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How are one of the most important species ho need to be protacted in order to save the Earth.


<p>WHY TIGER MATTERS</p> <p>ABOUT TIGERS</p> <p>Length: 4.6-12.2 ftWeight: 220-675 PoundsColour and mark: Orange with White Belly &amp; Black StripsShape: Oval Body Location: Southeast Asia, China, Korea &amp; Russia.Left: 3200Sub-species:</p> <p>WHY TIGER MATTERSIndicator of Forest &amp; hence Ecosystems HealthSave 100 sq. Km Area &amp; other species of forest. Top Predator.</p> <p>WHY TIGERS MATTERMaintain Natural DiversityCultural and Spiritual Values71% of 25 Biodiversity hotspots are Tiger Bedrocks.</p> <p>DANGER FACTORSPoaching: Global demands of tiger parts &amp; weak institutional capacity.</p> <p>Habit Loss: Lack of Scientific capacity for Monitoring &amp; managementFragmentation: Rapid infrastructural &amp; industrial expanion.</p> <p>EFFECTS ON BIO-DIVERSITYNegative impact for human welfare and economic development.Loss of ecotourism opportunitiesClimate Change.Imbalance in food chain.Co-extinction of other species as a scarOver-abundance of herbivorous.ACTIONS TAKEN.1971: International ban on Commercial trade of Tigers.1973: Project Tiger launched.Project Tiger is controlled by National Tiger Conservation Authority.25+ Tiger Reserves established.Technologies like Tiger Atlas of India and Tiger Habitat and Population Evaluation System are developed for monitoring.</p>