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Scaffold & Debris Netting · PDF file 2019-04-23 · Scaffold & Debris Netting. For scaffold enclosures and light debris containment. Custom finished or sold by the roll. FR materials

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  • Construction Division

    InCord • 860.537.1414 •

    Scaffold & Debris Netting For scaffold enclosures and light debris containment.

    Custom finished or sold by the roll.

    FR materials meet or exceed



    Where there’s construction, there’s debris –falling or flying objects that can seriously injure people and severely damage property if not for the safeguard of protective netting. Debris netting from InCord can wrap a work area in safety, shielding against wind and sun exposure and protecting personnel, pedestrians, and nearby structures from harm of falling material.

    The Right Materials for Optimum Performance InCord carries a variety of debris netting to suit almost any jobsite requirement. From containment of dust and liquid to building materials and tools, our experts can determine the right netting to meet your needs to increase safety and prevent costly downtime.

    Standards and Compliance When installed and maintained properly, InCord scaffold netting complies with OSHA regulations and meets CPAI-84, Section 6, Tent Walls and Tops, as well as applicable sections of NYC Building code 2014, Chapter 33. Netting is also available flame retardant, to meet or exceed NFPA-701.

    Full Rolls or Custom Finished InCord offers full rolls of netting to use as-is on fencing or scaffolding, or custom-sized and bordered panels to accommodate unique site challenges.

    InCord debris netting can install with industrial-strength netting ties, or with snap hooks to steel cable for large or complex installations. Order with hardware options for a full turn-key solution.

    Keep the Job Moving Safely InCord’s large inventory, fabrication capabilities, short lead times, and reliable distributor network make it easy to get what you need on time and on budget.

    • Scaffold enclosures

    • Light debris containment

    • Protection from wind and sun

    • Custom panels or full rolls

    • Fast lead times

    • Expert advice

  • InCord 226 Upton Road Colchester, CT 06415 860.537.1414 InCord is an ISO 9001 registered company.

    CAGE Code No. 1NPR7

    DNR900 3/8 inch

    Selvage Edge with Button Holes

    WS70, WS85

    Sewn Border DNR900

    Web Border with Grommets

    All Styles

    Netting Ties

    WS70 1/8 inch

    WS85 1/16 inch

    RPY13AN 1/32 inch

    Spillex™ Non-Porous

    PDM13 1/16 inch

    Debris Netting Styles

    Printed Debris Netting

    Debris Netting Borders Attachment Options

    Snap Hook

    Wire Cable

    Style Material Colors Min. Debris Size(inch) Opacity Burst Strength Weight

    (oz/sq yd) FR Rating Tarp Sizes Roll Sizes

    DNR900 FR Knit Polyester 3/8 - 100 psi Min 4.4 NFPA-701Method 1 Custom 10’ x 300’

    WS70 High Density Polyethylene 1/8 70% 312 lbf/in2 5.1 No Custom 16’ x 164’ max

    WS70 FR High DensityPolyethylene 1/8 70% 312 lbf/in2 5.1 NFPA-701 Method 2 Custom

    8’ x 150’ 8’6” x 150’

    WS85 Knit Polyester 1/16 85% 209 lbf/in2 5.3 No Custom 6’ x 150’

    RPY13AN Knit Polyester 1/32 85% 500 lbf/in2 13.7 No Custom 8’4” x 150’

    Spillex ™ FR Laminated Polyester Scrim (Non-Porous) - 175 psi 6.2 NFPA-701 Method 2 Custom 20’ x 100’

    Debris netting from InCord, customized with your full-color graphics, helps keep debris in and gets your message out. Our durable PVC-coated Polyester mesh is an effective tool for advertising or project promotion.

    Popular as a vision block, InCord Printed Debris Netting will communicate your message while serving as an attractive jobsite barrier.

    Style Material Colors Min. Debris Size(inch) Air

    Permeability Light

    Transmission FR Rating Tarp Sizes Roll Sizes

    PDM13 PVC-coated Polyester 1/16 3,390 cfm 44% NFPA-701 Method 2 Custom -

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