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SAINIK SCHOOL GHORAKHAL · 2019. 9. 6. · 24. Mr Mayank Sagar - 9456161441 25. Mr Rahul Shukla - 8825294826 LABASSISTANTS 1. Ms. Usha Bisht (Biology) - 9410517214 2. Mr P.S Bisht

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Text of SAINIK SCHOOL GHORAKHAL · 2019. 9. 6. · 24. Mr Mayank Sagar - 9456161441 25. Mr Rahul Shukla -...

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    Name______________________School No._______

    Class & Sec.___________House_________________

    Blood Group______Bank Account No.______________

    Parent Mobile No.____________________________

    E. Mail ID___________________________________

    Home Address_______________________________


    Principal : Col (Dr) Smita Misra

    Vice Principal : Sqn Ldr T Ramesh Kumar

    Adm Officer : Sqn Ldr M Prem Kumar

    SESSION 2019-2020

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    CALENDAR - 2019


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    Ghorakhal is ensconced in the foothills of the Himalayas, in the

    lake district of Nainital, which is the gateway to Kumaon hills. Its

    picturesque valleys, woodlands, mountain ranges and salubrious

    climate provides the right environment for academics. The aim

    of the school is to impart public school education with a firm

    moral base and to prepare cadets academically, physically and

    psychologically for entry into National Defence Academy,

    Khadakwasala. Ghorakhal is connected by an all weather road

    with the nearest rail terminus at Kathgodam (32 kms).

    Ghorakhal was a ‘jagir’ presented by the British rulers to General

    Wheeler in 1870.In1921, he sold it to the Nawab of Rampur.

    According to a popular folklore, in 1857 a British General astride

    his horse was making a desperate bid to escape from Audh for

    fear of revolutionaries when he happened to stray into this area.

    His horse got tired, fell into a pond and died, so the place was

    named as Ghora (Horse) Khal (Pond).

    Then the Government of UP purchased the Estate from the

    Nawab of Rampur in 1964 to establish the School. Finally, Sainik

    School Ghorakhal was opened on 21st March, 1966.

    Ghorakhal is perched on a hillock, at an altitude of 6000 ft. (amsl)

    and commands a panoramic view of Bhimtal, Sattal and

    Naukuchiatal. The famous Golu Devta Temple dedicated to one

    of the local deities, is situated on a hillock amidst shady oaks.

    This provides the ideal environment for education.








    TO DO SO.

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    og 'kfDr gesa nks n;kfu/s] drZO; ekXkZ ij MV tkosaAij lsok ij midkj esa ge] txthou liQy cuk tkosaAAge nhu&nq[kh fucyksa&fcdyksa ds lsod cu larki gjsaAtks gSa vVds Hkwys&HkVds mudks rkjsa [kqn rj tk,aAA

    Ny nEHk }s"k] ik[k.M] >wB] vU;k; ls fu'k fnu nwj jgsaATkhou gks 'kq¼&ljy viuk] 'kqfp izse lq/kjl cjlk,aAAfut vku&eku e;kZnk dk izHkq è;ku jgs] vfHkeku jgsA

    ftl ns'k tkfr esa tUe fy;k] cfynku mlh ij gks tkosaAAog 'kfDr gesa nks n;kfu/s] drZO; ekXkZ ij MV tkosaA

    ij lsok ij midkj esa ge] txthou liQy cuk tkosaAA

    jk"Vª xku

    tu&x.k&eu vf/uk;d t; gs] Hkkjr HkkX; fo/krkiatkc flU/q] xqtjkr] ejkBk] ækfoM+ mRdy caxAfoUè;] fgekpy] ;equk] xaxk] mPNy tyf/ rjaxAro 'kqHk ukes tkxs] ro 'kqHk vk'kh"k ek¡xsA xkgs ro t; xkFkkAtu&x.k eaxynk;d t; gs] Hkkjr HkkX; fo/krkAAt; gs] t; gs] t; gs] t;] t;] t; t; gsA

    xq#nso johUæ ukFk VSxksj


    oUns ekrje~ lqtyka lqiQyk ey;t'khryke~ 'kL;';keya ekrje~A'kqHkzT;ksRLukiqyfdr;kfeuha iQqYydqlqfernzqeny'kksfHkuhalqgkfluha lqe/qj Hkkf"k.kha lq[knka ojnka ekrje~AA1AA oUns ekrje~dksfV&dksfV&HkqtS/`Zr&[kjdjokys] vcyk dsu ek ,r cysAcgqcy/kfj.kha uekfe rkfj.kha fjiqnyokfj.kha ekrje~AA2AA oUns ekrje~Arqfe fo|k] rqfe /eZ rqfe âfn] rqfe eeZ Roa fgçk.k% 'kjhjsckgqrs rqfe ek 'kfDr] ân;s rqfe ek HkfDr] rksekjbZ çfrek xfMefUnjs&efUnjs ekrje~AA3AA oUns ekrje~

    xq#czZãk xq#foZ".kq xq#nsZoks egs'oj%A xq#lZk{kkr ija czã% rLeS Jh xq#oS ue%AA

    (Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.)

  • -6-

    (Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.)

    ,u-lh-lh- xhr

    ge lc Hkkjrh; gaS] ge lc Hkkjrh; gSa]viuh eafty ,d gS] gk] gk] gk] ,d gS] gks] gks] gks ,d gSge lc Hkkjrh; gSa ---------------d'ehj dh /jrh jkuh gS] ljrkt fgeky; gS]lfn;ksa ls geusa bldks vius [kwu ls ikyk gS]ns'k dh j{kk dh [kkfrj ge 'ke'khj mBk ysxsa]fc[kjs&fc[kjs rkjs gaS ge ysfdu f>yfey ,d gSa]gk] gk] gk] ,d gaS ge lc Hkkjrh; gaS ---------------eafnj xq:}kjs Hkh ;gk¡] vkSj efLtn Hkh gS ;gk¡]fxfjtk dk gS ?kfM+;ky dgha] eqYykg dh dgha gS vtka],d gh viuk jke gS] ,d gh vYykg rkyk gS],d gh vYykg rkyk gS] jax fcjaxsa nhid gSa ge]ysfdu txex ,d gS gk] gk] gk ,d gS] gks] gks] gks ,d gS]

    ge lc Hkkjrh; gaS] ge lc Hkkjrh; gaS]---------------


    India is my country,

    all Indians are my brothers and sisters.

    I love my country

    and I am proud of its rich and varied

    heritage and

    I shall always strive to be

    worthy of it.

    I shall respect my parents, teachers

    and all elders and treat everyone with


    To my country and my people

    I pledge my devotion.

    In their well being and prosperity

    alone lies my happiness.

    Jai Hind

    Roa fg nqxkZ n'kçgj.k/ deyk fo|knkf;uh] uekfe Roke~ uekfe deyka veyka vrqykalqtyka lqiQyka ekrje~AA4AA oUns ekrje~';keyka ljyka lqfLerk Hkwf"krka /j.kha Hkj.kha ekrje~AA5AA oUns ekrje~

    Jh cafde pUæ pVthZ

  • -7-


    (1) Be loyal to the school and the country.

    (2) Be physically fit, mentally alert and morally straight.

    (3) Be disciplined and obedient.

    (4) Be brave, enthusiastic and cheerful in all eventualities.

    (5) Be dutiful, studious and willing to serve the school and the

    country in future.

    (6) Choose the harder right instead of easier wrong.

    (7) Be pure in thought and deed, courteous and polite in conduct with

    the subordinates and weak.

    (8) Do not lie, cheat, steal or abet the same.

    (9) Feel pride in being a cadet of this school and avail opportunities

    offered by the school.

    (10) Your honour is supreme and place service before self.

    (Change is the end result of all true learning)

















  • -8-


    S.No. Sainik School State Abbr Date of Est.

