School Libraries Developing Information Literacy Skills.

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  • School Libraries DevelopingInformation Literacy Skills

  • DevelopmentEvolved from individual Competency Curriculum Days (2007 & 2008)Used the RSA Opening Minds Competences:Citizenship, Learning, Managing Information, Managing Situations, Relating to PeopleManaging information:existence of aliens / creating a travel pack for a city break partnership between teachers and librarian to plan and create lessonsBUT little evidence of pupils transferring skills or cross-curricular reinforcement so

  • 2008-2009Skills Curriculum:6 departments keen to work on Managing Information competence English, Technology, History, Languages, Science & ICTJointly planned lessons with Librarian a term per departmentEach class to have 6 lessonsFocus is development of information literacy skills ~Process as important as outcome integral part of the workTheme for 1st term: Past, Present and FutureEach of the competences revolves around this themeAll planned by reps from each department, including Library

  • A Helping Hand with ResearchBased onJohn Cabot AcademyHand-Up model

  • Illustration: Mr M. Owen

  • 2009-2010Skills Curriculum:Year 7 taught for 40% of timetable by their tutorTutor team = volunteers Skills teachersRest of staff have to build on skills in lessons and have had to create lessons making the skills explicitHelping pupils to see themselves as learnersDevelopment of skills for learning 2009 & 2010: in Skills : Ready Steady Go! Intro module 2009 & 2010: in Technology: Timeline Inventions Project New for 2010: in English: Mysteries fact file New for 2010: in History: Olympics investigation New for 2010: in Skills: Cross-curricular theme

  • Positive ImpactLibrary automatically integrated into the annual planning better prepared and able to resourceLibrarian accepted as partner in learning process and participates in all planning and development meetingsLibrarian asked to do whole-school staff trainingInformation literacy skills on the whole school agendaSkills reinforced in cross-curricular waySkills taught in more structured way

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