SAG-AFTRA Detroit On Media - Summer
SAG-AFTRA Detroit On Media - Summer
SAG-AFTRA Detroit On Media - Summer
SAG-AFTRA Detroit On Media - Summer

SAG-AFTRA Detroit On Media - Summer

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SAG-AFTRA Detroit On Media - Summer

Text of SAG-AFTRA Detroit On Media - Summer

  • sag-aftra on media Co-Presidents Message


    23800 West Ten Mile Road, Suite 228

    Southfield, Michigan 48033

    Summer 2012 Volume 1, Issue 1

    Inside this issue..... Co-Presidents Message 1

    Local Board & Staff ..... 2

    PSC Seminar ............... 3

    BSC Report .................. 3

    Stewards Corner ......... 4

    The Water Cooler ....... 5

    Protect Our Jobs......... 6

    Unclaimed Funds ....... 6

    Broadcast Update ...... 6

    Executive Director ...... 7

    Stay Connected ......... 7

    Calendar .................... 8

    What a thrilling, historic and challenging time to be a SAG-AFTRA performer in Michigan! We applaud every member in this state who voted overwhelmingly to merge our

    two legendary labor organizations. Like the forward-thinking actors, broadcasters, re-cording artists and voiceover stars who organ-ized SAG and AFTRA in Detroit as the first Locals outside of New York, L.A. and Chi-cago in the 1930s, together we have decided to embrace the future with one resounding voice. Change doesn't happen without a lot of work. We invite you to take the next step in the merger process. The SAG-AFTRA Local in Michigan, thanks to the dedication of our Local Board and staff, is on a solid path toward creating one powerful Local. We hope that the same members who made merger a reality will become engaged as never before. You can run for office, join a committee, attend a conservatory or simply tell every performer you know that SAG-AFTRA members put the professional into our profession! - In Solidarity, Jayne

    As co-president of SAG-AFTRA Detroit, I am so pleased to be writing you. We have made history by uniting

    the two greatest performers unions in the world into one powerhouse force. Your voices were heard. As we move forward, there will be growing pains as the details are worked out, but I believe great progress will be made for our members as we strive to reduce non-union work and create more opportunities for our members right here in the Detroit Local. As Jayne mentioned, there will be lots of opportunities for the members to get involved. I certainly hope you take advantage of this. You are the union and we are only as strong as our membership. I recently went to Actorfest and was so pleased to see many of our members talk-ing to young actors of all ages who have not yet joined SAG-AFTRA. These people were eager to learn the tricks of the trade on being a pro in the biz. Actorfest was the perfect event and Raleigh Studios the per-fect venue for these future members to get their feet wet and learn. I know the people at Back Stage magazine were very pleased at the turnout and will look to Michigan again for a future Actorfest. A big thank you to Kimberly Stump, and to all of our members who gave of their time and talents at the SAG-AFTRA table. Until next time, my friends, remember we stand as one voice; let yours be heard. - See you at the audition, Peter

    SAG-AFTRA Detroit Local Member Moments

    Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

    1 2

    3 4 5 Detroit Board


    6 7 8

    9 Renew America

    Expo- Madison Heights

    10 11 12 Detroit AFL-CIO Executive Board


    13 14 Waterfront Film

    Festival- Saugatuck

    15 Waterfront Film

    Festival- Saugatuck

    16 Waterfront Film

    Festival- Saugatuck

    17 Waterfront Film

    Festival- Saugatuck

    18 19 Michigan AFL-CIO

    General Board Meeting

    20 21 22 23

    24 25 26 Personal Service

    Contract Seminar- Livonia

    27 28 29 30


    "Be the change you wish to see in the world" - Ghandi






  • Disclaimer..... SAG-AFTRA is a union which is comprised of a variety of performers, including newspersons. The union's support of any initiative should not be interpreted to be the position of any individual member. As a policy matter and in accordance with the SAG-AFTRA National policies, SAG-AFTRA does not raise funds or endorse political parties or candidates for publicly elected office.