    1. Satara Maharashtra SSS 23-6-61

    2. Kapurthala Punjab SSKP 08-7-61

    3. Kunjpura Haryana SSK 24-7-61

    4. Korukonda A.P. SSKK 18-1-62

    5. Kazhakootam Kerala SSKT 26-1-62

    6. Purulia W.B. SSP 29-1-62

    7. Bhubaneshwar Orissa SSB 1-2-62

    8. Amravathinagar Tamilnadu SSA 16-7-62

    9. Rewa M.P. SSR 20-7-62

    10. Tilaiya Jharkhand SST 16-9-63

    11. Bijapur Karnataka SSBP 16-9-63

    12. Goalpara Assam SSG 12-11-64

    13. Ghorakhal Uttarakhand SSGK 21-3-66

    14. Balachadi Gujarat SSBC 08-07-67

    15. Chittorgarh Rajasthan SSC 07-8-67

    16. Nagrota J&K SSN 22-8-70

    17. Imphal Manipur SSI 07-10-71

    18. Sujanpur Tira H.P. SSST 02-7-78

    19. Gopalganj Bihar SSGG 12-10-03

    20. Nalanda Bihar SSNL 12-10-03

    21. Punglwa Nagaland SSPN 01-04-07

    22. Kodagu Karnataka SSKG 18-10-07

    23. Rewari Haryana SSRW 01-05-09

    24. Ambikapur Chattisgarh SSAP 01-09-08

    25. Kalikiri A.P. SSKL 20-08-14

    26. Chinchip Mizoram 21-04-17

    27. Jhunjhunu Rajasthan 01-05-18

    28. East Siang Arunanchal Pradesh 13-09-18

    (Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.)

  • -9-


    1. Principal - 05942-220045 (O)

    9411107800 (M)

    2. Vice Principal - 05942-220816 (O)

    9411107801 (M)

    3. Adm Officer - 05942-220051 (O)

    9411107802 (M)


    1. Mr RK Pande - 9411107804, 9412963848

    2. Mr KN Joshi - 9412959530

    3. Mr AC Rai - 9411107808

    4. Mr GS Joshi - 9411107811, 9412905147

    5. Dr (Ms) RJ Nelson - 9411107834, 9410176032

    6. Mr MC Bhatt - 9411107806

    7. Mr Biju V Jacob - 9411107809, 9759765901

    8. Mr Vikas Kotnala - 8954437191

    9. Mr Arpan Sinha - 9719313177

    10. Dr. RP Tripathi - 9456777550

    11. Mr RK Sharma - 9410120152

    12. Ms Geeta Durgapal - 9411162422

    13. Dr Surya Prakash - 9411107823

    14. Mr DP Naik - 9412422956

    15. Mr AK Sharma - 9719723247(An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.)

  • -10-

    (The highest result of education is tolerance.)

    16. Dr Shalini Misra - 9450357488

    17. Mr RP Singh - 8765292685

    18. Mr Rakesh Dhakar - 9411539610

    19. Ms Deepa Pant - 9411107812

    20. Mr GG Goswami - 9411107822, 9412404228

    22. Mr Mudit Bisht - 9759135316

    23. Ms Shivangi Sinha - 9721666128

    24. Mr Mayank Sagar - 9456161441

    25. Mr Rahul Shukla - 8825294826


    1. Ms. Usha Bisht (Biology) - 9410517214

    2. Mr P.S Bisht (Physics) - 8954553402

    3. Mr G.S Manral (Chemistry) - 8057133566


    1. Hav Deepak Singh - 7579434451

    2. Hav Shivaji Patil - 8958373467


    1. Mr N Bhatt ( Kesari & Shiwalik) - 9411107814

    2. Mr S. Babelay (Kumaon & Singh) - 9453871110

    3. Chandan Singh ( Abhimanyu & Bharat)- 8198073627

  • -11-

    4. Mr Harish Joshi (Luv & Kush) - 9458351849

    5. Ms Poonam Parihar (Dhruv) - 9411107839


    1. Mr RK Bhatt, OS - 9411107817

    2. Mr Ajay Ratra Acctt. - 9411107818

    3. Mr Dharmanand Pant, QM - 9411107820

    4. Mr Pushkar Singh, MM - 9411107819, 8958720140

    5. Mr HC Arya, UDC - 9411354705

    6. Ms Shalini Sah, UDC/PA - 9411107821

    6. Mr GS Yadav, Nursing Asst. - 9627572759

    7. Mr GS Adhikari, LDC - 9411378435

    8. Mr NS Rawat, LDC - 9411770168

    9. Mr Lokesh Giri, LDC - 9536300167


    1. Sub Narendra Ram, - 8336873371

    2. Mr Gopal Das, SA - 9410336976


    Note: (i) Every cadet is authorised 05 Nos and 80 minutes per month

    with carry forward facility to call their parents/relatives.

    (ii) Ten (10) emergency numbers, displayed in notice board of

    each house are available for every cadet 24hours by any

    SPECS/EPBAX phones.

    (Early childhood education is the key to the betterment of society)

  • -12-

    (A good education is a foundation for a better future.)


    THE SESSION 2019-20

    Sl. House House Master Associate House Tutors Hostel

    No. House Master Supdts

    1. Singh Mr MC Bhatt Mr Arpan Sinha Mr GS Manral Mr SK Babeley

    2. Kumaon Mr GS Joshi Dr (Mrs) RJ Mr KN Joshi Mr SK Babeley


    3. Kesari Mr AC Rai Mr AK Sharma Ms Manisha Mr N Bhatt


    4. Shiwalik Mr V. Kotnala Mr Biju V Jocab Mrs Geeta Mr N Bhatt


    5. Abhimanyu Dr S. Prakash Mr Rahul Sukla Mr Anil Kumar Mr Chandan

    Bhatt Singh

    6. Bharat Dr RP Tripathi Mr Mudit Bisht Mr PS Bisht Mr Chandan


    7. Luv Ms Deepa Pant Mr RP Singh Mr Usha Bisht Mr Harish Joshi

    8. Kush Mr R. Dhakar Ms Shivangi Mr GG Mr Harish Joshi

    Sinha Goswami

    9. Dhruv I Mr RK Sharma Dr Shalini Misra New Hindi Ms Poonam

    Teacher Parihar

    10. Dhruv II Mr DP Naik

  • -13-


    Sr. Name I/C Club Associate I/C

    No. Club

    1. I/C Science & Mr V. Kotnala Mr Anil Kumar

    Astronomy Club Bhatt/Mr PS Bisht

    2. I/C Art Club Mr DP Naik New Hindi Teacher

    3. I/C Drama & Music Ms Geeta Durgapal Ms Shivangi Sinha


    4. I/C Photography Mr Mudit Bisht Mr R. Dhakar


    5. I/CAdventure and Mr R. Dhakar Mr Mudit Bisht /

    Trekking Club Mr GS Manral

    6. I/C Yoga & Karate Hav Deepak, PTI Hav Shivaji Patil


    7. I/C Ecology Club Mr Arpan Sinha Ms Manisha

    Bhandari/Ms U Bisht


    Sr. House Class XII Class XI


    1. Singh Dr S Misra Mr MC Bhatt

    2. Kumaon Dr RJ Nelson Mr RP Singh

    3. Kesari Ms Deepa Pant Mr AK Sharma

    4. Shiwalik Mr BV Jacob Mr RK Sharma

    (Education and work are the levers to uplift a people.)

  • -14-

    (Education is all a matter of building bridges.)


    S.No. Name Class Teacher

    1 Mr Biju V Jacob XIIA

    2 Mr MC Bhatt XII B

    3 Mr Arpan Sinha XII C

    4 Mr Vikas Kotnala XIA

    5 Mr GS Joshi XI B

    6 Dr (Mrs) RJ Nelson XI C

    7 Ms Deepa Pant XA

    8 Ms Shivangi Sinha X B

    9 Mrs Geeta Durgapal X C

    10 Mr Rahul Sukla IXA

    11 Mr Rakesh Dhakar IX B

    12 Dr Surya Prakash IX C

    13 Mr AK Sharma VIIIA

    14 Mr DP Naik VIII B

    15 Mr RP Singh VIIA

    16 Mr RK Sharma VII B

    17 Mr Mudit Bisht VIA

    18 Dr Shalini Misra VI B


    (i) Teachers will brief the Principal/Vice Principal during Second

    and Fourth week of the month on the coverage of syllabus between

    3-30 to 4-30 p.m. as per the following schedule.

    (a) Class VI - Class VIII Monday, Tuesday (All subject teachers)

    (b) Class IX - Class X Wednesday, Thursday (All subject teachers)

    (c) Class XI - Class XII Friday, Saturday (All Subject Teacher)

    (ii) Every last working day of the month academic committee conf.

    will be held.

