Saving our Species Iconic Koala Project - Koala .Saving our Species Iconic Koala Project A framework

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Text of Saving our Species Iconic Koala Project - Koala .Saving our Species Iconic Koala Project A framework

  • Saving our Species Iconic Koala Project

    A framework for koala conservation in NSW

    John Turbill

  • Saving our Species A strategic framework for threatened species management

    Delivering effective conservation projects through: Efficient project management Working in partnerships Increasing participation Aligning work to prevent duplication and

    maximise resources

  • SoS Iconic Koala Project

    Threat Action Scale

    Critical threat affecting the species

    Broad conservation action

    Site, Area or State

    Action Toolbox Priority Koala Populations


    Detailed Actions

    Site Threat Action Objective

    A X 1 By 2019,

    B Y 2 By 2017,

    C Z 3 By 2018,

    Erik Veland

  • Whole-of-Government NSW Koala Strategy

    December 2016 announcement

    Key recommendations from the Chief Scientist and Engineer

    Three-month public engagement

    Koala Advisory Committee

    Strategy currently in development

  • SoS and the NSW Koala Strategy

    Saving our Species is key to the delivery of the NSW koala strategy

    Some aspects of koala conservation are outside the scope of SoS

    For example: Improving outcomes for koalas through the planning system

    Incentivising best practice for development

    Acquiring land into the reserve system

    Road design

  • Public Consultation Koala Strategy and SoS

    December 2016 March 2017 What should be included in the NSW Koala Strategy

    The SoS Iconic Koala Project

    Key stakeholder meetings and workshops, seven regional community information sessions, an online information session and a web portal

    > 4,000 submissions, 34 on SoS project

    Majority supported development of a koala strategy

  • Action Toolbox

    Critical Threats (SoS) Supported Actions (SoS)

    Loss, modification and fragmentation of habitat

    Habitat restoration works

    Vehicle strike Proven mitigation techniques at identified blackspots

    Predation by roaming or domestic dogs Community engagement programs in areas of dog attacks

    Intense prescribed burns or wildfires that scorch or burn the tree canopy

    Minimise impacts of prescribed burns on koalas and their habitat. Koala habitat identified as assets in fire plans

    Koala disease Support research into the role of disease in koala populations

    Heat stress through drought and heatwaves

    Support response to koalas during extreme weather conditions. Install artificial water sources, establish refuge habitat, promote connectivity

    Inadequate support for fauna rehabilitation

    Support koala rehabilitation groups to rehabilitate sick and injured koalas

    Lack of knowledge Causes of koala trauma and mortality Population monitoring Koala movements

  • Project Highlights


    Region Project Funding

    Blue Mountains Koala survey and mapping $63,000

    Coffs Harbour Habitat creation in Bongil Bongil NP $75,000

    Gunnedah Install artificial water sources and restore priority refuge habitat


    Port Macquarie Hello Koalas Festival sponsorship $10,000

    Port Macquarie and Kempsey

    Develop koala fire management plan $44,000

    Port Stephens, Mid-Coast & Campbelltown

    Spatial analysis to identify threat hotspots $111,000

    Southern Coastal Forests Fire management and monitoring in Southern Coastal Forests


    State-wide Spatial analysis on koala populations and habitat across NSW


    State-wide Support for licensed koala rehabilitation providers $54,500

    Tweed Community engagement to mitigate dog attack $28,000

    Wollondilly Map koala habitat and corridors $90,000

    Total SoS investment in koalas 2016-17: $1 million

  • Habitat Creation in Bongil Bongil NP Project Case Study 1

    Oct 2016 May 2017

    Martin Smith

  • Tracking in the Southern Highlands Project Case Study 2

    Rohan Kelly

    Rohan Kelly

    Caroline Marschner

  • Supporting Koala Rehabilitators Project Case Study 3

    May 2017 Feb 2017

    Natalie Izquierdo

    Melissa Baker

  • Habitat Preferences in the Blue Mountains Project Case Study 4

    Satellite tracking

    Community sightings


    Comparison of survey methods

    Hotspot identification

    Dylan Jones

  • State-Wide Spatial Analysis Project Case Study 5

    Reported Collisions

    1 - 4

    5 - 13

    14 - 39

    40 - 79

    80 - 184

  • Next Steps

    SoS Iconic Koala Project Strategic 4-year plan 2017-2021 Expert Panel Detailed projects for 2017-18 Whole-of-Government NSW Koala Strategy A summary of engagement report will be published on the OEH website

    soon A draft strategy is currently in development