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  • 1. School LunchThe differences of school lunchbetween United States and ChinaBy: Yu Chen

2. American school lunch VS. Chinese schoollunchAmerican school lunch Chinese school lunch 3. American school lunch VS. Chinese schoollunchAmerican school lunch NO OUT SIDE LUNCH Almost everything is fried Cold milk Terrible taste Terrible smell Only 45 minutesChinese school lunch Either outside or inside lunch All type of food Hot soup Both taste and smell are good 45 minutes for inside lunch 2 hours for outside lunch 4. No fry food =healthy students 5. Fries and hamburgers = FATS 6. Word cloud 7. InterviewThe person who I had interviewed is Calvin: Q: Do you like our school lunch? Why or why not.A: I dont like our school lunch because its taste bad, not healthyfood and always same food. Q: Do you like school lunch in China better or in America?A: I didnt have school lunch in China, but I heard from my friend inChina that their school lunch is good. Q: Do you want to have outside lunch?A: Yeah! Why not? That I wonder for a long time. 8. School lunch is not healthy for students Nutrition is important it helps our bodies and brains grow and develop into theway that they are supposed to. Schools claim that they offer the right nutrients infoods. But according to an online study 15 percent of 13-15 year old girls areobese and 14 percent of 13-15 year old boys are obese and schools can be atblame for this epidemic. According to Physicians Committee for ResponsibleMedicine and the Healthy School Lunch Campaign "school foods are too rich insaturated fat and cholesterol." Schools claims that teens are better off getting alunch at school than to bring their own because they offer healthier choices butaccording to a article that was written in the times about school lunches achocolate chip cookie that is sold at school has 300 calories. Thats about 1/8 ofthe calories most people are supposed to have a day. The nachos that are alsoofferd at school have 408 calories and thats more than a third of our daily fatallowance. 9. The issue of school lunch However, it is very clear that offering students better lunch is very important as it promotesacademic, physical and social fitness in students at the same time reducing obesity rates. Benefitsof better school lunch. There are a lot of benefits that is associated with the provision of betterschool lunch which meet all the nutritional standards as opposed to one which does not. Theprovision of better school lunch has several advantages that provide the student with the abilityto school and excel in every sphere of their life. With better lunch being offered in schools, it isless likely that students will be given food which has high levels of starch and fat. The food offeredwill therefore ensure that students are not exposed to obesity can be of great harm to them. Acset al (2007) confirm that nutritious food versus non-nutritious food has become a determinantfactor regarding the attainment of good health and reduction of obesity. Reduction of obesity isthus achievable through the use of better lunch which has all the requirement nutrients in it. Inthis way, student will be able to participate well in their school activities and program without thefear of the body size. It has been found that obese student undergo a stigma that tends to makethem isolate themselves from other students while in school (Poppendieck, 2008). 10. Teen Ink Wikipedia Baidu.comFollow-up information of credible sources 11. 1. What kind school lunch do you like?2. Do you want to have more choices about school lunch?3. Which one of choices you would like more, inside school or outsdie?4. Would you pay for school lunch if it become much better? 12. http:// 13. The EndThank you