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Check out everything we have in store for SAW's exciting 2013 Season!

Text of Salem Art Works 2013 Catalog

  • 19 Cary LaneSalem, NY 12865


    SAW Office

    Winter Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm(November - May) Summer Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (June - October)

    Visit Us 43.172674 N 73.333418 W

    On the cover: 38 Special, John Umphlett

    Artist: Paul Wallace

    Artist Programs & Facilities 2

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    Events 30

    Table of Contents

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    Salem Art Works

  • Letter from the FounderDear local and global community:

    Every individual who experiences Salem Art Works becomes integral to the voice and meter of this Upstate art colony. Simultaneously, the SAW experience is life changing for many people who take part, whether as an artist in residence, young artist, community member, or workshop participant. Without the confines of limitation, an openness is created, expanding what is possible. I am very proud of this dynamic.

    We are constantly in pursuit of honing our identity and offering multi-faceted possibilities to our community both locally and globally. SAW maintains a flexibility in programming, opportunities, and workshops in order to allow accessibility to all individuals and groups.

    I want to passionately acknowledge the efforts, strides, and vested energy you have dedicated over the last eight years.

    I invite friends and future friends to take part in the SAW experience this year.


    Anthony CafritzFounderSalem Art Works

    Salem Art Works is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit art center and sculpture park located in rural Upstate New York. Founded in 2005 by artist Anthony Cafritz, Salem Art Works is dedicated to supporting both emerging and established artists in the creation of new and progressive work, as well as promoting the understanding and appreciation of contemporary art within the region.

    2013 Letter from the Founder 1

  • *Photo by Paul Wallace

    Through access To diverse and evocaTive spaces, considerable energy and Time from communiTy members and sTaff, and The general aTmosphere of experimenTaTion and passion, saW provided me WiTh a rich residency experience ThaT ill be building on for a long Time To come. moheb soliman

    Salem Art Works 518.854.7674

  • Artist Programs

    Salem Art Works offers residency options for artists with an emphasis on diversity of mediums. Whether a Young Artist or a Fellow, the residency programs allow artists to enhance their work in a creative and supportive environment. Programmatic support includes housing, meals, staff support, and 24-hour access to studio spaces and on-site facilities.

    A strong community is at the core of our artist program. Participation in communal life is meant to foster personal growth through the exchange of ideas and techniques. Collaboration manifests during group evening meals prepared by the residents on a rotating cooking schedule, participation in local cultural events, and weekly critiques of past and ongoing work. The nature of the campus, however, allows for both communal and solitary experiences. Artists looking for an introspective approach may find it throughout the grounds, fields, and forest, or in a camper set back from the campus center.

    SAW strives to nurture a continuous stream of creative development through weekly studio visits as well as presentations from resident and visiting artists. Artists are encouraged to reach out to the SAW community during their stay in whichever way they feel is most appropriate in relation to their work.

    Orientations are provided for each arriving guest at Salem Art Works. SAWs staff is here to support the creation of every artists work. Artists should never hesitate to ask for help or information regarding facility use or residential concerns.

    *Photo by Paul Wallace

    2013 Artist Programs 3

  • FellowshipsSAW offers a limited number of Fellowships. These residencies vary on average from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the project proposed. SAW selects applicants whose vision will be realized best at Salem Art Works. All proposals must be for new work and must detail how Salem Art Works community and diverse facilities will assist in the completion of the work. Artists of any medium are accepted. During colder months, SAW suggests writers, visual, and performing artists who can work in enclosed, shared studio spaces apply.

    Fellows are provided with modest room and board, studio space and facility access for no fee* and a stipend of $25 per week. Aside from producing new work, Fellowship artists are required to reach out to the community. Fellows can fulfill this requirement in whichever way the artist sees most appropriate.

    Applications for the Fellowship Program must be recieved by November 1st.

    Self-Funded ResidencySelf-Funded Residencies provide an opportunity for artists or a group of artists to immerse themselves in new projects and ideas in a creative environment, free from everyday pressures. Single artists and groups of any discipline are accepted. During their stay, artists are invited to present their work to the SAW community and to attend weekly on-site studio visits.

    The Self-Funded Residency fee is $350 per person per week for up to four months. The fee covers modest room and board, 24-hour studio space, and access to facilities*. Artists should contact the office to customize each residency to best utilize their time and SAWs facilities. Artists who wish to work in iron, ceramics, or glass will be subject to a material fee. Please contact the SAW office for details.

    Applications for the Self-Funded Residencies are accepted on a rolling basis; however, space is limited and applicants are strongly encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

    Artist Programs

    *Please see the Facilities page for discipline specific materials fees.

    Salem Art Works

  • Emerging Artist ProgramThe Emerging Artist Program awards four artists per year with a work exchange residency. In exchange for room, board, studio space and facilities access*, Emerging Artists are required to work 20 hours each week as a shop technician or through general work. Shop technician work includes fixing and maintaining ceramics, iron, glass, or blacksmithing studios with instruction from the program director. Knowledge of running a studio is required to fulfill duties as a shop technician. Another way to complete the work exchange is through tasks including grounds keeping, maintenance, gardening, assisting artists, and event preparation.

    During their stay, Emerging Artists are asked to make a presentation of their work to the SAW community and are invited to attend weekly on-site studio visits. Emerging Artists are also invited to contribute to SAWs annual resident artist exhibition, held in September.

    All Emerging Artist applications must be received by April 1st. Artists will be notified of acceptance by April 15th.

    Young Artist Program The Young Artist Program is an integral part of SAW. In exchange for working 30 hours a week for Salem Art Works, Young Artists are provided with modest living accommodations (tent platform), board, 24-hour access to studios and facilities*, one workshop for material costs only and the experience of working in an artists community.

    Session One: May 23rd July 29th Session Two: August 1st October 7th

    Typical work for Young Artists includes gardening; event preparation; gallery upkeep and installation; and maintenance of residential facilities, studios, and Cary Hill Sculpture Park. Young Artists are also asked to assist the staff in hosting guests and resident artists. This includes providing orientations, giving tours, and/or assisting workshop instructors.

    Also within this program is the opportunity to work in the area of arts administration and management. Those choosing to experience the arts administration side of the Young Artist Program work 30 hours a week in the SAW office, working closely with the Associate Director and the Artist Programs Coordinator. Responsibilities can include organizational development, web management, bookkeeping, graphic design, media outreach, data entry, office upkeep, giving tours, and gallery work, among other tasks.

    When Young Artists are not working for SAW they are expected to take advantage of the facilities and focus on developing their own work. All participants are required to take part in weekly studio visits as well as give a presentation of their work. Artists who wish to work in iron, ceramics, or glass will be subject to a material fee. Please contact the SAW office for details. Young Artists are also invited to contribute to SAWs annual resident artist exhibition in September.

    All Young Artist applications must be received by April 1st. Artists will be notified of acceptance by April 15th.

    Artist Programs

    2013 Artist Programs 5

  • Artist Programs


    This interdisciplinary and intercultural artists exchange was created in 2010 with the idea that in order for art to grow and flourish, it must be exposed to different perspectives and experiences. Each year a new group of thirty artists are alternately hosted either in Salem, New York, or Salem, Germany to inspire one another, using new relationships to create a more in-depth understanding of the artistic process.

    Over the initiatives first three years, artists representing a number of different mediums, generations, and cultural backgrounds participated. In 2012, painters, sculptors, musicians, writers, and multi-media artists from all over the world converged on the grounds of Schlo Salem (Salem Castle) on Lake Constance, Salem, Germany. During the three week residency, participati