class (3 credits) at Crowder during each semester in order to receive a student loanStudent must complete all Financial Aid requirements with Crowder before getting aid (verification documents), even if verified previously with NCMCMust maintain good academic standing NCMC and Crowder work together to ensure students do well, and remain in the program

  • Please contact Mr. Dan Eberle MARET Program ManagerCrowder College601 Laclede Ave.Neosho, MO 64850

    417-455-5422 phone417-455-5669

  • Please contact Mr. Jim RiggsAdmissions DirectorCrowder College, 601 Laclede Ave.Neosho MO 64850

    417-455-5709 phone417-455-5696

  • Please contact Ms. Michelle Paul Financial Aid DirectorCrowder College601 Laclede Ave.Neosho, MO 64850

    417-455-5566 phone417-455-5731

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