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<p>Save the Earth</p> <p>By Bhargavi Vira 9C 08</p> <p>ENVIRONMENT AN INTRODUCTION</p> <p> Environment mean the external elements and conditions which surround, influence, and affect the life and development of an organism or population.</p> <p>Environmental</p> <p>degradation is the damage to the environment. It can mean damage to land, water or air, loss of biodiversity or loss of natural resources.</p> <p>Global</p> <p>Warming, Depletion of the Ozone Layer, Acid Rain, Pollution (Air, Water, Noise and Land), Urbanization, Deforestation, Soil Degradation, and so on</p> <p>Wastage of water.Pollution. The garbage around is not disposed properly. Trees are being cut. Urbanization and population.</p> <p>Excessiveresources.</p> <p>use</p> <p>of</p> <p>non-renewable</p> <p>energy</p> <p>Use of polythene</p> <p> Earth</p> <p>is a unique planet. It is the only planet that supports life forms. It not only belongs to human beings but also to various other life forms. As we are more evolved than other life forms , we should protect them from extinction. We are polluting our surroundings, cutting forest covers and other despicable works. But someone has to face the consequences. And it is the future generation. They will hate us for giving them our planet in pathetic conditions.</p> <p>Conserve</p> <p>water Conserve energy Grow more trees Recycle the wastage Ban the polythene Use renewable resources</p> <p>Conservation</p> <p>of water. Saving paper. Walking over to small distances. Recycle and reuse. Turning off the switches when not in use.</p> <p>Done by Bhargavi Vira 9C08</p>