s What Is Celebrate Recovery? Prayer .2009-08-14  Vivian Gilbert 8 Jean Kyllingstad 8 Ragy Saad
s What Is Celebrate Recovery? Prayer .2009-08-14  Vivian Gilbert 8 Jean Kyllingstad 8 Ragy Saad

s What Is Celebrate Recovery? Prayer .2009-08-14  Vivian Gilbert 8 Jean Kyllingstad 8 Ragy Saad

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Text of s What Is Celebrate Recovery? Prayer .2009-08-14  Vivian Gilbert 8 Jean Kyllingstad 8 Ragy Saad

  • Five young college students werespending a Sunday in London, so they wentto hear the famed C. H. Spurgeon preach.While waiting for the doors to open, thestudents were greeted by a man who asked,Gentlemen, let me show you around. Wouldyou like to see the heating plant of thischurch? They were not particularly interest-ed, for it was a hot day in July. But they didntwant to offend the stranger, they consented.The young men were taken down a stairway,a door was quietly opened, and their guidewhispered, This is our heating plant.surprised, the students saw 700 peoplebowed in prayer, seeking a blessing on theservice that was soon to begin in theauditorium above. Softly closing the door,the gentleman then introduced himself. Itwas none other than Charles Spurgeon!

    Prayer was an essential part of theministry of Charles Spurgeon, one of thegreatest preachers of the last 200 years.Martin Luther once said, If I fail to spend twohours in prayer each morning, the devil getsthe victory through the day. I have so muchbusiness I cannot get on without spendingthree hours daily in prayer.

    Prayer is the most important part ofthe Care Ministries of FBCD but there needsto be much more prayer individually andcorporately. We have people in the churchthat take the direction of 1 Thessalonians5:17 to Pray without ceasing but we needmore people praying. Take time this week tobegin to increase your personal prayer life byat least 10 minutes per day. Take advantageof the opportunities to pray corporately eachSunday morning at 7 am in the Board Roombefore the first service, once per month onSunday for the pastoral staff, Wednesdaynights in the Chapel and once per quarteron a Prayer Adventure.Pray without ceasing! - Pastor Mike Fitts


    Darrel Dykes passed away July 10, 2009Son of Barbara Dykes. Brother to Tracy Dykes.Otilia Galdamez passed away July 21, 2009Oneyda Melgars Grandmother.

    Sharing Our Sorrow...

    Saturday September 199 am - 1 pm @ FBCD



    Baptism Right Hand of FellowshipBaby Dedications &

    FBCD Family BreakfastAUGUST 30THThere will be a

    FBCD Family Breakfast @ 8:30 -9:30COMBINED Worship Service @ 10 am

    There will be NO 8oclock Serviceor Sunday School

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    8 a.m. Traditional Service11 a.m. Contemporary Service

    is a vital part of the at FBCD. Many people

    assume that it is primarily a ministry torecover from drug or alcohol use, but that isonly part of the picture. In

    we use the terms and to describe the issues that this

    ministry deals with. Many of us struggle withissues in our lives that go back to our child-hood. We may be older adults now, but weare still affected by childhood abuse,unreasonable expectations put on us byothers, addictions to behaviors such aspornography co-dependency,and livinglives with no established boundaries for us orour loved ones. The purpose of

    is to fellowship with others andcelebrate Gods healing power in our livesthrough the and

    . Our ministry meetsevery Friday evening from 7 pm to 8 pm inFellowship Hall for large group worship,lessons and testimonies. From 8:10 pm to9 pm there is a Newcomers andRecovery Small Group time and from 9 pmtill 9:20 pm is our Solid Rock Caf forfellowship, dessert and coffee. If you areinterested for yourself or for a loved one,come to one of our Friday night meetingsand see. Periodically we have Mens andWomens 12-Step Programs running onTuesday evenings. This is a more intenseprogram to help with Hurts, Habits andHang-ups. Watch the bulletin for our next12-Step program.

    What Is Celebrate Recovery?

    Prayer Adventure will be in Fellowship Halland extending around the church campus

    until 1 pm with a light lunch servedafterward. You can come anytime duringthe 4 hours and pray but commit to come

    and be part of this important ministry.



    Your Daily Quiet Time



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    August 2009


    e 5, Issue


    August Sermon Titles/ScriptureAugust 2(2 John 1-13)

    August 9(3 John 1-14)

    August 16 (Jude)

    August 23(Revelation 21:1-8)

    August 30(Acts 1:1-11)

    Week 1:Read through the entire book of 2 John.Spend some time in prayer in 2 John 1-13 inpreparation for Sunday, August 2, sermon.Week 2 :Read through the book of 3 JohnSpend some time in prayer in 3 John 1-14in preparation for Sunday, August 9, sermon.Week 3 :Read through the entire book of JudeSpend some time in prayer in the book of Judein preparation for Sunday, August 16, sermon.Week 4 :Read through the entire book of RevelationSpend some time in prayer in Revelation 21:1-8 inpreparation for Sunday, August 23, sermon.Week 5 :Read through the entire book of ActsSpend some time in prayer in Acts 1:1-11 inpreparation for Sunday, August 30, sermon.

    8/01 Beacon Light Rescue Mission5 - 9 pm

    8/02 Jr High and High School Leave For Summer Camp

    8 am

    8/07 Jr high and High School return

    8/09 Counselor Training 1 - 3 pm

    8/10 Children Leave For Summer Camp8 am

    8/12 High School House Party6 - 9 pm

    8/15 Mens Breakfast8 - 10 am

    8/17 Senior Board Meeting (Elder Council) 6 - 10 pm

    8/19 Jr High Rock Band Night6 - 9 pm

    8/24Special Needs Support Group6:30 - 8 pm

    8/28-29Choir Kick OffFri- check in at 3pm. Sat 8 am - 6 pm

    8/29 Angel Food Delivery8 am - 12 pm

    Weekly Recurring EventsMONDAYSTUESDAYS

    WEDNESDAYS Wednesday Night Adult Classes 6 - 9 pm

    Wednesday Night Youth Activities 6 - 9 pmTHURSDAYS

    FRIDAYCelebrate Recovery Meetings 7-9 p.m.

    What is the main point of this passage?What is God revealing to you personallythrough this passage?How can you apply this passagethis week?

    August is Care Ministry Month

    John 13:34-35.Jesus was very clear about showing love

    and compassion to those who were suffering andstruggling in life. Paul wrote in Galatians 6:2 thatwe should,

    . Jamesadmonishes us,

    The Care Ministries of FirstBaptist Church of Downey are dedicated tohelping people in need, both members andnon-members, providing resources to help peo-ple through tough times, celebrate senior years oflife, provide opportunities for vibrant prayer lifeand for loving our neighbors as ourselves. This isaccomplished through a variety of ways. Our

    provide care throughvisitation, financial assistance through theDeacons Fund, and support at the loss of a lovedone. Our to seniors providesopportunities to have fellowship, food, fun andlearning opportunities. helpsthose dealing with difficult issues involving addic-tion and other issues. providesopportunities to pray before Sunday services, forstaff, Wednesday night prayer for requests of theweek and quarterly Prayer Adventure. Our

    (MOW) visits people in hospitals, carefacilities and at home to encourage and pray withthem and their families.

    You will learn more about the Careministries during the month of August. Pastor SteveShangraw will be coming on staff in September tooversee this vital ministry. Come to the services onSundays in August and be challenged to getinvolved with caring for others. . - Pastor Mike Fitts