  • -15-



    1 Mr RK Pande I/C OBA, I/C School Calendar , Co-

    Ordinator Sports and Tournament (School &

    Zonal Level), I/C Split Syllabus

    2 Mr KN Joshi I/C Leave Arrangement, I/C farewell of

    Class XII, Associate I/C OBA, I/C Athletics

    3 Mr AC Rai I/C Time Table, Secretary Staff Club & I/

    C Exam Cell, I/C CCR

    4 Mr GS Joshi I/C UPSC Preparatory Cell, I/C

    Disciplinary Committee

    5 Dr (Mrs) RJ Nelson I/C English Debate ( Zonal Debate, IPSC

    & Others) , I/C Announcements& I/C

    Investiture Ceremony

    6 Mr MC Bhatt I/C Prizes and Certificates (Sports and

    Academics), I/C Academic Torch


    7 Mr Biju V Jacob I/C Editor Pines (English Section) 2018-

    19, Associate I/C Basketball, Member

    Disciplinary Committee

    8 Mr Vikas Kotnala I/C Computer Inventory, I/C Football,

    Associate I /C Leave Arrangement, I/C Quiz

    (School Level)

    9 Mr Arpan Sinha I/C Basketball, Associate I/C Exam Cell,

    Member Disciplinary Committee, Associate

    I/C Time Table

    10 Dr RP Tripathi School PRO, I/C Records and Events,

    11 Mr RK Sharma I/C Hockey, I/C Cock House Tabulation

    12 Mrs Geeta Durgapal I/C Hindi Week Celebrations, I/C

    Morning Assembly

    13 Dr Surya Prakash I/C Quiz ( Zonal, IPSC & Others) Associate

    I/C Volleyball

    14 Mr DP Naik I/C Painting Competition, I/C Decoration,

    I/C CCRT , I/C Spic Macay

    15 Mr AK Sharma I/C Cross Country , I/C Books and

    Stationary (For Cadets) Associate I/C


    16 Dr Shalini Misra I/C English Debate (All Groups School

    level), I/C Declamation & Recitations

    (Jr), Associate I/C Announcements

    17 Mr RP Singh Associate I/C CCRT, I/C Indoor Game,

    Associate I/C UPSC Preparatory Cell

    (Public education is an investment in our future)

  • -16-

    (There is no education like adversity.)

    18 Mr Rakesh Dhakar I/C Volleyball, I/C Mountaineering and

    Trekking , Associate Photography &


    19 Ms Deepa Pant Associate I/C Drama Store, Associate I/C


    20 New Hindi Teacher I/C Hindi debate( Zonal, IPSC & Others),

    21 Mr Mudit Bisht I/C Glimpses, I/C English Essay, I/C

    Calligraphy Competition , I/C

    Photography and Videography,

    Associate Mountaineering and Trekking,

    Associate Indoor Games

    22 Ms Shivangi Sinha I/C Drama Store ,Associate I/C Morning

    Assembly,Associate i/c Editor Pines(Hindi


    23 Mr Rahul Sukla I/C Computer Inventory, Web Admin, I/

    C Extra Marks, Associate I/C Time Table

    24 Mr Anil Kumar Bhatt Associate I/C Mountaineering and Trekking

    26 Mr GG Goswami I/C Training & Stationery, I/C Book

    Prizes, I/C Distribution (All School

    Publications), letter writing

    27 Mr Usha Bisht I/C Raman Block Ground Floor

    28 Mr PS Bisht Associate I/C Football (Zonal & District

    Level), I/C Raman Block Upper

    29 Mr GS Manral Associate I/C Football (Zonal & District

    Level), Member Exam Cell

    30 Hav Deepak, PTI Associate I/C All Games

    31 Hav Shivaji Patil, PTI Associate I/C All Games

  • -17-


    From Apr to Sep (Monday - Saturday)

    0500 hrs - Reveille

    0530 hrs - Fall in

    0540-0630 hrs - PT (Monday to Friday)

    0600-0645 hrs - Shramdaan (Sat)

    0630 hrs - Wash and Change (Mon to Fri)

    0645 hrs - Wash and change (Sat)

    0730 hrs - Breakfast (Mon to Fri)

    0800 hrs - Breakfast (Sat)

    0805 hrs - Assembly (Mon to Fri)

    0830 hrs - First Period

    0910 hrs - Second Period

    0950 hrs - Third Period

    1030 hrs - Fourth Period

    1110 hrs - Break

    1130 hrs - Fifth Period

    1210 hrs - Sixth Period

    1250 hrs - Seventh Period

    1330 hrs - Classes End

    1340 hrs - Lunch

    1410 hrs - Leisure

    1500 hrs - Prep 1/ Clubs (Wed)

    1610 hrs - Prep/ Clubs End

    1620 hrs - Games/Tutorial/NCC Commences

    1730 hrs - Bath and Change

    1820 hrs - Siren for Prep 2

    1950 hrs - Prep 2 Ends

    2000 hrs - Dinner

    2045 hrs - Leisure

    2100 hrs - Locking of Houses after night muster/

    Physical headcount at respective houses by

    hostel superintendents, to be ensured by the

    duty master

    2230 hrs - Lights out

    (The education of a man is never completed until he dies.)

  • -18-

    (I never let schooling interfere with my education.)


    From Oct to March (Monday - Saturday)

    0500 hrs - Reveille

    0550-0630 hrs - PT (Monday to Friday)

    0550-0640 hrs - Shramdaan (Sat)

    0640-0720 hrs - Wash and Change (Mon to Fri)

    0730 hrs - Breakfast (Mon to Fri)

    0800 hrs - Breakfast (Sat)

    0805 hrs - Assembly (Mon to Fri)

    0830 hrs - First Period

    0910 hrs - Second Period

    0950 hrs - Third Period

    1030 hrs - Fourth Period

    1110 hrs - Break

    1130 hrs - Fifth Period

    1210 hrs - Sixth Period

    1250 hrs - Seventh Period

    1330 hrs - Classes End

    1340 hrs - Lunch

    1410 hrs - Leisure

    1500 hrs - Prep 1/ Clubs (Wed)

    1610 hrs - Prep/ Clubs End

    1620 hrs - Games/Tutorial/NCC Commences

    1720 hrs - Bath and Change

    1810 hrs - Siren for Prep 2

    1920 hrs - Prep 2 Ends

    1930 hrs - Dinner

    2000 hrs - Leisure

    2030 hrs - Locking of Houses after night muster/

    Physical headcount at respective houses by

    hostel superintendents, to be ensured by the

    duty master

    2230 hrs - Lights out

  • -19-


    0630 hrs - Reveille

    0815 hrs - Roll Call

    0830 hrs - Breakfast

    1100-1300 hrs - Prep

    1300 hrs - Lunch

    1700 hrs - Roll Call

    1930 hrs - Dinner

    2030 hrs - Locking of houses (Winter)

    2100 hrs - Locking of houses (Summer)

    2200 hrs - Light out

    Note :

    1. There will be “Morning Assembly” from Monday to Friday.

    2. The Hostel Supdts/Matron/House appointments are to carry

    out the dress inspection of the students in the houses

    before boys go for breakfast. They are also to ensure that

    the boys march from the dormitories to mess, classes

    and PT in time in an orderly manner.

    3. Class Inspection, House Inspection and Dress Inspection

    will be held at 0830 hrs on every Saturday by House

    Master & House Staff.

    4. Evening Prep time on Saturdays will be from 1810hrs to

    1920hrs. (Winter) and 1820 to 1950hrs (Summer).

    5. Morning Prep on Sundays & Holidays from 1100 to


    (Education is the best provision for old age.)

  • -20-

    (The only fence against the world is a thorough knowledge of it.)

    6. The Inter House matches will be played only during games

    period, so that the preps are not disturbed.

    7. The Inter House league/knock out basis matches will be

    witnessed by the respective group only. Rest of the cadets

    will go for games/club activities as per the programme

    issued separately.

    8. The Inter House final matches of all games & Sports would

    be witnessed by all cadets.

    9. Organised/ unsupervised games may be held on Sunday/

    Holiday, but teams playing the games must take prior

    permission from Senior Master and Duty Master.

    10. Each House team namely Senior, Middle and Junior will

    go directly to the respective fields, as allotted to them in

    the Routine Orders and report to the respective incharges.

    11. The activities such as Best House, Best Class and

    Gardening Competitions should be planned well in advance

    and must be maintained by the respective Houses


    12. The games and activities planned during monsoon are

    subject to weather conditions.

    13. The movies will be screened at 1400hrs - 1645hrs on


  • -21-


    (a) The School expects the cadets to be polite, friendly,

    and well behaved in and outside the school. They should

    be respectful to their elders and teachers, honest and

    truthful at all times.

    (b) Personal neatness and cleanliness are essential.

    Cadets must keep their classrooms and the school

    clean and tidy.

    (c) Work is worship. A certain decorum should be

    maintained in the classroom. Cadets should be attentive

    and respectful to their teachers and companions.

    (d) Cadets are to speak in English in school and outside

    so as to maintain a suitable level of conversation. Those

    who are weak in English need to be encouraged.

    (e) The school does not accept responsibility for any loss of

    money/books/ clothes etc. The students are advised not to

    bring any valuable items to the school. Any item lost/found,

    needs to be deposited in House Master’s Office.

