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Sant jordii!

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Text of Sant jordii!

  • Day of Saint JordiSaint Jordi is the day we celebrate incommemoration of the death of GeorgeCapadocia.He death on 303 bc.In Spain (Catalonia and Aragon) is a Mayor.23 of April is a Day International the Book.

  • The Legend of Saint Jordi is very popularbecause it goes from generation aftergeneration.Saint Jordi is a knight.The village was a one person every day by adragon.One day the kings daughter was chosen togive it to dragon.The princess go to the dragon but she was soafraid.

  • When she goes to the dragon,Saint Jordiasked Why go where the dragon?She answered because I chose my.He goes to fight to the dragon.He win to dragon with a rose.The battle did not last long.Saint Jordi goes to the King with the princess.And the blood of the dragon out of the fourstripes to the Catalan Flag.

  • The guys give a rose a his girlfriend.The girls give a book a his boyfriend.But if you have boyfriend or girlfriend yougive it to someone you like.They say guys should read a book but fewguys read a book.The girls loves roses.