Sahara Conflict Moroccan Sahara/Western Sahara, Morocco, Africa

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Text of Sahara Conflict Moroccan Sahara/Western Sahara, Morocco, Africa

According to a video

Western Sahara The western sahara is located in the west of AfricaIt is a disputed territory of 567.000 pop. Over 252.120 km

It is compared to UK land = 243.610 km # population is 64.100.000Most of the sahara is dry, hot and inhabitable by people though being a disputed terretory .Estimation of 2013

Who are the disputed parties over the land?Polisario Front: -Ribal national liberation movment wich stands for Popular Front for the Liberation of Saguia el-Hamra and Ro de Oro

-politico-military organization-its purpose is to win independence for this territory (sahara).-According to Britannica, the PF is composed of the indigenous nomadic inhabitants of the Western Sahara region, the Saharawis?? I think they mixed !- Founded in May 1973and many sources claim that the PF is a successor of 1950s and 1960s organization Movimiento para la Liberacin del Sahara, of the city of Villa Cisneros. Since 1979, it has been recognized by the United Nations as the representative of the people of Western Sahara.

1:Polisario FrontMorocco: kingdom; Unitary parliamentary constitutional hereditary monarchy under the Alaouite Dynasty ( since1666).During the Alaouit dynasty, Moulay Ismail was the first sherifian ruler of Morocco and the ruler who reunited Morocco after some great tribal conflicts of the time.-our purpose is to keep the Sahara because it is ours.

2: Morocco It is in the Alaouite Dynasty that the issue of teh Sahara started, but the 19 centuriesJust to know how we got to meet the Alaouit dynasty. General knowledge 5

By Hassan 1 reign that the conflict was somehow inauguratedAnd here comes the story back in the 19 centuries/ 1884.6

How it all started?It all goes back to 19 centuries when the EuroreanPowers started to colonize different parts of AfricaThe colonization of Africa was regulated in order to separate the African continent in order to avoid conflicts between western colonizersBerlin Conference 1884, was set to separate the African continent between the European colonizers By 1940 within Mohammed V reign, 90% of Africa was under the European contol.-The majority went to the British and the French colonizers And the western sahara went to the Spanish power and it was known at the time asSpanish SaharaFive years later in 1945, the ending of ww2 and the creation of the UN, then the UN maintainedTo settle international peace and promote human rights. As in the UN charter, chapter n 73 the UN is against colonialism

Through 1960, the UN made an effort to decolonize the African continent, through the resolution of 1514 declaration on the granting of independence to countries and people G.A 14 december 1960BY 1980, the entire Africa was decolonized except the Western Sahara Back to 1956 when gaining the Moroccan independence frmo the Spain and France. Imidiatly afetr independence, Morocco claimed that teh western sahara was part of the precolonial Morocco and Morocco that is rightful to own the territory.And here is another ghost: one year later in 1957, Mauritanians claim that the Sahara was theirs. Which was theree years before getting the independence from France.In 1973, the Polisario Front established to end the Spannish colonization role in teh western sahara and seek for the independence of Sahraoui people.At this point, western sahara was disputed under 4 parts: ~~Morocco, Mauritania, spain and Polisario Front~~The referendom was the only solution to end the conflict to end the conflict and define the Sahara. Spain agreed to make the referendom, while Morocco requested a hearing from the international court of justicePart from Morocco and reamins for it OR let the Sahara be undependent.

Extract from When the International Court of Justice at The Hague declared its support for Moroccos claim and recognized Moroccos rights in the Sahara, stressing that legal ties and a deep-rooted allegiance had always existed between the Moroccan throne and the Sahrawi people, His Majesty the late Hassan II announced the organization of the Green March, on Oct. 16, 1975, to retrieve the Moroccan southern provinces from Spanish colonialism.

Tomorrow, God willing, you will pierce the border. Tomorrow, God willing, the Green March will be launched. Tomorrow, God willing, you will step on a part of your territory, touch the sand of your Sahara, and kiss the soil of your beloved nation, said the King in an address to Moroccans who had volunteered to participate in the march on November 5, 1975. king Hassan 2 Afterward, about 350,000 Moroccans, women and men, headed toward the Sahara, and met in Tarfaia. However, the Polisario reacted and led to a 16 years war.

In 1991. there was an accord in Madrid called Madrid Accord beween each of Morocco, spain and Mauritania to end the presence of Spain in teh Sahara.

In 1976, Polisario front resistance grew up and they proclaimed : The sahraoui Arab Democratic Republic

After Spain comes Mauritania leaving itsPart to Polisario in 1979 by signing a peace treaty .till the moment, the issue still runing. that website : very important

In 2006 theMoroccan Royal Advisory Council for Saharan Affairs(CORCAS) has proposed a plan for theautonomyofWestern Sahara and made visits to a number of countries to explain the proposal. In a 2007 letter to President Bush, 173 members of US congress endorsed the plan. In a letter to President Obama in 2009, 233 US congress endorsed the plan.In 2010, a letter to Secretary of State Clinton, backing the Moroccan plan for autonomy, was signed by 54 Senators.==This initiative constitutes the main ground for the Moroccan proposal atManhasset negotiations.

The ivorian president and the Argentinien prime linister supported the proposal of the autonomy of teh sahara lately in 2015

Who endorsed the plan : the sahara autonomy proposal?According to a video


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