    (f) No collective petition will be entertained but reasonable

    and private ones will be sympathetically attended to.

    (g) The boys should switch off lights in the Houses and

    class rooms, when not required.

    (h) In the absence of the teacher, the monitor assumes

    the responsibility for the order and discipline of the class.

    He should fulfil his duty with loyalty and impartiality. He is

    not permitted to punish the cadets.

    (j) Use of obscene language or profanities is not expected

    of cadets of the school.

    (k) Forcing a cadet to do things that violate his own space

    of the code of conduct of the school, constitutes coercion.

    This will be viewed very seriously and dealt with accordingly.

    (l) Cadets need to conduct themselves with dignity at all

    times. Physical violence violates a person. The school has

    zero tolerance policy for physical violence.(Common sense is in spite of, not as the result of education.)

  • -22-

    (Frivolity is inborn, conceit acquired by education.)

    (m) The act of bullying or intimidation goes against all tenets

    of socially accepted behavior. Offences of this nature are

    considered serious and will be dealt severely.

    (n) Text Books will be strictly followed as per CBSE

    guidelines and are to be carried in school bag for class.


    must wish the officers, members of the academic staff,

    members of the administrative staff and visitors. Cadets

    must salute when they are wearing berets/turban.

    3. TURNOUT AND HYGIENE: Cadets must maintain a neat

    and smart appearance at all times. For this they should:-

    (a) Brush their teeth daily and clean/trim their nails.

    (b) Take hair cut on Saturday afternoon/Sunday after


    (c) Take bath regularly.

    (d) Comb their hair properly.

    (e) Polish their shoes daily and keep their socks clean.

    (f) Dress up for various activities as per orders issued from

    time to time.

    (g) Wear school tie with a proper fitting shirt with upper

    most button closed.


    (i) First & Third Monday of the month (1500hrs to 1730hrs).

    (ii) Monday – Dhurv House

    Tuesday – Luv & Kush House

    Wednesday – Bharat & Abhimanyu House

    Thursday – Singh House

    Friday- Kumaon House

    Sunday – Kesari House/ Shiwalik House


    (a) Cadets are forbidden to:-

    (i) Borrow/Lend articles and money.

    (ii) Keep valuable and attractive items.

  • -23-

    (iii) Rest in the dormitories unless permitted by the

    House Staff.

    (iv) Use others toilet requisites.

    (b) They should mark their garments and stitch buttons

    etc. on Sundays.

    (c) They should handover soiled linen (After noting them in

    the dhobi book) to the Matron/ Hostel Superintendents.

    (d) Cadets should remember to:-

    (i) Visit the toilet before retiring to bed and brush their


    (ii) Make their beds after use.

    (iii) Close the taps when not in use.

    (iv) Keep their cupboards as per the proper format.

    (e) They should carry out the orders and instructions

    passed by the House Appointments.

    6. CLASS – ROOMS

    (a) Cadets must be punctual for the classes.

    (b) Perfect silence should be maintained in the class room.

    (c) Instructions issued by the class monitor, who is in

    charge of the class in the absence of the teacher, should

    be obeyed by all cadets of his class.

    (d) Cadets should keep their desks, cupboards and class

    rooms neat and tidy.

    (e) The class-room furniture, walls etc. must be saved from

    mutilation. Any damage should be brought to the notice of

    the class teacher immediately.

    (f) Cadets should keep their books and exercise books

    properly arranged. Any loss of book or damage should be

    brought to the notice of the class teacher.

    (g) Cadets will enter and leave their class room in single

    line and in an orderly manner.

    (h) Cadets must switch off lights before leaving the


    (I need to complete my homework on time.)

  • -24-

    (Early childhood education begins early, even before birth.)

    (j) In case the teacher does not turn up in 5 minutes of the

    start of the period, monitor is to detail one of the class

    mates to go and report to the teacher.


    (a) Cadets are to march properly and in a disciplined

    manner to the Dining Hall for all meals.

    (b) They should enter the Dining Hall in a single line when


    (c) Discipline should be maintained in the Dining Hall and

    conversation should be in subdued voice.

    (d) Cadets should follow Dining Hall etiquettes.

    (e) Cadets should leave the Dining Hall silently.

    8. OUT OF BOUNDS:- Following areas are placed OUT OF

    BOUNDS for the cadets.

    (a) Staircase in front of the Principal’s office.

    (b) Academic area beyond the academic hours.

    (c) Areas outside the school compound.

    (d) Houses during classes/parades

    (e) Staff quarters.

    (f) Senior Cadets to Junior Houses and Junior Cadets to

    Senior Houses.

    (g) Swimming Pool is allowed only under supervision of


    (h) Cadets can visit these places only with prior permission

    of the Vice Principal.

    9. LEAVE: Leave of absence during the session will be

    granted to cadets only in exceptional circumstances after

    prior approval of the Principal. Parents and certified

    guardians can meet their wards on every second Sunday

    from 0900 hrs to 1600hrs, out pass if required to be taken

    in advance by the cadet.

    10. VISITORS: Parents of cadets will be permitted to meet

    the teachers only on Second Saturday of every month after

    1200hrs with the prior permission of the school authorities.

    Parents are not allowed to visit the houses/mess area.

  • -25-


    Occasion Summer Winter

    Ceremonial Khaki shirt, khaki Same as for

    Parade trousers, black socks summer with

    and black shoes, beret/ pullover

    pugrees with hackles,

    school belt and name tab

    Working Same as above without School blazer/

    Dress hackles jersey with full

    sleeves white shirt,

    grey worsted

    trousers, school tie,

    black shoes, name


    Dinner White full sleeves shirt, Same as Summer

    grey worsted trousers, with school blazer/

    tie, name tab, black socks jersey

    & black shoes.

    P.T. Dress House colour T - shirt, House colour T-

    school track suit / white shirt, school track

    shorts, white socks & suit, white socks &

    white sports shoes white sports shoes

    Saturdays Full sleeves white shirt, Same as Summer

    white trousers, school with Pullover &

    tie, black socks & black school blazer with

    shoes Grey Trousers

    Holiday/ Track Suit (Prep Time) Same as Summer

    Sundays with Pullover &

    school blazer with tie

    Note: Mufti for cadets going for out pass/leave educational/

    motivational trips & excursions from school.

    (There is no greater education than one that is self-driven.)

  • -26-

    (Reformation, like education, is a journey, not a destination.)

    MESS ETIQUETTESThe mess is an important part of this school. All have to maintain

    decency and decorum in the mess. It is an institution we should take

    pride in and observe the laid down rules/ regulations to maintain and keep

    up its dignity. Some tips on mess etiquettes have been listed below:

    Dos• Observe Punctuality.

    • Follow the dress regulation strictly.

    • The senior most dining member occupies the seat at the head of

    the table.

    • While seated, sit erect without leaning lazily on the back of the chair.

    • Mess is the place where you can talk, therefore, talk freely but in

    a soft and subdued voice.

    • When you take or leave your seat, take permission from your

    neighbor by saying “excuse me”.

    • After the meal is over, replace your chair.

    • Complaints, if any, should be lodged with Mess Committee or

    Mess manager.

    • After the meals, leave the dining hall gracefully.

    DON’Ts• Do not drag the chairs.

    • Do not rest your elbows on the table.

    • Do not heap up your plates with food stuff.

    • While eating do not keep your mouth open.

    • Do not produce any noise with cutlery.

    • Do not leave your seats when the meals are in progress.

    • Do not shout for the bearer.

    • In case your neighbour’s seat is vacant (but the table laid) do

    not eat from his plate.

    • Do not get up for a second helping, instead ask your neighbor

    to pass the dish over to you.

    • Do not enter into a dialogue with the bearer or any member of

    the mess staff.

    • Do not criticize the food when the meals are in progress.

    • Do not start blowing your nose and cleaning your throat while

    seated at the dining table.

    • Do not leave the head seat of the house vacant.

    • While talking to your neighbours, do not hold the cutlery up in

    the air.

  • -27-

    • While passing over the cutlery to any one, please see that the

    sharp edge is towards you.

    • The music should be played at acceptable volume only by the

    School Captain/ Vice Captain with the permission of Duty Master.

    Eating meals starts from the outside in. The fork on the left hand

    side, farther from the plate is the salad fork. The fork closer to the plate is

    for the main course and the dinner knife would be on the right hand side

    closer to the plate. Dessert spoons and/ or fork are above the plate. The

    bread and butter knife is placed on the upper left hand side. Wine or water

    glass is on the upper right hand side and if the glass has a stem, hold it

    from the stem. Napkins are placed on the plate or on the left hand side.

