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  • SAP NetWeaver Service Select for Master Data Management

    Tuesday October 26th 2004

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  • SAP NetWeaver Service Select for Master Data Management

    Michael BrilesNetWeaver Implementation SpecialistSAP ConsultingSAP America Inc.

  • Customer Business Challenges

    To be competitive in the market, companies greatly depend on effectively designed and executed business processes. However, most companies focus on leveraging their IT-Landscape by point-to-point connectivity.

    Master data is deployed across a heterogeneous IT landscape with different semantics, but describing the same business content. This makes companies vulnerable to great redundancies and results in high costs for multiple content maintenance.

  • SAP Master Data Management (MDM) Benefits

    Integrate and consolidate master data without giving up investments in the existing infrastructure. Store, change and consolidate master data and ensure that this data is consistently distributed to other systems within the IT landscape. Provide up-to-date information on products, product catalog information, business partners, or documentation --be it in engineering, procurement, manufacturing, marketing, sales or service.


    Web ServicesWeb ServicesArchitectureArchitecture

  • SAP MDM Product Description

    SAP Master Data Management (SAP MDM) a key capability of SAP NetWeaver -- provides a common framework for maintenance and deployment of master data, based on an open Web-based architecture for business collaboration. It is designed to solve the widespread challenges of data integration from multiple systems, physical locations, and diverse vendors, and then utilize the harmonized data to support collaborative e-business scenarios in heterogeneous IT system landscapesDB and OS Abstraction

    .NET WebSphere

    People Integration



    te A



    n Fr



    Process IntegrationIntegration

    BrokerBusiness Process


    Information IntegrationBusiness



    Life Cycle M


    Portal Collaboration


    Application Platform

    Multi-Channel Access

    SAP NetWeaverSAP NetWeaver

    DB and OS Abstraction

    Master Data Management

  • SAP MDM Enables Better Process Execution

    Pre-packaged change management forms, and workflowPre-configured reporting and matching rulesPre-defined data model

    Reduces overall data maintenance costs by preventing multiple processing in different systems.

    Accelerates process execution by providing sophisticated data distribution mechanisms to connected applications.

    Ensures data consistency and accuracy and therefore reduces error-processing costs due to inconsistent master data.

    Improves corporate decision making in strategic sales and purchasing by providing up-to-date information to all people.

    SAP MDM provides business content:

    SAP MDM Adds Value:

  • September 20, 2005 March 20, 2005

    Begin UnrestrictedShipment

    4 weeks

    June 2004

    Start Customer Recruitment Active Enrolment ProcessCustomer evaluation and selection

    12 weeks6 months

    Recruitment Period

    Ramp-Up SAP MDM 3.0 Timeline

    Ramp-Up Period Unrestricted Shipment

    Develop OptimizeDeploy

    Begin Ramp-Up

    This is a great time to get ready by using our Pre-Implementation options ofSAP NetWeaver Service Select for MDM

  • Ideal Customers for SAP NetWeaver Service Select for MDM

    Customers wanting to better manage information processing

    Companies with heterogeneous IT landscapes with SAP & non-SAP systems

    SAP Install Based Customers

    SAP Customers with SAP XI

    Customers with multiple systems, multiple physical locations and/or diverse vendors

  • SAP NetWeaver Service Select for MDM Value Proposition

    Fast ROILeverages Pre-delivered standard contentQuick WinExplore SAP MDM in Your Own EnvironmentReduce Master Data Maintenance CostsReduced Risks and Costs Related to Implementation

  • Key Opportunity Areas Business Drivers

    Item Master

    Technical Asset Master

    Business Driver Examples

    Change Master

    Knowledge Management

    Ease of supplier rationalization and score-cardingIntelligent decision making through rigorous spend analysis

    Ease of finding the right documentProvide one-stop shopping for all pertinent information related to any master record

    Availability of complete audit-trail of the change historyIncrease in efficiency by providing master file audit-ability

    Vendor Master

    Customer MasterOne single view of the customer baseIncreased customer satisfactionLess invoicing errors

    Key Opportunity


    Reduced inventory by having the right quantity of the right partReduced effort in data management by reducing duplication

    Reduced inventory by having the right quantity of the right partReduced stock-out situations and hence increase productivityReduced lost time in document search

    With SAP NetWeaver Service Select for MDM, we can help identify key areas of opportunity and work side-by-side with you to realize them

  • SAP NetWeaver Service Select for MDM Options

    Product Overview:Presentation of MDM ProcessesProduct Demonstration

    Business Case Development Data Cleansing/Transformation Options Data Management Organization Models Assessment / Scoping Workshop:

    Implementation Proposal/RoadmapLandscape DesignData cleansing & transformation strategy

    Proof of Concept:MDM Systems Installation w/ EP,XIBlueprint including data mappingBasic Configuration of MDM ComponentsKnowledge TransferProject Plan

  • Framework for Delivery Pre and Post Implementation Options

    Estimated timeline / resource requirements for Business & Strategic Options

    Service Select Options Duration Deliverables

    *Estimates will vary depending on scope and requirements of proposed solution

    2 - 3 resources 10 -14 weeks*

    * Business Case Development2 - 3 Weeks

    Data Management Project Plan, Identification of Value Opportunities/Key External & Internal Business Drivers

    * Data Management Organization Models2 - 3 Weeks

    Data transformation strategy, data process and organizational models, master data quick hits, evaluation of technical options

    * Data Cleansing / Transformation Options4 - 5 Weeks

    Master data architecture implemented, successful data cleansing & migration prototypes, value management/adherence to business case

    Validation & Value Management2 - 3 Weeks

    Post-implementation value measurement, end-user training, validation of data management architecture, continuous data improvement

    * Be Prepared! These Pre-Implementation Service Select Options can prepare you company for an MDM implementation when it reaches GA status in early 2005!

  • Framework for Delivery SAP MDM Proof of Concept

    Estimated timeline and resource requirements MDM Implementation

    Task Time Line Deliverables

    *Estimates will vary depending on scope and requirements of proposed solution

    3 - 4 resources 10 -16 weeks*

    Product Overview.5 - 1 Day

    Presentation of MDM Processes

    Assessment / Scoping Workshop2 days - 1 Week

    Implementation Roadmap; Landscape Design, Identify Quick Hit Scope

    Systems Installation & Blueprinting4-6 Weeks

    MDM, XI, EP, Systems Installed, Blueprinting define data mapping strategies; data processes

    Configuration4+ Weeks

    Refine Implementation Roadmap, MDM Prototype based on Customer Parameters

  • Account Teams Need to Evaluate Customers fit to SAP NetWeaver Service Select for MDM Package

    Hardware is available before project begins and is sized to SAP requirements

    Software is Onsite

    Project Scope is documented and agreed to before project begins

    Experienced SAP MDM Resources are engaged in the functional and technical areas

    Customer Management Commitment

    Customer Resource(s) part of project team and trained

    Key SAP NetWeaver Service Select for MDM Package Criteria MDM Proo


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