Scale dynamometer for testing clock-type indicators

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    Yu. P. V i shnev UDC 681.2.089.62:531.717

    Changes in an indicator readings produced by applying to its measuring stem a lateral effort are determined according to [1] by means of a device (see Figs. 6 and 7 in [1]) calibrated in efforts of 3-4 N applied to the end of its lever.

    The Chelyabinsk Plant Strommashina has developed a design for the dynamometer used in testing such indi- cators and provided it with a scale in order to raise the uniformity of testing. In manufacturing the dynamometer, the bench work consists of only graduating the scale and assembling the dynamometer. The dynamometer (see Fig. 1) comprises the cylindrical casing 10, the lever 12 with the insert 1 made of spring wire 2 mm in diameter, and the spring 4 with 20 turns. One end of the spring 4 is attached to the hook of the lever 12, and its other end is se- cured by means of the round nut 7 and the fixing screw 6, which also prevents the nut from turning. In rotating the screw 5 in the nut 7, the latter is displaced and stretches the spring 4, thus changing its tension. The lever 12 is held on its axis 11, which is fixed in the eyes of the casing 10. The guiding stopper 8 is inserted into the casing 10. The guiding stepper 8 is inserted into the casing 10. The packing 9 is used for adjusting purposes, The indicator 2 is screwed into the arm of the lever 12. The flag 3 with its scale is fixed to the casing 10.

    The Scale on the flag is plotted by means of dial-type balances. The end graduation of the scale correspond to the efforts of 3 and 4 N applied to the end of the lever.

    l 2 II I1~ ~ $ 5 ? 8 9

    / I '~ / i~- . , . . . . . - , .~ " IF , - - ,..

    Fig. 1



    Instruction No. 141-55: Testing Clock-Type Indicators.

    Translated from Izmeritel'naya Tekhnika, No. 7, p. 69, July, 1972. Original article submitted January 6, 1972.

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