    Wait for the host/ chief guest to be seated and unfold his/ her napkin first.

    You should place your napkin on your lap. If you have to excuse yourself

    from the table, place the napkin on the chair, if you need anything, remember

    to use “Please and Thank You” to the waiter. Wait patiently for everyone

    at the table to be served before starting to eat.


    (a) Maintain silence in the school library.

    (b) Any book lost/torn must be informed to the librarian immediately

    and the book lost by the borrower shall have to be replaced within 15

    days time from the date of loss by the borrower.

    (c) Each borrower is supposed to examine the condition of the book

    when it is issued and has to ensure that the damage if any, is

    mentioned in the loan register.

    (d) While returning the book, the borrower will ensure that the date of

    return is correctly entered and each entry is signed by the librarian.

    (e) A borrower from whom fine or some other recovery is long over-due

    will be debarred from borrowing books from the school library.

    (f) Stealing of books/magazines from the school library is a serious

    offence. If a student is caught stealing books/magazines from the

    library he/she will have to pay double the cost of the book.

    (It’s hard to improve public education - that’s clear.)

  • -28-


    1. In the laboratory/workshop, follow the instructions given by teachers.

    2. Any breakage or loss must be reported immediately.

    3. The cadets should come prepared with the theory of experiment,

    which they have to perform in laboratory or workshop.

    4. Students should come to laboratory with complete practical record

    and observation note book.

    5. All cadets are advised to be regular during practical.

    6. All work is to be done in the presence of a supervisor instructor.


    1. The 70% of School Fee will be charged as first installment in the

    month of May. The exact fee (after settlement of annual deductions

    and scholarship) will be uploaded in school website in the first

    week of May. The last date of first installment is 31 May and

    late fee of 1st Installment will be charged from 01 Jun onwards.

    2. The balance 30% of school fee has to be paid by 31 Oct. Late fees

    will be charged from 01 Nov onwards.

    3. Payment Mode of School Fees

    (a) SBI Collect (SBI Collect link is made available in School Website)

    online Payment

    (b) SBI Bank Draft

    In Favour of : Principal Sainik School Ghorakhal

    Payable at : SBI Bhowali (Branch Code-1352)

    IFSC Code : SBIN0001352


    (A) For General Candidates and Defence Category: Minimum 55% in

    aggregate and 45% in each subject

    (B) For SC/ST candidates: Minimum 50% in aggregate and 40 % in

    each subject.

    (Like education, healthcare also needs to be given importance.)

  • -29-


    1. In order to allow the school to keep parents informed about the

    progress of their wards, parents should inform their latest mobile

    numbers, mailing address to the school administration during

    admission.Any change should be immediately brought to the notice

    of the School.

    2. Parents/guardians are permitted to meet their wards on second

    Sunday of the month only from 0900 hrs to 1600 hrs. Parents’ Day

    will not be observed during Exam days.

    3. Parents are requested to watch, the cadet’s progress in academics

    and outdoor activities carefully.

    4. Parents are requested to meet the Housemaster during PTMs, if

    their ward’s progress is not satisfactory / otherwise.

    5. Use of Mobile Phones, electrical appliances and electronic gadgets

    in the school premises is strictly PROHIBITED.

    6. A student has to get at least a pass grade in Art Education (drawing

    and painting & Comp. Sci.) for promotion to the next higher class.

    7. Parents are requested to have regular correspondence with their

    ward in order to keep themselves fully apprised of his progress in

    various fields.

    8. Parents have to ensure that their wards meticulously follow the

    booking out and booking in schedule.

    9. Parents are requested to ensure that their wards utilise vacation

    period for studies & completing the homework.

    10. Parents are requested to send their wards back to school after

    each break or vacation as per scheduled time. Class 6th to 8th cadets

    must be accompanied by parents.

    11. Parents are requested not to visit classes mess and dorms of the


    12. No leave will be sanctioned other than authorised vacation and


    13. Cadets can disperse on vacation only after lunch.

    14. Parents are requested not to give large amount of cash and

    expensive items to the cadets.

    (It is better to learn late than never.)

  • -30-


    The under mentioned items are to be brought by the parents at the time of


    S. Name of the items To be

    No. provided

    by parents

    1 Black Leather Shoes (Oxford Pattern) 02 Prs.

    2 Sports Shoes (White) 02 Prs.

    3 Warm Inner Cots wool (Upper and Lower) 02 Pr.

    4 Terry Cot Shirt White (Full Sleeves) 06 Nos

    5 Sports Short White 02 Nos

    6 Sports Short Black 02 Nos

    7 Boot Polish (Black) with shoe brush 02 No

    8 Brasso (Small Bottle) ¼ihry iksfyl½ 01No

    9 Blanket ¼Åuh dEcy½ 01 No

    10 Quilt (Rajai) filled with 5 Kgs cotton 01 No

    11 Quilt (Rajai) Cover White 02 Nos

    12 Pillow 01 No

    13 Pillow Covers White 02 Nos

    14 Towel Large Size =27"x54" (Cotton only) 02 Nos

    15 Towel Small size -14"x21"(Cotton only) 04 Nos

    16 Vest Sandow 10 Nos

    17 Underwear 10 Nos

    18 Cotton socks white (Plain) 08 Prs.

    19 Cotton socks black (Plain) 08 Prs

    20 Cotton handkerchief White 12 Nos

    21 Slippers 01 Prs

    22 Umbrella 01 No

    23 Hangers 12 Nos

    24 Steel Box Black Colour size 30"x16"x12" 01 No

    25 Locks 40 mm (with 3 keys) 02 Nos

    26 Locks 60 mm (with 3 keys) 02 Nos

    27 Plastic Bucket with Mug 01 each

    28 Bathing Soap and Soap Case 02 each

    29 Washing Soap and Soap Case 02 each

    30 Hair Oil, Nail Cutter, Tooth Paste, Tooth Brush and Comb 01 each

    (To read without reflecting is like eating without digesting.)

  • -31-

    31 Coat Brush 01 No

    32 Duster Cloth 04 Nos

    33 Box consisting of 2 Needles, Buttons, Thread Reels 01 Pkt.

    White, Khaki, Black.

    34 Decent looking civilian formal dress 02 Prs

    35 Alarm Clock small 01 No

    36 Torch 01 No

    37 Cloth Clips 24 Nos

    38 Crepe Bandage Medium 01 No

    39 Hand wash liquid Sufficient quantity

    40 Sanitizers Sufficient quantity

    41 Muffler Maroon 02 No

    42 Gloves pair Maroon 02 Nos

    43 School Tie 01 No

    44 School Belt Leather 01 No

    45 Pullover Cashmillon ‘V’ Neck (Maroon) with sky blue 03 No

    strips in Cuff, Wrist and Neck (Available in School Store)

    46 Hackle Beret 01 No

    47 Sport Cap (School Logo) 01 No

    48 Woolen Cap Maroon (School Logo) 01 No

    49 Bed Covers (House Colour) (Size 150x2240cm) 03 Nos

    50 Scarf Woolen 02 Nos

    51 School ‘T’ Shirt (House Colour) 01 No

    52 Track Suit (School Maroon) 01 No

    53 Bed Sheet White (Size 132x120 cm) 03 Nos

    54 Sports Vest (House Colour) 01 No

    55 House/School Colour Shoulder Titles 02 Prs

    56 Name Tabs 04 Nos

    57 Trousers White Terri Cot 02 Nos

    58 Blazer with Monogram 01 No

    59 School Bag (for class VI to IX cadets) 01 No

    (Available in the School)

    60 Satchel (for class X to XII cadets) 01 No

    (Available in the School)

    61 Khaki Uniform (01 pair will be issued by the school) 02 Nos

    62 Grey Trouser will be issued by the school 01 Nos

    63 Shoulder Title “SSGK” will be issued by the school 02 Prs

    64 Formation Sign will be issued by the school 01 No

    (A child educated only at school is an uneducated child.)

