San Antonio BRAC 2005 Update

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San Antonio BRAC 2005 Update. The Communitys Support for BRAC 2005 Implementation. February 16, 2011. Presented by James Henderson Office of Military Affairs City of San Antonio. Community Support for BRAC. The Office of Military Affairs (OMA) is the single point of contact for the - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Fort Sam Houston Community Office</p> <p>1San Antonio BRAC 2005 UpdateThe Communitys Support for BRAC 2005 ImplementationPresented by James HendersonOffice of Military AffairsCity of San AntonioFebruary 16, 20112The Office of Military Affairs (OMA) is the single point of contact for the City of San Antonio on military and Base Realignment And Closure (BRAC) related issues.</p> <p>Mission:To prepare the community for challenges and opportunities associated with BRAC-related growth. To work with the military to sustain and enhance mission readiness.To develop and institutionalize relationships between the community and the military on issues of common concern.</p> <p>Duties:Work with local community leadersProvide staff support to the Military Transformation Task Force (MTTF) and its committeesWork in coordination with the military and the community on issues of common concern.</p> <p>Community Support for BRAC3Fort Sam Houston Growth Management Plan</p> <p>What is a Growth Management Plan (GMP):A tool to provide findings and recommendations to assist communities with BRAC or military related growth</p> <p>Purpose of a GMP:To identify findings based on studies of critical issues and develop recommendation the community can use to mitigate any potential problems and take advantage of opportunities </p> <p>Opportunity:Leverage BRAC growth at Ft. Sam Houston for revitalization in the Eastside </p> <p>Community Support for BRAC34Fort Sam Houston Growth Management Plan</p> <p>Overarching ObjectivesLeverage BRAC PositivesMitigate Negative ImpactsScope/Focus AreasBRAC Economic ImpactHealth Care Delivery Trauma and Clinical TrainingTransportationEast Side Neighborhood RevitalizationCommunity InvolvementCommunity Visioning Session to develop study questions and engage public.Seven Sessions; 341 ParticipantsDelphi Sessions with National ExpertsCommunity Support for BRAC45GMP Study Area4.7 square miles</p> <p>Community Support for BRAC56Community Support for BRACStudy Questions:1. Supporting BRAC 2005 Growth at Fort Sam HoustonFort Sam Houston Off-PostOn-Post Transportation Infrastructure PlanSAMMC Public TransportationFort Sam Houston Neighborhood Revitalization and RedevelopmentFort Sam Houston Commercial Revitalization and Reuse of Army Property</p> <p>2. BRAC 2005 Impacts on HealthcareSustainment of Health Care Services (Level-1 Trauma Services)Military Clinical Training67South Fort Sam Houston Study Area</p> <p>GMP found that the study area has:</p> <p>Pedestrian facilities that are incomplete, inadequate and inaccessible.Neighborhood mobility links that are inadequate or nonexistent.Public transportation that is inadequate.Activity centers that are lacking.Degraded housing and infrastructure, poor streetscapes and poor lighting create an unsafe environment.No public libraries within the study area.Community Support for BRAC78Major Findings/Recommendations:</p> <p>1. Healthcare</p> <p>BRAC will not have a detrimental affect on Level-1 trauma due to expansion of SAMMC-N and University Hospital.Local hospitals will be able to assist the military with their clinical training but greater coordination is needed.Community Support for BRAC2. Neighborhood Revitalization Action Program Housing Action ProgramPublic Safety Intervention ActionMobility/Connectivity Action Business/Development ActionSan Antonio Eastside Education Action ProgramWorkforce Action Program9Fort Sam Houston Community Development OfficeFort Sam Houston Growth Management Plan Implementation TeamWorks with the community and military to revitalize local neighborhoods near Fort Sam Houston through economic development, housing, mobility and public safety initiatives.Procurement &amp; Technical Assistance Center (PTAC)Provides a variety of tools and services that assist local businesses in identifying government procurement opportunities and to compete more effectively for local, state and federal contracts. Workforce Solutions AlamoAssists spouses of incoming military personnel with employment opportunities in San Antonio.Community Support for BRAC10Community Support for BRAC</p> <p>11</p> <p>Fort Sam Houston Area ProjectsCommunity Support for BRAC1112Community Support for BRACTransportation/Infrastructure Improvements:Walters Street Bridge Improvement over IH-35--$22.6M (TxDOT)Walters StreetIH-35N to FSH Main Gate--$13.7M (CoSA)Fort Sam Transportation Projects--$13.6M (CoSA)Fort Sam DrainageBridge Crossing over Salado Creek (CoSA Bond-$8.7M)Walters RoadE. Houston to Paso Hondo--$2.46M (CoSA)Broadway CorridorDrainage Project near Hildebrand ($9M CoSA Bond)CPS Energy On-Post Infrastructure Support--$4m to $6MWalters Street Infrastructure--$1.3M (EDA Grant)Community Commitment$76M13</p> <p>Contact Information:James Henderson Office of Military</p>


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