    Dear SAG-AFTRA Members,

    How cool is that, to say SAG-AFTRA! I could go on and on about how excited I am about the merger, especially after the privilege of serving on the merger task force and witnessing the hard work done by its members and staff. Instead, however, I will echo the eloquent words in this newslet-ters article by your co-presidents, Jayne Bower and Peter Tocco. I have always enjoyed working with so many of the former SAG members. Now I look forward to meeting the members of former AFTRA at the upcoming broadcaster personal service contract seminar and other Local events. We are looking for new office space that is not only conveniently located, but a space that will foster strong relationships within our union and also be conducive for outreach into the broader broadcast and production community. Board members are discussing the two for-mer cultures and how to best meld as one. Although we must continually look for new organizing strategies in our future, note some of the present and successful activities that are mentioned in this newsletter. We know that working with students produces new signatories to our contracts, as well as new members. Several performers recently read student scripts in the style of tabletop readings at Wayne State University and University of Michigan - Dearborn. Student Agreements came from those efforts. Actorfest, Back Stage magazines popular trade show for actors, was held outside of New York and Los Angeles for the first time in Philadelphia and Detroit. In Detroit, it was held at Raleigh Studios on May 19, and the event allowed our members to communicate with nonmembers about the advantages of joining our union. Finally, pay special attention to the Protect Our Jobs Campaign. As you read about the proposed amendment to the state constitution, please know that part of the amendment would make it illegal to have Michigan become a so-called right-to-work state. That would be a stunning win for the working people of Michigan. The future is ours. We are eager to hear your ideas about how we can effectively move forward. Marcia Fishman Executive DirectorDetroit

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    Presidents: Jayne Bower, Peter Tocco

    Vice Presidents:

    Greg Bowman , Steve Goldsmith, Nicole Hakim Yohn


    Kimberly Stump, Thomas Watson

    Treasurers: Don DiPace, Lili Kaufmann

    Board Members:

    Ele Bardha, Gerry Cooper, James Cowans, Alex Davis, Rhonda English, Tiren Jhames, Bruce Kavaya, Anne Keeble, Ralph Lister, Laurie Logan,

    Sandra McNeill, Debra Port, Martha Reeves, Jacqua Scott, Jo-Jo Shutty-

    MacGregor, Jamie Wheatley, Lynne Woodison, Eric Wydra

    Co-National Board Members:

    Jayne Bower, Ed Kelly

    SAG-AFTRA Detroit on Facebook


    INITIAL BOARD 2012-2013

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    SAG-AFTRA Detroit Staff At your service....

    Marcia Fishman Executive Director 248.351.2678 office Janette Rook Director of Broadcast 248.228.3173 office Gina-Marie Hernandez Freelance Representative 248.228.3172 office


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    Please contact the Local!


    Services are administered by entities independent of SAG-AFTRA. Questions must be handled by

    the providers. SAG-AFTRA does not endorse any of these services.

  • Specifically, the proposed constitutional amendment would:

    Establish the peoples rights to join a union and bargain collectively to protect wages, benefits and

    workplace safety. workplace safety.Stop Lansing politicians from

    interfering with these rights. interfering with these rights.Strengthen the middle class to help small businesses create jobs. Provide a needed counterweight to corporate CEOs and help fight

    outsourcing. Serve as a pre-emptive strike against a possible right-to-work movement in Michigan.

    After over a year of constant policy attacks by Lansing politicians, Michigan unions are fighting back with a proposal that would enshrine collective bargaining rights in the state constitution a historic first for the nation. Collective bargaining gives all workers a voice and the ability to come together to negotiate a fair contract. Now we need to work to protect our rights in order to help rebuild our economy and the middle class. To get the proposed amendment before Michigan voters in November, volunteers must collect 322,609 petition signatures by July 9. To sign up to help with this ef-fort and for more information, visit

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    Labor Day 2011

    As a SAG-AFTRA member, you may have unclaimed money waiting for you in several funds that collect and hold money for professional performers, recording artists and broadcast journalists. Visit and to search each fund to make sure youre getting all the money you deserve. Contact the Local anytime for assistance with this.

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