  • -32-


    (A) The following gazetted holidays will be observed during the year 2019

    (1) Republic Day 26 January Saturday

    (2) Maha Shivaratri 04 March Monday

    (3) Holi 21 March Thursday

    (4) Mahavir Jayanti 17April Wednesday

    (5) Good Friday 19April Friday

    (6) Budha Purnima 18 May Saturday

    (7) Idu’I Fitr 05 June Wednesday

    (8) Id-ul-Zuha (Bakrid) 12 August Monday

    (09) Independence Day 15 August Thursday

    (10) Janmashtami 24 August Saturday

    (11) Muharram 10 September Tuesday

    (12) Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday 02 October Wednesday

    (13) Dussehra (Vijay Dashmi) 08 October Tuesday

    (14) Diwali (Deepavali) 27 October Sunday

    (15) Mild-un-Nabi or Id-e-Milad

    (Birthday of Prophet Mohammad) 10 November Sunday

    (16) Guru Nanak’s Birthday 12 November Tuesday

    (17) Chirstmas Day 25 December Wednesday

    (B) In addition to the above Gazetted Holidays the following 02 Re-

    stricted Holidays will be observed during the year 2019

    (1) Goverdhan Puja 28 October Monday

    (2) Bhaiya Dooj 29 October Tuesday

    (C) Summer Vacation : 03 Jun 2019 - 30 Jun 2019

    (D) Autumn Break : 25 Oct 2019 - 04 Nov 2019

    (E) Winter Vacation : 21 Dec 2019 - 02 Feb 2020

    (Children just need the time, the space, and the permission to be kids.)

  • -33-


    Sl. Date Day


    1 10 Jan World laughter Day

    2 12 Jan National Youth Day

    3 15 Jan Army Day

    4 25 Jan India Tourism Day

    5 25 Jan International Customs Duty Day

    6 26 Jan Republic Day

    7 30 Jan Martyr’s Day

    8 14 Feb St Valentine’s Day

    9 28 Feb National Science Day

    10 3 Mar National Defence Day

    11 8 Mar International Women’s Day

    12 15 Mar World Disbled Day

    13 15Mar World Consumer Day

    14 21 Mar World Forestry Day (NCC Activity)

    15 23 Mar World Meteorological Day

    16 7 Apr World Health Day (NCC Activity)

    17 13Apr Jallianwala Bagh Massacre Day (1919)

    18 14Apr Dr BR Ambedkar Jayanti, Fire Extinguishing Day

    19 18Apr World Heritage Day

    20 22Apr World Earth Day (NCC Activity)

    21 23Apr World Books Day

    22 1 May Worker’s Day, International Labour Day

    23 3 May Press Freedom Day

    24 3 May International Energy Day

    (Children need love, especially when they do not deserve it.)

  • -34-

    Sl. Date DayNo.

    25 8 May World Red Cross Day

    26 02 Sun of Mother’s Day


    27 15 May International Day of the Family

    28 17 May World Telecommunication Day

    29 24 May Common-Wealth Day

    30 31 May Anti-Tobacco Day (NCC Activity)

    31 5 Jun World Environment Day (NCC Activity)

    32 21 Jun International Yoga Day

    33 26 Jun International Day Against Drug Abuse and

    Illicit Trafficking (NCC Activity)

    34 27 Jun World Diabetes Day

    35 4 Jul American Independence Day

    36 11 Jul World Population Day

    37 11 Jul Paryavaran Divas

    38 16 Jul National School Safety Day (To mark the

    fire accident of Kumbhkoram School Fire,


    39 26 Jul Kargil Victory Day

    40 6 Aug Hiroshima Day

    41 9 Aug Quit India Day, Nagasaki Day

    42 12 Aug International Youth Day

    43 15 Aug Independence Day

    44 19 Aug World Photography Day

    45 20 Aug Sadbhavna Divas (Rajiv Gandhi’s Birthday)

    46 29 Aug National Sports Day (Maj Dhyan Chand’s


    (Who questions much, shall learn much, and retain much.)

  • -35-

    Sl. Date Day No.

    47 5 Sep Teacher’s Day (Dr S Radhakrishnan Birthday)

    48 7 Sep Forgiveness Day

    49 8 Sep World Literacy Day

    50 12 Sep Tree Plantation Drive (NCC Activity)

    51 14 Sep Hindi Day

    52 14 Sep World First Aid Day

    53 16 Sep World Ozone Day

    54 25 Sep Social Justice Day

    55 27 Sep World Tourism Day

    56 1 Oct International Day for the Elderly (UN)

    57 2 Oct Gandhi Jayanti (International Non Voilence Day)

    58 4 Oct World Animal Welfare Day

    59 5 Oct World Habitat Day

    60 6 Oct World Teachers Day

    61 6 Oct World Wildlife Day

    62 8 Oct IndianAir Force Day

    63 9 Oct World Post Office Day

    64 10 Oct National Post Day

    65 13 Oct UN International Day for Natural Disaster

    Reduction (NCC Activity)

    66 14 Oct World Standards Day

    67 15 Oct World White cane Day ( Guiding the Blind)

    68 16 Oct World Food Day

    69 17 Oct International Poverty Eradication Day

    70 24 Oct UN Day

    71 30 Oct World Thrift Day

    (Everybody’s a teacher if you listen.)

  • -36-

    Sl. Date Day No.

    72 31 Oct National Integration Day (Mrs India Gandhi

    Martyr’s Day)

    73 7 Nov Infant Protection Day

    74 9 Nov World Cancer Awareness Day

    75 9 Nov Pravasiya Bhartiya Day

    76 9 Nov Legal Services Day

    77 10 Nov Transport Day

    78 11 Nov National Education Day (Birthday of Maulana

    Abul Kalam Azad)

    79 14 Nov Children’s Day (Birthday of Pandit Jawahar

    Lal Nehru)

    80 14 Nov World Diabetes Day

    81 4th Sun. of NCC Day


    82 26 Nov Constitution Day

    83 1 Dec World AIDS Day (NCC Activity)

    84 4 Dec Navy Day

    85 7 Dec Armed Force Flag Day

    86 10 Dec Human Rights Day

    87 11 Dec UNICEF Day

    88 13 Dec Parliament Attack Day (2001)

    89 14 Dec National Energy Conservation Day

    90 19 Dec Goa Liberation Day

    91 23 Dec Kisan Divas (Farmer’s Day) (Birthday of

    Choudhary Charan Singh)

    (What we learn with pleasure we never forget.)

  • -37-








    S. Science







    Sign of the

    Class Teach.


    For Classes VI to VIII : As per RTE.

    For Classes IX & XI: As per CBSE Rules.

    (Remember that failure is an event, not a person.)

  • -38-


    Date Day Events for the Month

    1-Apr-19 Monday New Academic Session


    2-Apr-19 Tuesday

    3-Apr-19 Wednesday PTM –XII, Inter House

    Hockey Championship begins

    4-Apr-19 Thursday

    5-Apr-19 Friday

    6-Apr-19 Saturday

    7-Apr-19 Sunday

    8-Apr-19 Monday Academic Torch Ceremony

    Cabin Cupboard

    Inter House Volley Ball


    9-Apr-19 Tuesday

    10-Apr-19 Wednesday

    11-Apr-19 Thursday

    12-Apr-19 Friday

    13-Apr-19 Saturday

    14-Apr-19 Sunday Parents Day

    15-Apr-19 Monday Investiture Ceremony

    Inter House Basket Ball


    16-Apr-19 Tuesday

    17-Apr-19 Wednesday Mahavir Jayanti (Holiday)

    18-Apr-19 Thursday

    19-Apr-19 Friday Good Friday (Holiday)

    20-Apr-19 Saturday

    21-Apr-19 Sunday

    22-Apr-19 Monday Inter House Hockey

    Championship(Children are apt to live up to what you believe of them.)

  • -39-

    23-Apr-19 Tuesday

    24-Apr-19 Wednesday

    25-Apr-19 Thursday

    26-Apr-19 Friday

    27-Apr-19 Saturday Educational Trip (Class VII)

    28-Apr-19 Sunday

    29-Apr-19 Monday Unit Test XI - XII

    30-Apr-19 Tuesday Birthday Dinner,Academic Conf

    1-May-19 Wednesday Annual Sports Activities begins

    2-May-19 Thursday

    3-May-19 Friday

    4-May-19 Saturday

    5-May-19 Sunday

    6-May-19 Monday SSB orientation

    7-May-19 Tuesday SSB orientation

    8-May-19 Wednesday SSB orientation

    9-May-19 Thursday

    10-May-19 Friday Welcome Party at Principal’s


    11-May-19 Saturday Educational Trip (Class VIII)

    12-May-19 Sunday Parents Day

    13-May-19 Monday Cabin Cupboard

    14-May-19 Tuesday

    15-May-19 Wednesday

    16-May-19 Thursday

    17-May-19 Friday

    18-May-19 Saturday Buddha Purnima (Holiday)

    19-May-19 Sunday

    20-May-19 Monday

    21-May-19 Tuesday

    22-May-19 Wednesday

    23-May-19 Thursday

    (The best way to make children good is to make them happy.)

