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Sailing Today media pack v2


<ul><li><p>DECEMBER 2012ISSUE188</p><p>SAILIN</p><p>G TODAY</p><p>188</p><p>WW</p><p>W.SAILINGTODAY.CO.UK </p><p>DECEMBER 2012</p><p>DOVER MARINA: CHANNEL BOLTHOLE DUFOUR 35 TEST: 70S FRENCH STYLE WWW.SA</p><p>ILING</p><p>TODA</p><p>Y.CO.UK</p><p>4.20</p><p>NEW BOAT TEST</p><p>LEARNING</p><p>SPACE, PACE AND A PRETTY FACE</p><p>CRUISING</p><p>SPACE, PACE AND A PRETTY FACEBAVARIA 46 VISIONGETTING QUALIFIED IN THE SUNYACHTMASTER</p><p>ROD HEIKELL: INDIAN OCEAN ROUTES M</p><p>Y MARINA: DOVER </p><p> KO SAMUI </p><p> NEW: BAVARIA 46 VISION </p><p> USED: DUFOUR 35</p><p>EXPERT CHOICE</p><p>ISLAND IDYLLROD HEIKELL ON INDIAN OCEAN ROUTES</p><p>SET SAIL FOR KO SAMUI</p><p>ST188 CovervFinal.indd 1 15/10/2012 16:41ST188 Riding Light_TH_JF.indd 114 16/10/2012 17:29</p><p> Sailing Today is the top read for the thousands of affl uent, active cruising sailors whose love of sailing takes them around the coast of the British Isles, across the Channel or further, to the blue waters of the wider world. Launched in 1997, it is now part of The Chelsea Magazine Companys marine </p><p>magazine portfolio, along with Classic Boat and Yachts &amp; Yachting. Long regarded as one of Britains most forward looking sailing titles and shortly to relaunch with a fresh new look Sailing Today will continue under Chelsea to be packed with the trusted, informative and aspirational content its discerning audience demands.</p><p>There are the new boat features, reviewing and testing the very best of the bigger boats on the market, but not forgetting the smaller family cruisers too. Interviews with cruising experts and industry insiders, the best in the business, ensure our readers are kept up-to-date with all developments in cruising, whilst our expert team also provide arresting page layouts devoted to new products.</p><p>Our readers are professional people to whom quality and high specifi cation is important. They seek the best in all areas of their life, from the watch they wear, the car they drive, to the kit and gadgets they require for their boats. </p><p>With promotions at leading sailing clubs and associations in the UK and worldwide; a colourful and constantly updated website adding value to the brand (; and a distribution that includes 36 airports, Sailing Today provides our advertisers many of whom return month after month with the perfect platform on which to reach this enthusiastic and focused audience.</p><p>JAkE FRITH, EDITOR</p><p>Pho</p><p>togr</p><p>aPh</p><p>: Ben</p><p>etea</p><p>u</p><p>marinemediapack wrap cover.indd 13 06/11/2012 10:20</p></li><li><p>Sunsail has continued to advertise with Sailing Today for many years. They work closely with us to ensure we are getting the best results from our media spend and editorial. I would highly recommend them</p><p>SIMON CONDER, HEAD OF MARkETINg, SUNSAIl</p><p>marinemediapack wrap cover.indd 12 06/11/2012 10:20</p></li><li><p>DistributionOver 30,000 readers every mOnth</p><p>Extensive circulation worldwide all major branches of WH Smith and supermarkets throughout the UK international newsstand presence Continuous distribution to key UK sailing clubs, comprising over 20,000 members, throughout the year, including: the royal Cruising Club the World Cruising Club Continuous distribution through most marinas in the UK Ongoing partnerships with the Cruising Association and regular promotion to its members Partnerships with leading UK sail wear retailers, incorporating in-store promotions and branding including: musto and Henri Lloyd Presence and distribution at all major European boating shows, including: the London and Southampton Boat Shows Paris, dusseldorf and monaco Boat Shows amsterdam metS </p><p>Jayne Bennett +44 (0) 1489 585 200</p><p>Contact us</p><p>Rate card</p><p>sarah Pain +44 (0) 1489 585 207</p><p>Displaydouble-page spread 4,799outside back cover 3,211inside front cover 3,112full page 2,433Half page 1,655Quarter page 902eighth page 463</p><p>ClassifiedPer single column centimetremono 34Spot colour 37Colour 42</p><p>Loose inserts CPm 51</p><p>BrokeragePage colour 1,532Half page 816Quarter page 422</p><p>Yacht Charter &amp; Sailing Schoolsfull page 2,086Half page 1,160Quarter page 627</p><p>Online AdvertisingLeaderboard (50,000 page impressions a month) 15 CPmmPU (50,000 page impressions a month) 17 CPmonline advertorial 1,000reskin takeover 1,500</p><p>email promotional button 200email advertorial 350</p><p>marinemediapack wrap cover.indd 15 06/11/2012 10:20</p></li><li><p>January 2012 Sailing Today 13</p><p>CHANDLERY</p><p></p><p></p><p>Perfect balance between power and style.</p><p>AP_Sailing-today_36.indd 1 16/01/2012 16:23:59ST179_013.indd 13 16/01/2012 15:55</p><p>Discover more at</p><p>Developed, tested and worn byIain Percy and Andrew SimpsonOlympic, World and European Champions</p><p>ST181_132obc.indd 132 16/03/2012 11:04</p><p>PhotograPhs: sunsail; ricK Buettner</p><p>marinemediapack wrap cover.indd 14 06/11/2012 10:20</p></li></ul>


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