  • -40-

    24-May-19 Friday

    25-May-19 Saturday Academic Conf

    26-May-19 Sunday

    27-May-19 Monday

    28-May-19 Tuesday

    29-May-19 Wednesday

    30-May-19 Thursday

    31-May-19 Friday

    1-Jun-19 Saturday Annual Sports Day and

    Dispersal of cdts after lunch

    2-Jun-19 Sunday

    3-Jun-19 Monday Summer Vacation Starts

    Teacher’s Workshops

    4-Jun-19 Tuesday Teacher’s Workshops

    5-Jun-19 Wednesday Id-ul-Fitr (Holiday)

    Teacher’s Workshops

    6-Jun-19 Thursday

    7-Jun-19 Friday

    8-Jun-19 Saturday

    9-Jun-19 Sunday

    10-Jun-19 Monday

    11-Jun-19 Tuesday

    12-Jun-19 Wednesday

    13-Jun-19 Thursday

    14-Jun-19 Friday

    15-Jun-19 Saturday

    16-Jun-19 Sunday

    17-Jun-19 Monday

    18-Jun-19 Tuesday

    19-Jun-19 Wednesday

    20-Jun-19 Thursday

    21-Jun-19 Friday International Yoga Day

    (Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself.)

  • -41-

    22-Jun-19 Saturday

    23-Jun-19 Sunday

    24-Jun-19 Monday

    25-Jun-19 Tuesday

    26-Jun-19 Wednesday

    27-Jun-19 Thursday

    28-Jun-19 Friday

    29-Jun-19 Saturday

    30-Jun-19 Sunday Summer Vacation Ends

    (Cadets to report back)

    1-Jul-19 Monday

    2-Jul-19 Tuesday

    3-Jul-19 Wednesday

    4-Jul-19 Thursday

    5-Jul-19 Friday

    6-Jul-19 Saturday

    7-Jul-19 Sunday

    8-Jul-19 Monday Cabin Cupboard

    9-Jul-19 Tuesday

    10-Jul-19 Wednesday

    11-Jul-19 Thursday

    12-Jul-19 Friday Inter House English Essay

    Comp. (all groups)

    13-Jul-19 Saturday Educational Trip (Class VI )

    14-Jul-19 Sunday Parents Day

    15-Jul-19 Monday

    16-Jul-19 Tuesday Inter House English Debate


    17-Jul-19 Wednesday

    18-Jul-19 Thursday Inter House Painting

    Competition (all groups)

    19-Jul-19 Friday

    (There is no single way to educate.)

  • -42-

    20-Jul-19 Saturday

    21-Jul-19 Sunday

    22-Jul-19 Monday Pre Mid Term-I Starts

    23-Jul-19 Tuesday

    24-Jul-19 Wednesday

    25-Jul-19 Thursday

    26-Jul-19 Friday

    27-Jul-19 Saturday Pre Mid Term-I Ends

    28-Jul-19 Sunday

    29-Jul-19 Monday

    30-Jul-19 Tuesday

    31-Jul-19 Wednesday Birthday Dinner, Academic Conf

    1-Aug-19 Thursday

    2-Aug-19 Friday

    3-Aug-19 Saturday Educational Trip ( Class IX)

    4-Aug-19 Sunday

    5-Aug-19 Monday

    6-Aug-19 Tuesday

    7-Aug-19 Wednesday

    8-Aug-19 Thursday

    9-Aug-19 Friday Inter House Recitation

    Declamation Comp.

    10-Aug-19 Saturday PTM-I (VI-XI)

    11-Aug-19 Sunday Parents Day

    12-Aug-19 Monday Id-Uz-Zuha (Bakrid) (Holiday)

    13-Aug-19 Tuesday Cabin Cupboard

    14-Aug-19 Wednesday

    15-Aug-19 Thursday Independence Day (Holiday)

    16-Aug-19 Friday

    17-Aug-19 Saturday Educational Trip (class x)

    18-Aug-19 Sunday

    19-Aug-19 Monday

    (Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theater.)

  • -43-

    20-Aug-19 Tuesday

    21-Aug-19 Wednesday

    22-Aug-19 Thursday

    23-Aug-19 Friday

    24-Aug-19 Saturday Janmashtami (Holiday)

    25-Aug-19 Sunday

    26-Aug-19 Monday Inter House Quiz Competition


    27-Aug-19 Tuesday

    28-Aug-19 Wednesday

    29-Aug-19 Thursday

    30-Aug-19 Friday Academic Conf, Inter House

    English Debate (Middles)

    31-Aug-19 Saturday Birthday Dinner

    1-Sep-19 Sunday

    2-Sep-19 Monday

    3-Sep-19 Tuesday Inter House Calligraphy


    4-Sep-19 Wednesday

    5-Sep-19 Thursday Teacher’s Day Celebration

    6-Sep-19 Friday

    7-Sep-19 Saturday

    8-Sep-19 Sunday Parents Day

    9-Sep-19 Monday Cabin Cupboard

    10-Sep-19 Tuesday Muharram (Holiday)

    11-Sep-19 Wednesday

    12-Sep-19 Thursday

    13-Sep-19 Friday

    14-Sep-19 Saturday Hindi Day Celebrations

    15-Sep-19 Sunday

    16-Sep-19 Monday Mid Term Exam Starts

    17-Sep-19 Tuesday

    (Experience, travel – these are an education in themselves.)

  • -44-

    18-Sep-19 Wednesday

    19-Sep-19 Thursday

    20-Sep-19 Friday

    21-Sep-19 Saturday Mid Term Exam Ends

    22-Sep-19 Sunday

    23-Sep-19 Monday

    24-Sep-19 Tuesday

    25-Sep-19 Wednesday

    26-Sep-19 Thursday

    27-Sep-19 Friday

    28-Sep-19 Saturday

    29-Sep-19 Sunday

    30-Sep-19 Monday Academic Conf, Birthday Dinner

    1-Oct-19 Tuesday Cross-Country

    2-Oct-19 Wednesday Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday


    3-Oct-19 Thursday

    4-Oct-19 Friday

    5-Oct-19 Saturday Inter House Indoor Games


    6-Oct-19 Sunday Inter House Indoor Games

    7-Oct-19 Monday Maha Navmi (Holiday) Inter

    House Indoor Games

    8-Oct-19 Tuesday Dussehra (Holiday) Inter

    House Indoor Games

    9-Oct-19 Wednesday Inter House Indoor Games Finals

    10-Oct-19 Thursday

    11-Oct-19 Friday

    12-Oct-19 Saturday Parents Day

    13-Oct-19 Sunday Out Pass for all Classes

    14-Oct-19 Monday Inter House Cultural

    Competition –I, Cabin Cupboard

    15-Oct-19 Tuesday Inter House Cultural Competition-II

    (By crawling, a child learns to stand.)

  • -45-

    16-Oct-19 Wednesday

    17-Oct-19 Thursday

    18-Oct-19 Friday

    19-Oct-19 Saturday

    20-Oct-19 Sunday

    21-Oct-19 Monday

    22-Oct-19 Tuesday

    23-Oct-19 Wednesday

    24-Oct-19 Thursday

    25-Oct-19 Friday Annual Day Celebrations and

    Dispersal of cdts after lunch

    for Deepwali Break

    26-Oct-19 Saturday Adm Day

    27-Oct-19 Sunday Diwali (Deepawali)

    28-Oct-19 Monday Goverdhan Pooja

    29-Oct-19 Tuesday

    30-Oct-19 Wednesday

    31-Oct-19 Thursday

    1-Nov-19 Friday

    2-Nov-19 Saturday

    3-Nov-19 Sunday NTSE LEVEL -I (Tentative)

    4-Nov-19 Monday Deepawali Break ends and

    Cadets to report

    5-Nov-19 Tuesday

    6-Nov-19 Wednesday GK test for All

    7-Nov-19 Thursday

    8-Nov-19 Friday

    9-Nov-19 Saturday Medical Camp (OBA) Proposed

    10-Nov-19 Sunday Milad-un-Babi or Id-e-Eilad (Birthday

    of Prophet Mohammad),Movie

    11-Nov-19 Monday Cabin Cupboard

    12-Nov-19 Tuesday Guru Nanak’s Birthday (Holiday)

    13-Nov-19 Wednesday

    (Your education is a dress rehearsal for a life that is yours to lead.)

  • -46-

    14-Nov-19 Thursday

    15-Nov-19 Friday Inter House Quiz Competition


    16-Nov-19 Saturday

    17-Nov-19 Sunday UPSC Examination- 2019

    18-Nov-19 Monday

    19-Nov-19 Tuesday

    20-Nov-19 Wednesday School Photography (Tentative)

    21-Nov-19 Thursday

    22-Nov-19 Friday Inter House English Debate


    23-Nov-19 Saturday

    24-Nov-19 Sunday

    25-Nov-19 Monday

    26-Nov-19 Tuesday

    27-Nov-19 Wednesday Inter House Drill Comp.

    28-Nov-19 Thursday

    29-Nov-19 Friday

    30-Nov-19 Saturday Birthday Dinner, Academic Conf

    1-Dec-19 Sunday

    2-Dec-19 Monday Post Mid Term Starts

    3-Dec-19 Tuesday

    4-Dec-19 Wednesday

    5-Dec-19 Thursday

    6-Dec-19 Friday

    7-Dec-19 Saturday Completion of syllabus of Board

    classes, Post Mid Term Ends

    8-Dec-19 Sunday Parents day

    9-Dec-19 Monday

    10-Dec-19 Tuesday Cabin Cupboard

    11-Dec-19 Wednesday

    12-Dec-19 Thursday

    (Play is the highest form of research.)

  • -47-

    13-Dec-19 Friday

    14-Dec-19 Saturday PTM II (XI-XII)

    15-Dec-19 Sunday Out Pass for all Classes

    16-Dec-19 Monday

    17-Dec-19 Tuesday SSB orientation

    18-Dec-19 Wednesday SSB orientation

    19-Dec-19 Thursday SSB orientation

    20-Dec-19 Friday SSB orientation

    21-Dec-19 Saturday SSB orientation Winter Vacation

    Starts & Dispersal of Cadets

    after Lunch

    22-Dec-19 Sunday

    23-Dec-19 Monday

    24-Dec-19 Tuesday

    25-Dec-19 Wednesday Christmas day (Holiday)

    26-Dec-19 Thursday

    27-Dec-19 Friday

    28-Dec-19 Saturday

    29-Dec-19 Sunday

    30-Dec-19 Monday

    31-Dec-19 Tuesday

    1-Jan-20 Wednesday

    2-Jan-20 Thursday

    3-Jan-20 Friday

    4-Jan-20 Saturday

    5-Jan-20 Sunday All India Sainik School

    Entrance Examination-2020

    6-Jan-20 Monday

    7-Jan-20 Tuesday

    8-Jan-20 Wednesday

    9-Jan-20 Thursday

    10-Jan-20 Friday

    (They know enough who know how to learn.)

  • -48-

    11-Jan-20 Saturday

    12-Jan-20 Sunday

    13-Jan-20 Monday

    14-Jan-20 Tuesday

    15-Jan-20 Wednesday

    16-Jan-20 Thursday

    17-Jan-20 Friday

    18-Jan-20 Saturday

    19-Jan-20 Sunday

    20-Jan-20 Monday

    21-Jan-20 Tuesday

    22-Jan-20 Wednesday

    23-Jan-20 Thursday

    24-Jan-20 Friday

    25-Jan-20 Saturday

    26-Jan-20 Sunday Republic Day

    27-Jan-20 Monday

    28-Jan-20 Tuesday

    29-Jan-20 Wednesday

    30-Jan-20 Thursday

    31-Jan-20 Friday

    1-Feb-20 Saturday

    2-Feb-20 Sunday Winter Vacation Ends &

    Cadets to report

    3-Feb-20 Monday

    4-Feb-20 Tuesday

    5-Feb-20 Wednesday

    6-Feb-20 Thursday

    7-Feb-20 Friday

    8-Feb-20 Saturday

    9-Feb-20 Sunday Parents Day

    (Learning never exhausts the mind.)

  • -49-

    10-Feb-20 Monday Cabin Cupboard

    11-Feb-20 Tuesday

    12-Feb-20 Wednesday

    13-Feb-20 Thursday

    14-Feb-20 Friday

    15-Feb-20 Saturday

    16-Feb-20 Sunday

    17-Feb-20 Monday

    18-Feb-20 Tuesday

    19-Feb-20 Wednesday

    20-Feb-20 Thursday

    21-Feb-20 Friday

    22-Feb-20 Saturday

    23-Feb-20 Sunday

    24-Feb-20 Monday

    25-Feb-20 Tuesday

    26-Feb-20 Wednesday

    27-Feb-20 Thursday

    28-Feb-20 Friday

    29-Feb-20 Saturday Academic Conf, Birthday Dinner

    1-Mar-20 Sunday

    2-Mar-20 Monday Annual Examination for IX to XII

    3-Mar-20 Tuesday

    4-Mar-20 Wednesday

    5-Mar-20 Thursday

    6-Mar-20 Friday

    7-Mar-20 Saturday

    8-Mar-20 Sunday Parents Day

    9-Mar-20 Monday

    10-Mar-20 Tuesday Cabin Cupboard , Annual

    Examination for VI to VIII Starts

    (A stumble may prevent a fall.)

  • -50-

    11-Mar-20 Wednesday

    12-Mar-20 Thursday

    13-Mar-20 Friday

    14-Mar-20 Saturday

    15-Mar-20 Sunday

    16-Mar-20 Monday

    17-Mar-20 Tuesday

    18-Mar-20 Wednesday

    19-Mar-20 Thursday

    20-Mar-20 Friday Annual Examination for VI to

    VIII Ends

    21-Mar-20 Saturday School Raising Day

    22-Mar-20 Sunday

    23-Mar-20 Monday

    24-Mar-20 Tuesday

    25-Mar-20 Wednesday

    26-Mar-20 Thursday

    27-Mar-20 Friday

    28-Mar-20 Saturday

    29-Mar-20 Sunday Cdts Reporting Back to school

    30-Mar-20 Monday

    31-Mar-20 Tuesday Birthday Dinner

    (Despise school and remain a fool)

  • -51-

    (All things good to know are difficult to learn.)

  • -52-

    (You learn more when things go wrong.)

  • -53-

    (Education is the only solution. Education first.)

  • -54-

    (Prosperity is a great teacher; adversity a greater.)

  • -55-

    (Suffering is one of life’s great teachers.)

  • -56-

    (If we learn not humility, we learn nothing.)

  • -57-

    (Nothing is so contagious as example.)

  • -58-

    (Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.)

  • -59-

    (Believe you can and you’re halfway there.)

  • -60-

    (The most necessary learning is that which unlearns evil.)

  • -61-

    (Getting a job is not the purpose of school.)

  • -62-

    (Modest doubt is called the beacon of the wise.)

  • -63-

    (Ignoring isn’t the same as ignorance, you have to work at it.)

  • -64-


    Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa


    Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa



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    Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa


    Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa


    Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa

    CALENDAR - 2020


    Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa


    Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa


    Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa

    (Change is the end result of all true learning)

  • Facts about Uttarakhand – Uttarakhand, earlier known as Uttaranchal, referred to the “Land of the Gods”. Uttarakhand is a great pilgrimage centre and it is a major destination for Hindu Temples. It came into existence 9th November 2000. Its Ofcial Languages are Hindi and Sanskrit whereas Garhwali, Kumaoni also can be heard in Uttarakhand. Its Capital City is Dehradun. Its largest city is also Dehradun. Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, the State has international boundaries with China (Tibet) in the north and Nepal in the east. On its north-west lies Himachal Pradesh while on the south is Uttar Pradesh.

    Uttarakhand’s name is derived from the Sanskrit words Uttara (उ र) meaning ‘north’, and khaṇḍa (ख ड) meaning ‘land’, altogether simply meaning ‘Northern Land’. The name nds mention in early Hindu scriptures as the combined region of “Kedarkhand” (present day Garhwal) and “Manaskhand” (present-day Kumaon).

    There are 13 districts in Uttarakhand which are grouped into two divisions, Kumaon and Garhwal. Four new districts named Didihat, Ranikhet, Kotdwar, and Yamunotri were declared by the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Ramesh Pokhriyal, on 15 August 2011 but yet to be ofcially formed.

    State Symbols of U arakhandAnimal - Alpine Musk DeerBird - Himalayan MonalFlower - Brahma KamalTree - Burans

    Wildlife Sanctuaries in U arakhand• Askot Musk Deer Wildlife Sanctuary• Nandhaur Wildlife Sanctuary• Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary• Govind Pashu Vihar Wildlife Sanctuary• Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary• Mussoorie Wildlife Sanctuary• Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary

    Rivers of U arakhand• Alaknanda River• Asan Barrage• Baur River• Bhagirathi River• Bhilangna River• Darma River• Gola River• Gori Ganga• Jahnavi River• River Pushpawa• Saraswa River (U arakhand)• Sharda River• Song river (Dehradun)• Tons River• Vasukiganga River• Yamuna

  • Sainik School GhorakhalNainital-263156,U arakhand

    Phone No: 05942-220045, Fax: 05942-220051Email: [email protected] Website: prin



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